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Path Of Exile Fyregrass’s Freezing Pulse Totem Guide, Fully Updated for 3.15 By: Fyregrass


Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJZnJDylFl4&t=2042s&ab_channel=Fyregrass

Forum Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3145014

Levelling Commentary: https://youtu.be/OL4d4NNTCuU

Levelling POB: https://pastebin.com/2GzHKJ6F

Budget PoB: https://pastebin.com/LLhxuAd5


Hey Guys! So I’ve spent the last month or so practising a whole slew of different league starters and I’ve settled on pushing ahead in 3.15 with Freezing Pulse Totems as both my own league starter, and the build I will be recommending to people who are wanting a solid league starter for the incoming league. I have a 40 minute video guide and a huge forum guide depending on what medium you prefer, both are linked above, along with some levelling commentary to help you get your main levelling set up going by act 4.

Why Freezing Pulse Totems?

My other 11 league starters I had prepared got nerfed way too hard and Freezing Pulse Totems with the Ice Spear Gem swap can still reach 2 million boss DPS with a 5 link and a 40c investment. We get curse immunity from a variety of different sources giving us a leg up over other builds and we can automate damage from a safe range. I personally believe this build will be A or S tier as a league starter. I have already tested the nerfs and I am confident this league starter will be fine. Things will be rough compared to 3.14, but that is the case for literally every build in the entire game now.


My guides are always optimised for softcore league start progression. You should play my builds if you want to finish your atlas fast, farm currency and get your challenges done ASAP. If you view softcore as a practise mode to eventually transition to SSFHC, you won’t enjoy my builds as they are neither Hardcore viable nor SSF friendly. We run 5k hybrid eHP, few defensive layers and all in on killing fast and using AoE chill/freeze effects to keep us safe.

How to Contact Me:


I will be streaming from the moment league launches, 7 days a week for degenerate hours, eventually dwindling back to my old schedule of 6 hours a day. If you need help with anything, feel free to hit me up on stream, starting week 2 I will be doing PoB Reviews (you dont need to be a sub or follower, I do them for everyone). Until then, send me private messages on reddit and I will endeavour to respond to them all.

Hate Totems?

If you really dislike the Totem Playstyle or you’ve checked out my PoBs and don’t think the build suits your needs, I have a few other recommendations based upon some of my own internal testing:

  1. Soulwrest Necro – Grimro has been toying around with a version of this which I believe he is putting content out for. This build has superb bossing post nerfs, the clear speed is too slow for my tastes but if you just want safe access to boss killing, this is an easy choice

  2. Steel Skills – DonTheCrown will likely be putting out content for this and league starting this as he usually does. Steel Skills copped a nerf too but seem fine when I did some testing earlier today simulating the damage changes. Expect to hit maps a few hours slower, but you’ll make up for it by being able to kill Sirus with a Terminus Est

  3. Traps – No particular content creator I could recommend, however Ice/Lightning Trap has some decent coverage and boss killing potential post nerf. The new Blade Trap might have potential as well as some others. I hate traps, but they do seemed positioned well relative to many other options right now


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