Path of Exile beginner’s guide: Rarity


Hello and welcome to this beginner?s guide of Path of Exile. In this video I will talk about rarity. The rarity of items, monsters and even strongboxes will affect the number of modifiers which adds to their base attributes. Any item, monster and strongbox can be either normal, magic, rare or unique, except for rare flasks. For the sake of simplicity, I will only talk about items, but the difference of rarity in items is easily comparable to monsters or strongboxes. A normal item can only have an implicit and an enchantment as its modifiers, depending on its base type. Magic items can have up to two explicit modifiers: a prefix and a suffix. These two latter types of modifiers will have their own range of different changes to your character. For example, added maximum life can only be found on prefixes, whereas resistances are exclusive to suffixes. Rare items can have up to six explicit modifiers: three prefixes and three suffixes.

To avoid silly and long names, they have random names composed of two words. Identifying rare new items will always contain at least 4 modifiers, with 5 or even 6 modifiers being far less frequent. As different modifiers may have at least one similar effect, they may be stacked together: highlighting an item through the default alt button will show more details on the distinct modifiers. Unique items can have any number of modifiers. These modifiers are unique to each item of this rarity and they can not be changed.

Their rarity will be permanent as most currency items will not be able to change its modifiers. Because of their invariable nature, unique items are an easy way of getting good upgrades without messing with crafting your own equipment. Changing an item?s rarity can be done with orbs of transmutation, regal orbs, orbs of alchemy, orb of scouring and orbs of chance. The latter can rarely transform items into uniques and are therefore not a reliable or efficient way of getting those.

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