Path Of Exile Caustic Arrow + Barrage By: greekpsari


not exactly a guide just some information on the build it self with a pob link // just showing what a late game version whats very tanky and what you can achieve using the skills if you throw enough currency at it.

made some minor improvements ( survival wise ) –

Disclaimer this builds mirror tier * just a updated version for all content and a really good damage pool * a problem if your running a shitter tier caustic arrow bow i would opt for concentrated effect over awakened increased area of effect you want atleast 1m-1.5 m caustic arrow damage raw to 1 shot mobs for late game farming ( or just not use caustic arrow another option scourge arrow scales well and can be used for for clearing purposes with much less of a budget invested into a bow to do the same thing with a good amount of damage and scourge arrow scales with barrage both scale on poison so its a bonus really.

if your fairly crafty you might be able to string up a budget version with less damage and life but ultimately do the same thing the builds reliable but what mirror tier build is not to be fair.

aspect of the cat function ( disclaimer ) it is what it is !

there is a damage drop every so and so aspect of the cat gets increased skill effect duration meaning you will have a period of 6 seconds with out power or frenzy charges then 10 seconds with power and frenzy charges its a unavoidable problem getting 3 nodes of decreased skill effect duration also lowers the caustic arrow puddle time before it dissipates so i would not recommend trying to boy cot that and just live with it.

( damage with out power of frenzy charges // Barrage // 33 m from 42 m not including the volley fire jewel.

damage with out power or frenzy charges // caustic arrow 2.4 m from 2.7 m // obviously you can disable the 15 wither stacks into the damage calculations since who is gonna run around withering targets for mobbing you might get 7 stacks or so using withering step but you should not find your self casting totems to mob only boss really.


The build uses 2 bow’s ( caustic arrow bow + quiver ) ( barrage bow + quiver )

leech – 1200 // on hit 1200 = 2400 leech while using barrage give or take abit of leech depending on how many arrows hit the target standing closer increased the odd’s of surviving try to hit the target with caustic arrow and ensure the enfeblee procs from the quiver to lower its dmg if bossing.

despair is now on the ring ( losses 6-7 m dmg if curse on hit ring and not self casted )

the Maloney’s Mechanism Quiver is being used for curse on hit awakened + rain of arrows + enfeblee to reduce incoming damage and nullify it.

Flesh and Stone is still the build what is a extra layer of defense

and the anointment hardend scars + Foreboding Hallowed Hybrid Flask of Acceleration to give you x 2 uses of 5 seconds of fortify on flask pop.

the build’s fairly tanky now can run pretty much anything with low chance of death in no way shape or form is this build cheap.

general information

Caustic Arrow Damage – 1.3 – 2.7 m caustic arrow damage sirus damage ( for mob clearing thats extremely high replaced concentrated effect with awakened increased area of effect for ease of clearing just makes life easier really.

Barrage damage is 48 m peak damage if all arrows hit the volley fire is not registered on pob if 2 arrow’s miss your lookin at 41 m damage so on.

the high level of clarity is not exactly needed i could run a level 1 clarity just for the watchers eye / and or change a ring enchantment to -10 mana cost and pick up dread banner replacing withering step i just enjoy having withering step in the build and dont have anything worth spending the mana on currently.

some of the gear’s very niche to set up and get the build working since barrage chews mana as i stated simply enchant -10 mana cost on your rings // a – 10 watchers eye clarity mod and you could avoid getting all the mana regen or simply do some mana leech also works.

i created a post a while back ago concerning a budget version its abit of a mess but if you can get your hands on some of the items to make the build work you may enjoy it, not exactly the heaviest damage build in the game not exactly ethical not worth the currency sink, but i really do have fun playing it maybe you will get the same enjoyment on a budget version.


currently in the game theres not much choices on caustic bow skills for phsy / projectile scaling // toxic rain // scourge arrow // caustic arrow // barrage // do i think caustic arrow is ethical not really its very low dmg for a min maxed skill it should be used for a clear skill at best with just enough damage to 1 shot mobs never be used as a tool for bossing just to inflict the enfeblee via the quiver thats it, in saying so i think scourge arrow is a stronger tool all and all then caustic arrow i would not recommend it big currency sink.

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