Path Of Exile Atlas Walkthrough: From Kitava to Awakener By: CatOfGreatness


The Atlas in Path of Exile can be confusing — which is why there are so many resources for new players about how to approach it.

Video Introduction on YouTube:

Don’t like introductions?
Look for the Red Text below for the beginning of the Walkthrough.

My strategy for approaching the Atlas is simple, and makes good use of the watchstones to control the tiers of maps on the Atlas.

Instead of calling this a guide, I will call this a Walkthrough. Instead of *telling* you how to navigate the Atlas, I will *show* you. This Walkthrough is a brand-new SSF character with a fresh league-start Atlas, who just finished Act 10 Kitava. I will begin with an inventory of two maps that I found along the way, and I will show you my progress through to my first Awakener fight.

You will see:
-When I find a Citadel
-When I discover Zana
-When I socket a Watchstone
-When I move a Watchstone
-When I start using Sextants
-When I use Horizon Orbs
-When I use Cartographer’s Chisels
-How I find higher tier maps

My overall goal during this Walkthrough is to obtain one watchstone from each outside corner, and all 4 watchstones from each interior region.
This will yield 20 Watchstones total, which allows me to fight my first Awakener (Awakener Level 5).

Questions & comments? I will try to keep responses here on the forum up to date with relevant information, but I respond much faster in person.

I stream on Twitch:


Five Things to Know:

{1} Atlas Information & Horizon Orbs

At the beginning of each league, GGG will release a document that contains “Item Filter and Passive Tree Information”. This contains Atlas Information, and changes every league in Path of Exile. I am referencing the Heist Information:

I will reference this website multiple times during this Walkthrough. It contains information about what the “natural” tier of any map is. This is important because it dictates how Horizon Orbs work.

Go to that website, and search for “City Square”. City Square is in the “Tier 7” Category along with Lighthouse. This means that if you use a Horizon Orb on any tier 7 map you own, the only outcome will be either City Square or Lighthouse. In fact, if you use a Horizon Orb on a Lighthouse map, you will only ever get City Square.

{2} Atlas Completion Bonus

In the middle of your Atlas in Path of Exile, you see a number 0/154. If you hover your mouse over it, you will see the description about what this means.
-White Map (tier 1-5) Completion requires killing the boss of at least a blue/magic map
-Yellow Map (tier 6-10) Completion requires killing the boss of at least a yellow/rare map
-Red Map (tier 11-16) Completion requires killing the boss of at least a rare & corrupted map.

The Atlas Completion Bonus is the chance that when a map drops, it will drop as a “+1” map. If this happens, your Tier 1 Volcano map might drop as a Tier 2 Calera map. You often will not know exactly when this mechanism is triggering, but it is important that you know about this.

Once your Atlas Completion is over 100/154, this means you have a 100% chance that any map will drop as a +1 map. Atlas Progression becomes much easier at this point, in my opinion. Once your Atlas Completion is over 100/154, it represents the chance for any map to drop as a +2.

As your completion grows to 70/154 or 80/154, I find that this is a difficult hurdle to get over. Not quite enough Completion Bonus to have every map drop as a +1, and not quite into your red tier maps (tier 11+) to continue pursuing your objectives. If I had to pinpoint one part of Atlas Progression that I see players struggle with, I choose this. I will highlight this during the Walkthrough below like this {*}.

{3} Watchstones

Awakener, Conquerors, Watchstones, and the New Atlas were all introduced at the same time, alongside Metamorph League. Watchstones are socketed into Citadels, and they are used in order to “raise and lower” the tier of maps in that region.

My Glennach Cairns region with no Watchstones has a tier 1 Volcano Map. Once I socket any one Watchstone into the Glennach Cairns Citadel, I see that Volcano is now a tier 4 map.

Socket and unsocket a watchstone from the Glennach Cairns Citadel, and you will notice that the tier 6 map Scriptorium appears and disappers. Scriptorium is “naturally” a tier 6 map on the Atlas, so tier 6 is the lowest tier version of that map. This is related to the Horizon Orb information above {1}.

