Path Of Exile Behemoth Guide – Accuracy Stacker Bow! By: somethiiiing


Bow used for the accuracy stacking Juggs using the Replica Shroud of the Lightless + abyss jewels (acc + %inc acc rating if haven’t killed recently) / siege ballista totem.

Rule 10:

  • Buy 30% + 6WS/6L Base

  • Imprint + add random influence to hit elder/shaper (reset if not elder/shaper)

  • Awakener to merge the other influence (shaper or elder).

  • Spam Deafening Essence of Doubt until Shaper “Socketed attacks deal 20% more damage” mod.

  • Clean off extra mods / repeat until you have just the shaper mod and the acc mod, (and 1 removable suffix, in my case i had lightning res).

  • Craft Cannot roll Attack Mods.

- Current mods are:
 - prefix: Socketed Skills deal 20% more attack Damage, 2 empty
 - suffix: t1 flat acc, lightning res, cannot roll attack mods.
  • Ex slam to try to hit shaper ele pen or +1 socketed gems.

  • If you whiff, annul and try again, if you whiff the annul, reset to the “spam Deafening essence step”

  • (In my case, I hit two sets of useless mods, and got dumb lucky annuling off unremovable mods twice. the third attempt, I slammed and hit t1 ele pen, then slammed again and hit +1 socketed gems.) Got dumb lucky on the annuls, got decently lucky on the ele pen + socketed gems (the mod pool is fairly low at that point).

  • Remove the cannot roll attack mods craft

  • Harvest craft – augment an influenced mod.

  • Bench Craft – prefixes cannot be changed

  • Harvest craft – r/a influence until elder projectile attack damage per 200 acc mod. (~1/30, this one I also got fairly lucky, hit in ~4)

  • Bench craft – 30% chance to deal double damaged while focussed.

Also divine the accuracy rating somewhere along the way.

And there’s my bow. But now I need some of reddit’s help. I’m not sure if the 30% focussed craft is the best last mod or if the Shaper attack speed/double damage mod is better. If anyone has a better idea on what that last mod should be please post below. I’m genuinely not sure what the last mod should be.

Thanks for reading!

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