Path of Exile beginner guide tutorial how to by Loffy


Hi and welcome I’m about to play Path of exile for the first time My work, buddy Bjrn, told about this game. Let’S check it out Some sort of server. I pick Europe because I live in Europe. Okay, you must first create a Steam Path of Exile account. So, let’s go for that In game, narrative “! I hereby exiled you to the forsaken shores, …” Noooo, I’m being exiled. This is a wise old man. This is some sort of pick-pocketing thief: solider archer all-around soldier. Hmm, I’m gon na go with this old Templar guy. Okay, we’re contacting these servers; let’s see what happens next.

Nice beginning and this interface, it looks very much like the hablo okay. Is this a single-player game or is it a multiplayer game? I have no idea. Oh shit, nice, let’s explore okay. That path is apparently locked. How do i progress press? I ah here’s my inventory. Ah, some sort of enhancement – I put it on my staff and he becomes a stronger hey. Now I can progress, hey take that barmaid spent and my mana is spent president five. Oh it’s! These are bound to the hotkeys of five five okay bash. The people will deplete my mana and it regenerates that’s cool. You have taken damage press one. So this health potion is the keyboards. I’M gon na press, one health restored, that’s cool. I did some farming. Where does it show up where’s the XP? Okay? I left click and I pick up this item. Hey this, it can be equipped as well. I felt a little bit stronger. That’S nice!

Take that buying. Take them one by one. If you click here, you brings up all the different sub screens P. Let’S press P P: hey look at that quite impressive, so I can choose various paths like well. I don’t have any points to place, so I’m just gon na go away from that menu. Hi, guys, hey crabs. What the heck was that, let’s see if I can get one I’m gon na miss, spend it I’m low on mana. So I need to regenerate where’s the map there. I am okay, let’s go more towards this question. Mark hey! I got some sort of protection. Oh perhaps were easy to kill holy crap. What’S that kill in Lock? Okay? No, I wonder if hillock is back to full health. Probably yes, there is no, it’s quite low good! I see one or hey. Look one more hit! Oh, my god has okay, I gained a skill point. So let’s bring up the skin tree, apply it to either that one or this one doesn’t matter I’ll. Just pick one nice enter town in their town, where’s, the town, okay. Apparently this was some sort of tutorial picked up. The helmet, that’s cool. Ah, the mini-map tells me here’s the town, Okay, that was apparently some sort of a tutorial and I survived

Well, I died once, but then I survived. The town gives me some sort of mission In game message: “ Talk to Tarkleigh” In game, narration “ Seems the rain …”, Whatever good, bye, man, Hello, Tarkleigh. Apparently you can buy stuff here. How much Where’s the price Did. I get the shoes in my inventory Yeah. I got the shoes, sweet, Cool, Okay, let’s end the video here, because I have other things to do See you guys later Bye, bye,

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