Path of Exile beginner’s guide: Atlas and Maps [3.10]


Hello and welcome to this beginner?s guide of Path of Exile. In this video I will talk about the atlas and maps. This organized system of maps helps regrouping their connections and their region. Working your way through the atlas is the primary gameplay system once you have finished the story. The atlas is a graphical system of the different regions of all regular maps. These items are consumed by your hideout?s map device to open six portals to their distinct area, containing monsters and one mini-boss encounter. When you die, your character respawns in your hideout and you can come back through the remaining portals. Currency can be used on those maps to increase their quantity and rarity of item drops, monster pack size, and difficulty. Any quantity upgrade from sources other than your character?s modifiers will increase the chances of sustaining map drops. Maintaining or increasing your number of available maps is very important to go deeper into the atlas. When a map is dropped, it will most likely be one that?s connected to the map you are currently in.

Those that you already completed can also drop from any source but will be less likely. Completing bonus objectives will permanently reward you with higher tiered maps. In general, you want to search for undiscovered maps to widen your map pool and complete their bonuses by using currency on them. You can show additional information with the alt key to show your progression on a specific map. You can increase the tiers of maps of your atlas by socketing watchstones into region citadels.

These are unlocked by progressing through the epilogue questlines. You will pursue conquerors or elderslayers who appear on certain regions associated with their color, which will then lead you to their map. Their encounter will appear once you kill this map?s mini-boss, where their defeat will grant you a watchstone. Once socketed into a citadel, the surrounding region will have its maps? tiers increased by around 3, enabling those new ones as regular drops. Multiple watchstones will increase the tiers further, up to their maximum of 14 to 16. Delving deeper in map tiers usually means socketing each citadel equally instead of one at a time to match your level. It will also unlock tier-restricted maps for additional completion bonuses. Each multiple of four socketed watchstones will grant one awakening level. This will give additional rewards from mini-boss encounters as well as enabling awakening bonuses. These are earned by completing a map on its highest tier while having a certain awakener level. Similarly to the normal bonus objectives, they will give permanent rewards for each completion.

Raising your awakener level will also increase the difficulty of elderslayer bosses, making them harder and harder throughout your progression. It can be sometimes wise to lower the tiers to be able to complete those fights. Lowering your regions? tiers can however temporarily disable the pursuit of the current conqueror because they are tied to a certain number of socketed watchstones. Searching for undiscovered maps can be a long task without any help. Pushing from map to map might not always drop one of its neighbours. When you acquire a completed map of a higher and newer tier, you can use Orbs of horizons to transform it into another random map of the same tier, that you possibly didn?t complete yet.

Each tier of maps has a limited number of distinct map to turn into through this currency. Transforming a map of a certain tier will only turn into one that is unavailable in lower tiers. For example, the three natural tier 16 maps, summit, carcass and promenade, are the only outcomes possible from using horizons on any tier 16 because lower-tier variants of those maps do not exist. In this image, you can see each map?s lowest tier, meaning using horizons on this tier can give you the specified maps. Zana can also sell random maps. This vendor system resets when you activate her mission and sells higher-tiered maps when you progress further into your atlas.

Atlas missions will be explained in its own separate video. I hope you guys learned something, and thanks for watching..

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