Path Of Exile End(ish)-game Chieftan BB/BF Gearing Puzzle (LONG) By: setcamper


I was writing a 3,000 word essay asking questions about this build nobody is going to read so here’s take 2.



I’ve spent the last few days experimenting with the Chieftain BB/BF build. I started with Zizz’s Youtube guide, then began incorporating advice from a build guide over on the main PoE Forums (, and then found someone with pretty great gear on page 76 I’m pretending to emulate (I’ve removed his Large Cluster nodes in PoB for simplicity sake, as my character is only lvl 92 and I assume last points go up there).

Basically, I’m looking for AFFIX advice on Gloves (2 Open Prefixes, no influence), Chest (Warlord/Crusader Open Prefix and Suffix), and Amulet (Warlord: Open Suffix) as well as thoughts on capping Chaos Resistance, using a Replica Soul Tether, and what to do about replacing my Circle of Anguish.

I’ve got a puzzle on how to balance Damage, Mana, Mana-Regen and Chaos Resistance. I’m not sure how common or advised it is max Chaos resistances to run Replica Soul Tether for Corrupted Soul and Doryani in our Glorious Vanity for Energy Shield.

At the moment I can’t fit HoA, HoP, Skitterbots, AND Aspect of the Spider (only 50 mana left unserved, and BF is 53 mana in best case scenario (2x -10 mana to non-channel spells). When I played around with Mana Regen in Amulet (no clarity) with all for auras, there’s definitely a casting delay between BF/BB rotations waiting for tiny mana pool to fill up. Assuming the only way I could get all 4 auras to work:

-Bench Enchant +8 life/mana to chest & find a timeless jewel with a random +% mana node

-Get a Helm with T1 +% Mana

-Get a shield with -15% Mana Reservation (not sure if that’s enough, but a distant option I’d guess)

The other issue with that is my my Circle of Anguish Ring is pulling more DPS weight than Aspect of Spider would, but I’m missing about 40 Chaos resistance from cap and I don’t have the Dex (missing 40 with no investment in Dex nodes on tree) to run non-HH belt (verses a Stygian with a lot more life and life-regen).

I’m also running Clarity(lvl13) over Aspect of Spider and Vigilant Strikes (quality of Life from Clarity seems better than Fortify buff running maps, not currently bossing- but maybe a poor longterm strategy).

My shield is crap, but I don’t think it factors into this puzzle- as it only wants more regen, spell damage, or in a perfect world, +2 to max resistances and/or -15 mana reserved (but that’s a huge project I’m not looking to go down yet).

TLDR: Looking for Harvest/bench crafting advice for Gloves/Chest/Ammy, how to run 4 Auras, and maybe some explanation about how worthwhile pushing Chaos resistance is for Replica Soul Tether at the cost of PoB DPS?

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