Path of Exile beginner’s guide: Raw damage


Hello and welcome to this beginner?s guide of Path of Exile. In this video I will talk about raw damage of active skills without conversion. Raw damage is calculated with base, added, increased or reduced and more or less damage. Base damage is different between attack and spell skills. The attacks are calculated by multiplying the base damage effectiveness with your currently equipped weapon or alternating between your two weapons if you are dual wielding. Spells have base damage on the skill gem itself, increasing with its levels. There is always a minimum and maximum damage, and for each skill usage, a random number between this interval is used. Each type of damage is calculated independently for each next step. Before calculating the number between the interval, added damage is also applied. It is found mostly on equipment and buffs, and it can raise both the minimum and maximum of your base damage. Depending on your chosen skill, the effect is again lowered or amplified by the effectiveness of added damage written on the active skill gem. If it is not written, it is implied at 100%, which doesn?t change the numbers.

The minimum and maximum added damage is then respectively combined with the minimum and maximum base damage. This combined damage will now be raised by the increased or reduced multiplier. This multiplier is calculated by adding all the ?increased? and ?reduced? modifiers associated with the skill?s types. These can be found in many equipment and passive skills. For example, the skill Spark can be increased when the tags Spell, projectile, lightning and elemental damage are present. ?Increased damage? will also work, but since you won?t see any ?increased duration damage?, this tag will not affect this multiplier. All the modifiers are then added up as decimals (with reduced as negatives), added by 1 and multiplied by the previous combined damage.

Having a huge amount of increased damage will lessen the effectiveness of future increases because of its additive nature, as shown in this graph. Finally, the more or less multiplier is much stronger than any other damage modifier but is much rarer. It is mainly found on support skill gems. The requirements for its application on a skill, such as spark, is the same as before. On the other hand, the modifiers are combined by multiplication instead of addition.

This means your final damage will always be precisely changed by the number on a new more or less multiplier. The damage calculated after increases or reductions is multiplied by 1 + the number on the more (or minus if it?s less) for each more or less multiplier. This final number is the raw damage of your active skill without conversion. The damage can then be multiplied again by critical strikes, explained in their own video. I hope you guys learned something, and thanks for watching..

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