Path of Exile beginner’s guide: Global vs Local


Hello and welcome to this beginner?s guide of Path of Exile. In this video I will talk about global and local modifiers. Most modifiers on equipment are considered global, meaning it upgrades your character directly. Local modifiers will instead change the base values on the equipment. When the word global is used, it usually means that there could be confusion on whether the modifier would be considered global or local. Increased evasion rating, for example, could mean either increasing your total amount of evasion or increasing the equipped armour?s actual evasion rating. Starkonja?s head can both increase its own evasion rating and your overall evasion rating, which would include those of other equipment. The sword Redbeak has a modifier which increases and add to its own base physical damage, which will make it higher than other rusted swords. The increased global accuracy, however, will also affect your other weapon if you are dual wielding. If the word global wasn?t included, only attacks with this weapon would be more accurate. Following those examples, you might see that there is only confusion when the modifiers themselves could possibly modify the equipment itself or your character overall.

For weapons, most local modifiers revolve around increasing physical damage, attack speed, critical strike chance, accuracy or adding any type of damage. Those local modifiers are usually the strongest because they can be treated as multipliers instead of increases for their respective use. As such, 100% increased physical damage locally will result in two times the physical damage overall, because it will affect the weapon directly. 100% increased global physical damage would instead be added up with other global increases, lowering its value. For armour, local modifiers are almost always about raising the defences of the equipment. Global modifiers for this type of increase would affect all of your armour, which is much better, as seen in the Starkonja?s head unique item. Confusing global and local modifiers can really change how you value some items.

Don?t forget to read them well before replacing your equipment..

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