Path of Exile begginer’s guide: Crafting


Hello and welcome to this beginner?s guide of Path of Exile. In this video I will talk about crafting. Crafting is the process of adding good modifiers onto base equipment to either replace yours or sell it to other players. Although using currency is the classic way to create good items, there are a few other ways. Without the solo self-found feature, you can usually trade for better equipment at cheap prices. At later stages of the game, you might be looking for very specific options for your gear. Those options might be overpriced or even unavailable.

At this point, some people start crafting their own gear through various mechanics. With the solo self-found feature, which disables both party play and trading, crafting your own equipment is almost always necessary. Crafting always starts off by acquiring a better equipment base type. A higher item level, better generic attributes or a different implicit modifier are usually the three things to look for. Using the default alt key will reveal the item level of equipments. The basic crafting process to acquire a good four modifier item is done through these cheap currencies. You start off by scouring your new item to reset it to its normal rarity. You should increase its quality now since it is much easier this way. Next, you transmute it into a magic item.

Using alterations, you try to find one lone good modifier or two good ones. When you find only one, use an orb of augmentation to try and get a second one: if it fails, go back to alterations. When you finally have two good modifiers, use a regal orb to add another one as well as transforming it into a rare. If you are satisfied with this result, you can also add a fourth modifier through the crafting bench to finish the item. If the regal orb was not satisfactory, you can use a scouring orb to restart the process before the transmutation. If your character is not solo self-found, trading a similar item instead of crafting it is probably much cheaper and quicker, so be sure to check out path of exile?s official trade site before spending too much currency.

You can also use multiple chaos orbs on an item to achieve the same results, but this can be equally or more expensive. High-end crafting is done through meta-crafting modifiers, orbs of annulment and exalted orbs. As all of these cost significantly more than any other crafting method, they should not be used lightly. Using them on gear is usually reserved for those with good knowledge of the game and high amounts of currency. Another method of crafting is using essences. Low-tiered essences act as orbs of alchemy while others can be used like both orbs of alchemy and chaos orbs.

What separates them from those currency is that they guarantee one modifier to the result: this drastically increases the chances of getting good rolls. Some guaranteed modifiers are also exclusive to their essence, making some outcomes unreachable with basic crafting methods. Although essence modifiers are guaranteed, you can still add a crafted bench modifier if you have fewer than six. A third option for crafting is through fossils, a relatively recent mechanic from the delve league. In combination with resonators, you can use fossils to greatly multiply the chances of getting specific types of modifiers as well as blocking other unwanted types. When socketing fossils into resonators, you will lock them and create a finished resonator that will act as an orb of alchemy or a chaos orb depending on its type. Using a prismatic fossil and a scorched fossil, for example, will almost guarantee fire-based modifiers like fire resistance, increase the chances for lightning through the prismatic fossil but will block all cold, poison, or bleeding modifiers from the outcomes. Using this system efficiently can lead to amazing results. For more information on delve mechanics and the source of fossils, be sure to check out ZiggyD?s gameplay reveal on this past league, or other delve-related videos.

It is important to note that since 3.10, fossils will generally no longer provide modifiers exclusive to this method of crafting..

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