{4} Obtaining Higher Tier Maps

Sometimes you get stuck. Here are some methods for getting those higher tier maps:

1) Buy from Zana. Simple, easy, and extremely useful. I will use this strategy very often.
2) Three-to-One Map Vendor Recipe for a higher tier map.
3) Corrupting you maps, where one possible outcome is a dangerous map that is one tier higher.
4) Harbinger Orbs, while rare, can be used to make a map one tier higher. Can possibly become a unique Beachhead Map.
5) Cartographer’s Strongbox. If you encounter one, it is worth using Alteration Orbs on it until you see “+1 Level” or “+2 Level”.
6) Uber Lab. If you have Uber Lab unlocked already, the treasure boxes at the end can contain various red maps (t11+).
7) Magic/Rare/Unique Monsters. Magic/Rare Monsters can drop maps that are 1 tier higher, and Unique Monsters can drop maps that are 2 tiers higher. Using Map Device Modifiers like “Bloodlines” will add Magic Monsters to your map, which increases your chance of getting higher tier maps.
8) League Content. Interacting with content like Incursion Temples, Blight Encounters, and Delve Cities can be a nice way of finding extra maps, and sometimes higher tier maps than what you currently have.

{5} “Map Equity”

This is a mechanic of the Atlas, and it’s worth knowing about.

Imagine you have a blank Atlas with no Watchstones socketed, and then you socket 4 Watchstones, one each into the four corner Citadels.
You now have tier 4 maps on your Atlas, and you alo have some tier 6 maps.

You currently have no tier 5 maps on your Atlas, and none of your tier 4 maps are connected to any tier 5 maps, because those tier 5 maps have been raised to their next Citadel level.

If you were to drop a tier 5 map from a monster, instead, you would get nothing.

In this scenario, the Atlas builds up “equity” toward the higher tier map that is actually on your Atlas. Here, that means tier 6. Eventually, after killing a few more monsters, you would have built up enough “equity”, and a tier 6 would drop.

This is good information to have, but it’s also niche information. The reason that I mention it is that it occurs to me during this Walkthrough. I will call it out below, and you can see it in action. Look for the {5} marker.


Last Information before the Walkthrough:

Because of the shape of the Atlas, I call these four regions “Inside Regions”
-Tirn’s End
-Glennach Cairns
-Lex Proxima
-Valdo’s Rest

I call the other four regions the “Outside Regions”, or “Corner Regions”
-Haewark Hamlet
-New Vastir
-Lex Ejoris
-Lira Arthain

I will add a Green Line after I defeat each Conqueror:
This will signify an advance in my progress.


Here is the walkthrough, from killing Act 10 Kitava until my first Awakener.

Step 1: Kill Act 10 Kitava

I have found 2 Mausoleum maps by now, from monsters in Acts 9 and 10.
I will not grab the Quest Reward map from Kirac yet.


For White Maps (tier 1-5), I will be transmute all whites so that they are magic.
Reference {2} above for Atlas Completion Bonus.

My goal is to find tier 3&4 maps ASAP, and to get to the outside corner regions of the Atlas.

Run my first map:
-Drop two t1 maps: Park, Tower
-Drop one t2 map: Moon Temple

Talk to Kirac and grab my Quest Reward map: (whichever t1 map i don’t have), Volcano


I pick whichever map from Kirac that I have not found yet. I want to complete all 4 t1 maps for the sake of Atlas Completion, and to get some easy XP to level up.

Run a few magic t1 maps

Run first t2 map, Moon Temple
-Drop a t3 Villa, my only t3 map so far

Run a few t2 maps

Drop t3 Arsenal Map

Run first t3 villa map
-Zana showed up
-Zana reveals my first Citadel


Zana is the solution to most Atlas problems.
Hit a roadblock? Use a Zana Master Mission on the highest tier map you own.
Can’t find maps. Check her Shop and buy any maps you don’t own.
Need more DPS? Ask Zana, she’ll come support you with Spectral Throw.

Jokes aside, Zana is an amazing resource when it comes to progressing your Atlas.
Now that we have Zana, we need to keep track of two things:
(1) Her Shop, where she will sell maps to us for Chance Orbs and Alchemy Orbs.
(2) Her Master Missions, which we can elect to add to our maps in order to find more options for Atlas Progression.

