Path of Exile beginner’s guide: Missions and Masters


Hello and welcome to this beginner?s guide of Path of Exile. In this video I will talk about atlas missions and masters. These NPCs originate from past leagues and offer unique and rewarding mechanics. They can be summoned in maps through atlas missions. Atlas missions are earned by chance when defeating a map?s mini-boss. Once you have an available mission on the correct tiered map, you can select the associated master?s mission when using the map device. The master is then guaranteed to appear in the newly opened area. Missions are separated by the map?s color, which depends on its tier.

Completing their mission will reward you with favour, a currency used to customize your hideout. Zana?s mission will be to complete an objective from an additional map. She can offer multiple options, including unique maps. This can prove useful to both complete an undiscovered map and be offered one for free. Some restrictions may apply, such as a time limit or a death limit. This inception-based mission is very useful to progress your atlas, as it also resets Zana?s inventory the moment you accept the mission. Einhar?s mission is to capture strong beast monsters throughout the map. When captured, those beasts are store in your menagerie and can then provide mediocre to excellent rewards by defeating them again. Yellow beasts are always required for those rewards, but the red ones are specifically tied to each reward type. The mission is completed only when you capture all beasts. Alva?s mission teleports you three times into temple rooms, which will ultimately restructure into a small labyrinth with exclusive rewards. Killing architects in those incursions can upgrade those rewards and looting stones of passage will open the way to other rooms once you revisit the temple.

When 12 incursions have been completed throughout your missions, you can talk to Alva to adventure into your customized temple. Jun?s mission is a series of events tied to the betrayal mechanic. Her missions always include a research laboratory that you must scour quickly and an assassination intervention that occurs randomly throughout the map. The third event is either a deadly fort to penetrate or transportation caravans to assault. Unique betrayal NPCs will spawn in those events, which will activate the betrayal investigation board to dispose of them accordingly. ZiggyD?s syndicate guide video explains this mechanic thoroughly. Niko?s mission will only spawn three sulphite nodes to harvest throughout the map. The higher the tier of the map, the higher the amount of sulphite will be collected. This resource is used for the delve mechanic in the azurite mine to progress deeper into the tunnels. If you do not select any mission, you can still have special events in your maps. In fact, there are also other similar events like these ones but without their own atlas missions.

Those encounters are purely independent and can be mixed together in a single map. I will list a few of those encounters. Metamorph monsters can be spawned when you gather organs for Tane Octavius. You can then use an icon to spawn a vat to customize a unique, dangerous, and rewarding boss. Blight pumps will trigger a short tower-defence game that will ultimately provide specialised chests if successful. You can even receive blighted maps, an enormous and difficult five-minute blight encounter. Legion monoliths will show a conflict between multiple legions. At first, all monsters and chests are frozen. After a short timer, all defeated units are respawned as active units that drop different types of loot. Breaches are small encounters that spawn monsters from an expanding circle. They provide different splinters, which are used to enter maps with a unique boss. Most league-based mechanics cannot be thoroughly explained in a short video.

There are also much more events that I have not mentioned at all. I recommend you look for various other videos if you want to know more about a specific kind of encounter. I hope you guys learned something, and thanks for watching..

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