Path of Exile Flicker Ninja CI Build (Hardcore)


Path of Exile Flicker Ninja CI Build (Hardcore)?by snofox

First of all, this build is not for the feint of heart. This is an all-in or nothing melee build with block and regen as the main source of tankiness. With that being said: this is by far the most fun I?ve had with any build in PoE! In fact it is so fun that when I ripped my last shadow before completing the build (around 65), I relevelled the exact same build for a second chance..

Videos, pictures and FAQ:

Mine map straight through to boss (no invaders in video) (Level 72 map with more magic monsters and monsters cannot be stunned)

Offense and Defense stats:


I started planning out this build after watching old youtube videos with crazy flicker strike cchaining. It looked so badass and nauseating that I had to try making it work in hardcore/invasion. In my first attempt I got shockstacked and gibbed by an invader, but the second one is still going strong in 72+ maps!?

How do you level with flicker?

? You don?t. I levelled both of my shadows using temp life nodes and searing bond / ST.

How much currency do I need to make this work?

? To get started and clear Docks the ninja-way, you just need some ES gear and a decent dagger with crit. I used a 15c dagger until I could affort Bino?s. I could do 70 maps with that setup, but it felt a lot less safe than I do with Bino?s.

Why Zealot?s Oath?

? Since most of the good shield nodes is in the Templar area anyways, and we get armor/ES nodes in the Marauder-area, ZO is an awesome way to circumvent the leech nerfs with Bino?s OP Life regen ability.

How suicidal is this build?

? With armor, topaz, ruby and sapphire flasks and 65/50ish block/spellblock paired with 600ish ES regen + around the same from life leech over time you should be fine in most situations. Hesitation is the number one killer ? just flicker on and make sure to have enough mana/charges and you should be fine.

Which invaders can I kill safely?

? I usually kill most invaders, except:

? Evocata Apocalyptica
? Pewterfang
? Ossecati, Boneshaper
? Haviri, Vaal Metalsmith

Pros and Cons

? You get to look like a badass ninja
? Fairly good survivability
? Impressive solo clear speeds
? Instant max ES with every kill
? You move quicker than most mobs can aim
? You can just hold down a button to clear an entire map
? You get to look like a badass ninja

? Some mana problems without 6-link
? If you run out of charges in the middle of a scary pack, you?re in trouble?
? Stuns can be a problem when you get hit hard
? Bosses can be troublesome if there are no adds
? Trying to focus while flickering around can give you a pretty bad headache / make you seasick..
? Party play is not really viable, since you need to lasthit to keep your charges up.


4link is enough to get started, 5l is enough to clear 72+ maps extremely quickly, 6l is optimal, either to increase dps or add quality mana leech.?

Passive tree

The tree is fairly flexible. This is approximately how your tree should look at..

24 (Searing bond):?
40 (Still Searing bond):?
60 (Respeccing into CI, equipping flicker/CI gear):?
80 (Ready to equip Bino?s):?
91 (Build ?complete?):?

Is the Shadow the best/only option?

Probably. You could do ranger or even scion, but that would require some tweaking, maybe even IR could be worked into the build. As is, the tightest build is with a Shadow start.


Normal ? Kill all.
Cruel ? Kill all.
Merc ? Help Kraytyn for +1 frenzy charge or kill all

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