For now, focus on her Shop. In her Shop (and when you encounter her in a map), you can hold “alt” on your keyboard while mousing over a map.
If you see that a map has “Atlas Map: Incomplete” in red text, you should buy that map.

Buy maps from Zana in Hideout
-Hold “alt” while hovering your mouse over a map
-Buy maps from high tier to low tier, anything I haven’t already completed

Character Progress:
I started using my Map Tab to store my maps

Do another t3 map
-Zana Citadel #2 appears

Buy all maps from Zana that I don’t own, whenever possible.
-I often don’t have enough Chance Orbs, so prioritizing higher tier maps
-Zana’s Shop will reset each time you encounter her in a map.

Run first t4 Map, Academy
-Haewark Hamlet region
-My first Conqueror appears in a map: Baran
-If I do two more maps in Haewark Hamlet, I will get to fight my first Conqueror

Character Progress:
-first Blight mission appeared

Run various t2 and t3 maps for Atlas Completion
-I currently own no t4 maps yet
-Zana is selling a t4 map, but can’t afford it at the moment (Chance Orbs)
-Run some master missions (Alva, Jun)

Run t2 maps for Atlas Completion

First Zana Mission, in a t2 map
-Hold “alt” while hovering my mouse over the maps she offers to me
-I chose the highest tier map that i haven’t completed (t3)
-drops 2x t4 map (one new t4 map I didn’t own)


When Zana appears in a map with a Master Mission, there are two things to consider:

(1) She will always offer maps of your current tier, and also maps that are +1 to your current tier
If you’re in a tier 10 map, she will offer you various t10 and t11 maps.
You can use this to “force” yourself into higher tier content that you haven’t naturally encountered yet.

(2) Zana Missions always have a goal.
If you want to prioritize finishing your Uber Lab Ascendancy, look through each map for the mission “Complete a Lab Trial”

Run a t4 map
-Tier 4 is currently the highest tier map I have run
-Tier 4 is also the highest tier map I own

I use a horizon orb on a t4 map, gambling to get one i don’t have yet. it works.
Reference Horizon Orb Information {1} above.

Character Progress:
I do my first bit of delving, got some recipes, upgraded sulphite capacity as much as possible
Complete my first incursion temple
-found one new t2 map
-found one new t3 map

Fight my first Conqueror
-Haewark Hamlet (top-left corner region)
-I obtain my first watchstone
-I socket this watchstone in the Citadel of any of the four inside regions (I choose Lex Proxima).
-found first t5 map


Run a few t2/t3 maps for completion
-Drox appears

Character Progress:
Run first few Heist Contracts

Run first t5 map
-Use an Alchemy Orb, looking to find my first yellow tier maps.
-I find my first t6 map

Horizon a t4, gambling to find an uncompleted map
-Hit t4 map in Lira Arthain (Channel map)

Run Channel
-Veritania appears

Run first t6 map
-Lex Proxima region
-The only t6 maps that can drop on my Atlas are in Lex Proxima, because that is where I put my watchstone.
-Baran appears immediately

Run another t6
-Same region, Lex Proxima

Horizon a t4, gambling to hit an uncompleted map
-Hit t4 map in Glennach Cairns (Museum Map)

Character Progress:
Currently have no t5 or higher maps
Currently have 29 Atlas Completion
I am always checking Zana’s Shop between maps

Run two t3 maps for Atlas Completion

Run t4 map in Lex Ejoris
-Al Hezmin appears immediately
-Find t4 & t5 map that I haven’t completed

Run t4 & t5 map for completion
-Find 4th uber lab trial (level 82)

Fight Al Hezmin
-Lex Ejoris region (top-right corner)
-Obtain 2nd watchstone



Currently the Lex Proxima Citadel contains my only watchstone.(inside top-right region).

I socket this second watchstone in the Citadel of any inside region, not in one of the four outside corners.

I choose Valdo’s Rest

Run Zana Master Mission on my highest white tier map (tier 5)
-Once I find Zana in the map, I hold “alt” over maps when I’m choosing which map of hers to do
First Priority: high tier maps that I haven’t completed yet
Second Priority: “Complete a Lab Trial”
-Chose a +1 map (t6) magic, that has a Lab Trial mission
-Find 5th Uber Lab Trial

Zana’s Shop resets
-Shop will reset whenever you find Zana in a map.
-I buy uncompleted maps, from high to low tier.

Run the maps that I just bought from Zana, lowest tier to highest tier

Fight Veritania
-Lira Arthain
-I obtain the first watchstone from Lira Arthain (bottom-right corner)
-This is my 3rd watchstone overall
-I place this new watchstone in Glennach Cairns region



Reference Horizon Orb Information {1} above.

Tier 6/7/8 maps are excellent use cases for Horizon Orbs because there are so few natural maps of those tiers, but I have already done the two t6 maps you can Horizon into.

I plan to Horizon Orb into the natural t7/t8s if I haven’t found them already after the next few maps.

Run various t6 maps, all of which have influence

Buy various maps from Zana, including first t7 Map (Lighthouse)

Fight Baran
-Lex Proxima region
-I obtain my first watchstone from Lex Proxima
-4th watchstone overall



I want to place this 4th watchstone into Tirn’s End, but I haven’t found Citadel yet.

Run some maps in the Tirn’s End region until I find the Citadel.
-4 Maps until I find the citadel
-Now that I unlocked the Tirn’s End Citadel, I place my watchstone (4th) there.


Currently, I have 4 watchstones
One watchstone is placed in each of the 4 inside regions

My plan is to get 1 watchstone from each of the 4 inside regions

Next, my plan will be to get all 4 watchstones from one inside region (eg, Tirn’s End), then all 4 from another inside region, etc,
I will repeat this until I have 4 watchstones from each of the 4 inside regions.

4 Watchstones x 4 inside regions = 16,
+ 4 more Watchstones (one from each of the outside regions, which were the first 4 watchstones we obtained)
= 20

20 Watchstones represents our first Awakener fight (Awakener Level 5).

I prepare to run four maps for Atlas Completion: t3, t3, t5, t7
-Use Zana Mission on the t5 (Highest tier for my “White Map” Zana Mission)
-For Zana Mission, look for t6 uncompleted map, look for Lab Trials

Character Progress:
Drop a tabula rasa

Fight Drox
-New Vastir (bottom-left corner region)



5th Watchstone will go into Glennach Cairns specifically, (after I kill the Conqueror who is currently there)
After I place my 5th Watchstone there, Glennach Cairns will have 2 watchstones socketed

Important: This makes it so that the only t8 on the map is in Glennach Cairns, and all other t7s will be in other regions.

At this point, any t8 that drops on my Atlas will be in Glennach Cairns, so I can just run any t7s that I have, and hope for a +1 map to drop

In the image below, note that the Search Bar is “tier:8”,
and that the only highlighted map is in Glennach Cairns:

Check my Map Tab for any t4/5/6 uncompleted maps
-Run t4/t5 maps for Atlas Completion

Check Zana Shop
-Buy an uncompleted t4 map

Run various t4, t5, t6, and t7 maps that have Conqueror Influence

Fight Veritania
-Valdo’s Rest
-Once I obtain the Watchstone, I don’t socket it yet.
-I already have Al Hezmin as the only Conqueror Influence on the Atlas
-Al Hezmin is currently on my Glennach Cairns region
-Plan is to run Glennach until Al Hezmin fight, then put another watchstone into the Glennach Cairns Citadel


Find Zana in a t2 map
-Look for either an uncompleted map or a Lab Trial mission
-Find uncompleted t2 map

Queue up three t5 Plaza Maps
-All 3 maps have Drox influence
-These maps are the appropriate tier to progress toward obtaining my second Valdo’s Rest Watchstone
-Looking for any t4+ maps in Glennach Cairns

Fight Drox
-Valdo’s Rest region
-Obtain 7th watchstone
-Find last Glennach Cairns Map (scriptorium) as a drop


Fight Al Hezmin
-Glennach Cairns region
-After obtaining this watchstone, I socket it in Glennach Cairns Citadel



Now, if any t8+ map drops, it will ONLY drop in Glennach Cairns

I will run various t7s, looking for a +1 map to drop
I will run a few t5/6/7 maps for completion as well

Horizon a t7 map, looking for map I haven’t completed
-Reference {1} above, Horizon Orb Information
-Hit City Square

Run t7 City Square, use my only Yellow-Tier Zana Mission
-Currently, my highest tier map is a tier 7
-Find my first t8 map, Volcano (Glennach Cairns)
-Drop one t7 map
-Drop two more t7 maps inside the Zana Mission

Zana mission in next map, gives us uncompleted map
-Tropical Island, t6 in Glennach Cairns
-I choose this map over a Lab Trial Zana Mission, because of higher potential upside

Run first t8 map, Volcano
-Glennach Cairns
-Drox appears immediately
-Drop first 2 t9 maps (Caldera & Cage, both in Glennach Cairns)

Fight Drox
-Glennach Cairns
-I do not socket this new watchstone in any Citadel. Store it on the side of the Atlas.



Continue running t7, t8, and t9 maps for completion,

My plan is to spawn Conquerors in Glennach Cairns

Check Zana, buy any uncompleted maps
-Buy two uncompleted t5 maps
-Buy one uncompleted t8 map
-Buy one uncompleted t2 map

Prepare to run my next 4 maps:
-t6 & t7 for Atlas Completion
-Two t8 Volcanos in Glennach Cairns, looking for a Conqueror to spawn
-Find a new map, t9 Phantasmagoria

Fight Veritania
-Glennach Cairns
-Find a t9 Cage Map
-I still do not socket this new watchstone in any Citadel. Store it on the side of the Atlas.
-need to spawn & kill one more Conqueror in Glennach Cairns, before moving on to a new region.


Prepare to run three more maps: t8, t9, t9
-All maps in Glennach Cairns, so that I can spawn and fight a Conqueror
-Baran appears immediately

Fight Baran (Glennach Cairns)
-I have now obtained all four watchstones from the Glennach Cairns Region



Now we work on one of four inside regions
For me, Tirn’s End has “Requires 2/3/3/3 Watchstones”

Place 2 total Watchstones in Tirn’s End, Fight 1 Conq
Place 3 total Watchstones in Tirn’s End, Fight 3 more Conquerors

IMPORTANT: We need to “over-level” the watchstones in Glennach Cairns so that the only t8/9/10 maps that drop are in Tirn’s End, the new zone we’re focussing on.

Now, I can run any t7/8/9 map, and look for map drops.

Currently have 10 watchstones.
-4 in Glennach Cairns
-2 in Tirn’s End
-1 in Valdo’s Rest
-1 in Lex Proxima

This ensures that our Awakener Level is 2.

Referencing {1} above for Horizon Orbs Information:

Relic Chambers is a t9 in Tirn’s End
I could now Horizon a t9 to gamble, 7 possible outcomes.
Not going to do this. My only t9 is a uncompleted Factory, which is a natural t9.

Character Progress:
Atlas Completion Bonus: 68/154

Prepare to run two uncompleted natural t8 maps from other regions, will look for map drops.
-Find 4 t8/9 Tirn’s End Maps from running those 2 maps

Check Zana Shop, buy 2 uncompleted maps (t2 and t4)

Run three t8 maps in Tirn’s End
-Al Hezmin appears immediately
-3 t8/9 Tirn’s End map returns

Fight Al Hezmin
-Tirn’s End


Strategy: {5}

After killing Al Hezmin, my Atlas says that Tirn’s End “Requires 3 Watchstones”

I socket one more watchstone in Tirn’s End, for a total of 3.

Currently, there are no t8/9 maps on my atlas. {5}
-I still want t8/9 maps to drop, just personal preference.
-I can put one Watchstone in Lex Ejoris (for example), which puts t8/9 maps back on my Atlas.

Character Progress:
-Find last Lab Trial in the Al Hezmin Map
-Character is level 88


Run t9/10 maps until Tirn’s End t10+ maps drop, then I will run those.

Run a t9 map in Tirn’s End,
-Chisel, alch, scarab, Bloodlines on map device, Master Mission (Incursion)
-I want this to drop a +1 map if possible
-No t10 maps drop for me

Character Progress:
Complete Uber Lab.

Prep various t9/10 maps to run, looking for t10+ maps to drop.
-No maps drop

Important Note:

In my opinion, this is the hardest part of the Atlas.
I have progressed to the end of Yellow Tier maps, beginning of Red Tier maps, and I don’t quite have 100 Atlas Completion.
Once I get to at least 100 Atlas Completion, I am guaranteed to obtain a +1 map every time I find a map.
Currently, I only have 70 Atlas Completion Bonus.

Buy a t10 uncompleted map from Zana, use free Domination Mod, looking for any t10 map drop.

I have two t10 Mausoleums in Tirn’s End, so I prepare them both to run.
-Chisel, alch
-Sac frag
-Drox appears immediately
-I find two t11s from those 2 maps

Run last Tirn’s End map before I get to fight Drox
-t11 Moon Temple
-Shaper Scarab, looking for Shaper Shield
-Fortune Favors, hit Delirium
-I find two t10/11 maps

Fight Drox
-Tirn’s End
-drop 2 t10/11 maps
-Obtain my next watchstone. I continue to not socket this in any Citadel.



Missing 2 more Watchstones in Tirn’s End
Keep doing t10/11 maps, look for t10/11 Tirn’s End maps to drop.

Prepare three t10+ Tirn’s End Maps
-Roll sextants for extra monsters
-This is the first time I’m using sextants
-Baran appears
-In the first of these three maps, I find two more t11s

Fight Baran
-Tirn’s End
-Drop one t12 map



I do not socket the new watchstone in any Citadel.
I plan to continue running Tirn’s End t10+ maps

I need one more watchstone from Tirn’s End, before I move on.
Currently, I have 4 watchstones not socketed anywhere, stored on the left side of my Atlas.

Prepare three maps,: t10, t10, and t11
-All in Tirn’s End
-chisel, alch
-use sextants for packsize
-Veritania immediately appears

Fight Veritania
-Tirn’s End
-I now have all four Watchstones that I need from Tirn’s End.



I now have all four watchstones from Tirn’s End.
I also have all four watchstones from Glennach Cairns.

Next, I plan to obtain all remaining watchstones from another inside region; I pick Lex Proxima.

Hover over “Lex Proxima” on the left of the Atlas Screen
“Requires 3/4/4 Watchstones”
First, I put in 3 total watchstones
Suddenly, the lowest tier map in Lex Proxima is a t10 (Tower Map)
Remove 2 watchstones from Tirn’s End so that the only t10 on my Atlas is in Lex Proxima (Tower Map)
Now, any t10/11/12/13 maps that drop will be LexProxima maps.

I forgot to grab a picture at the time. When you hover over the side of your Atlas, you are looking for information like this:

Character Progress:
Atlas Completion Bonus: 73
Awakener Level: 2
Flip my gems to level 1, 20% quality

Now, I can run any t9/10/11 map, looking for a t10+ map drop, which will only be a Lex Proxima Map. Then I’ll run those Lex Proxima maps.

Running three t11 Desert Springs maps, looking for Lex Proxima Maps.
-From those 3 maps, I find 4 Lex Proxima Maps.

Prepare to run three t10+ maps in Lex Proxima
-No vaal, because not doing for completion
-Sextant, looking for any sextant that adds extra monsters
-Al Hezmin appears immediately

Fight Al Hezmin
-Lex Proxima



After the fight, I open my Atlas, hover over “Lex Proxima” on the left, and it says “Requires 4 watchstones”
I socket one more watchstone, so 4 total in the Lex Proxima Citadel

Now, the lowest tier Lex Proxima map is t14
I now unsocket watchstones from anywhere else on the Atlas until the ONLY t14 maps are in Lex Proxima.

In the search of the Atlas, type “tier:14”
I take two watchstones out of Glennach Cairns, in order to remove those t14 maps.

Awakener Level is currently 2
-If I want the Awakener Level as high as possible (so that i get “additional rewards”), I can socket any watchstone ANYWHERE on the atlas, so long as I don’t add any more t14 maps to my atlas.

I now have 2 watchstones socketed in the Citadels of each corner region
-2 Watchstones socketed in Haewark
-2 Watchstones socketed in New Vastir
-2 Watchstones socketed in Lex Ejoris
-2 Watchstones socketed in Lira Arthain
-and I have the rest in center regions.

I have 16 watchstones total.


Now, I can run any t12/13/14 map, looking for any t14+ map drops.

My overall goal is to obtain one watchstone from each outside corner, and all 4 watchstones from each interior region.
This yields 20 Watchstones total, which lets me fight my first Awakener (Awakener Level 5)

Currently, my highest tier map that i own is a t12.

{*} Strategy: {5}

This part is difficult. I need to get higher tier maps than what I currently have acccess to.
Bridging the gap from the t12s that I have to the t14s that I want is easier if you ensure that you have a t13 somewhere on your atlas.

If you don’t have t13s on your atlas, you’re relying on the “map equity system” {5}, which is fine, but feels worse because of fewer map drops and less gradual progression.
While working on 4 Watchstone Lex Proxima, you can get t13s on your atlas with 3 Watchstone Valdo’s Rest.

Run a t11 map for Atlas Completion
-Sac Frag
-Elder scarab, because why not
-Niko Master Mission

Horizon a t10 map into Dark Forest, looking for higher Atlas Completion

Character Progress:
Atlas completion Bonus: 80/154

I use a Vaal Orb on various t12 maps, looking for a +1 corruption

Put Zana Mission on t12 (highest tier map I own), look for +1 maps from Mission
-I choose a t13 Mesa, which has the best packsize of the t13 maps Zana offered

Run two t12, looking for +1 maps
-Zana Mission
-Pick the highest quant T13 from Zana
-Find two t14 from the t13 Zana Map
-Find one t14 from the 1st t12 map
-Find one t14 from the 2nd t12 map

Prepare three t14s
-All in Lex Proxima
-Need to farm 2 more watchstones here
-Chisel, Alch, Sextant
-(I am not going to Vaal these maps because I don’t want maps from another region by accident)
-1x Incursion Master Mission
-1x Niko Master Mission
-Veritania appears instantly

Check Zana Shop,
-Buy uncompleted t3 map

Fight Veritania
-Obtain watchstone, place anywhere on Atlas as long as you add no new t14+ maps.
-Currently, no unused watchstones
-Currently, Awakener Level 4
-Currently, 85 Completion Bonus
-Currently, 3 Awakening Bonus Objectives



I plan to run more t14+ maps in Lex Proxima

I need to obtain the last Watchstone from Lex Proxima

I prepare to run a t13 & t14 map, looking for any Lex Proxima maps
-Drop 1x t14 map

Character Progress:
I run my second Incursion Temple (i81 zone)
-I find two maps: t14 & t15

Run a t12 for completion

I prepare the 2 maps from Incursion:
-t14 & t15, both Lex Proxima
-I find two t14 Lex Proxima maps

Fight Drox
-Drop a t15 Lex Proxima Map



I now have all Watchstones from Lex Proxima

I need to rotate my Watchstones to the Valdo’s Rest Citadel next
This allows me to obtain Watchstones #19 & #20 from Valdo’s Rest


Place 4 Watchstones in the Valdo’s Rest Citadel, so that the lowest tier Valdo’s Rest Map is a t14

Ensure there are no other t14 maps on your Atlas by typing “tier:14” into the search bar of your Atlas.

I now plan to run t13/14 maps that I own, looking for any t14+ maps to drop.

I double-check Horizon Orb Information, in case I can use it to my advantage
Reference {1} above.
Check whether you can Horizon Orb into any of the t14+ Maps in Valdo’s Rest.
For us, we can Horizon Orb into a t14 Waterways, (1/10 gamble)

I chose to gamble, and I get t14 Waterways after 2 Horizons.

Run t14 Waterways:
-Chisel, alch
-I do not use a Vaal Orb on this map, because I want specifically this map
-I find two t14 maps,
-I find one t15 map
-Al Hezmin appears immediately

I need to run 2 more maps in Valdo’s Rest before I get to fight Al Hezmin

Prepare two t14 maps
-Chisel, alch, sextant, no vaal

Fight Al Hezmin
-I obtain the watchstone, and I place it in any Citadel on the Atlas so long as it doesn’t add any extra t14+ maps.


Run another t14 map in Valdo’s Rest.
-Baran appears immediately
-Drop one t15 map

Run a t15 map
-In Valdo’s Rest
-Drop one t15 map
-Drop two t16 maps

Fight Baran
-Obtain 20th Watchstone
-In order to fight Awakener Level, need to place Watchstone anywhere on the Atlas.


Fight Awakener level 5. Nice.

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