Path of Exile [Guide/Analysis] Lira Arthain Chayula/Heist Farming Strategy (~3,1ex/hour) By: ckresse


Hey folks, earlier this week I made a post which contained some analysis and guidance regarding (one of many) farming strategies involving Chayula Watchstones in Lira Arthain which was received quite well (thank you for the feedback and optimization suggestions).

Based on the outcome of my first session and the feedback I made some adjustments to the strategy in order to increase the overall profit which was around 2,8ex/hour.

Adjustments Made

The following adjustments were made due to the outcome of the first session and the feedback / input I received:

Without knowing if the data would support these initial optimization thoughts and assumptions, I once again did a 50-map-session to see if and/or in which way my profit did change due to the adjustments I made.

Let me share the results with you:


IMPORTANT: It was only during the session itself that I realized that this setup will most likely will only be more profitable if one has at least 30 Zana missions available since the natural spawn rate of Zana is very low. So keep this in mind.


I pretty much prepared the maps (see below), finished them as fast as possible (<50 mobs left + boss kill) while clearing Chayula and Uul Breaches (and skipping all others Breach types). Additionally, I did Zana mission maps in case she offered Elder/shaper Guardian maps, Synthesis maps, Delirium maps or Breach maps (in Lira Arthain > Lex Proxima because I picked the Breach Atlas bonus there).

Initial Investments

In my first post, I stated that you have to make an initial investment of 1050c to make this strategy work by getting 4 Chayula Watchstones and 50 Racecourse maps (or any other Lira Arthain map). While this is still true in case you don’t have both, I will skip this part this time to make the income statement (see below) more simple. For more details on the initial investments, check out this post.

Regular Investments (Price)

My preparation for the 50-map-session included (buying) the following:

### Total regular investment for 50 maps: 1185c


r/pathofexile - [Guide/Analysis] Lira Arthain Chayula/Heist Farming Strategy (~3,1ex/hour)

Total loot (after clearign the stash)

Loot Rundown (Revenue)

The following list only includes items which are expected to be sold for more than 10c in total.

  • 9x Chayula Breachstone (=1620c)

  • 101x T14-T16 Lira Arthain map (=404c) [bulk selling for 4c/map via TFT is realistic]

  • Heist Blueprints

  • 10x Elder Fragment (=200c)

  • Heist Contracts

    • 8x Deception (=80c)

    • 5x Perception (=25c)

    • 9x Lockpicking (=36c)

    • 6x Demolition (=12c)

    • 7x Counter (=14c)

  • 33x Awakening Sextant (=165c)

  • 88x Chayula Splinter (=158c)

  • 1x Simulacrum (=150c)

  • 146x Chaos Orb [Loot] (=146c)

  • 3x Uul Breachstones (=135c)

  • 57x Stacked Deck (=114c)

  • 100x Chaos Orb [consumed by Zana mission] (=100c)

  • 1x The Samurai’s Eye (=95c)

  • 4x Elder Guardian map (=88c)

  • 242x Orb of Alteration (=72c)

  • 1x Large Cluster Jewel Base [8 Passive Skills] (=70c)

  • 2x Delirium Orb (=60c)

  • 1x Rewritten Distant Memory (=60c)

  • 5x Shaper Fragment (=55c)

  • 3x Divine Orb (=51c)

  • 153x Orb of Fusing (=50c)

  • 1x Xoph’s Heart (=50c)

  • 83x Ritual Splinter (=42c)

  • 5x Exalted Shard (=38c)

  • 1x Vaal Reliquary Key (=34c)

  • 33x Prime Sextant (=34c)

  • 103x Cartographer’s Chisel (=34c)

  • 22x Simulacrum Splinter (=33c)

  • 21x Fossil [average] (=32c)

  • 2x Ancient Orb (=32c)

  • 68x Uul Splinter (=31c)

  • 29x Gemcutter Prism (=29c)

  • 1x Polished Harbringer Scarab (=27c)

  • 89x Vaal Orb (=27c)

  • 86x Orb of Regret (22c)

  • 3x Veiled Chaos Orb (=15c)

  • 14x Timeless Templar Splinter (=13c)

  • 1x The Academic (=13c)

  • 12x Catalysts [low priced] (=12c)

  • 14x Ancient Shard (=12c)

  • 1x Shaper Guardian map (=11c)

  • 1x Time-Lost Incubator (=11c)

  • 1x Crescent Splinter (=10c)

  • 25x Orb of Horizon (=10c)

  • 1x Orb of Unmaking (=10c)

  • 1x Brutality Support 20% (=10c)

  • 1x Maim Support 23& (=10c)

  • Not counted: 40x T14-T15 Lira Arthain map [since we use these ourselves (= map sustain is guaranteed)]

### Total Revenue: 4952c

Note: I also got 1x Cortex Relic Chambers Map (=700c) which I did not include since the goal is to get to know what “regular revenue” one can expect by doing the strategy. Of course, there’s always a certain degree of variance, but I feel like you cannot expect an equivalent drop every 50 maps and therefore adding it would disrupt the result too much.

Income Statement

  • Total regular investment (50 maps): -1185c

  • Total revenue from loot after 50 maps: +4952c

  • Total profit after 50 maps: +3767c (25,1ex)

Profit per Hour

I finished 50 maps in 7 hours and 40 minutes. I think it’s fair to say that the initial preparation of maps, buying scarabs, etc. takes quite some time which is why I’d say I’ve spent around 8 hours in total in that session (might be even more depending on different, but let’s stay with 8 hours to make it easier). This corresponds to a profit of 471c (3,1ex) per hour.

BUT … as already mentioned in the note above, this strategy most likely will only work if one has at least 30 Zana missions (my reference value) available since these are the source for quite some valuable items (e.g. Elder Fragments, Shaper Fragements, Simulacrum Splinters).

Key Takeaways

Now that I have run both the Chayula/Blight version and the Chayula/Heist version of this strategy, I’ve come to the following conclusions (which are not necessarily based on pure data, but on my feelings / conditions /bheavior during these sessions):

  • I hate Ultimatum. Although it might have the potential to provide profit overall, the Ultimatum encounters are absolutely annoying. While this might be because I have a super strict loot filter which basically hides any rare item, the moment the loot drops after the encounter ends is just super underwhelming. In comparison: Every 2nd or 3rd Breach I get a Chayula or Uul Splinter explosion which just makes it feel so much better.

  • I don’t like Zana missions. Talking to her interrupts my mapping flow. Looking for a good map (if she doesn’t offer Elder or Synthesis maps) interrupts my mapping flow. Running a random map which doesn’t profit from my Atlas setup is annoying (a regular thought during these maps was: “I could pick up Chayula Splinter now”)

  • I love Breaches. It just feels good to run them and to know that you just picked up ~55c worth in Splinters, maybe sometimes even 2-3 times a map.

  • Running Heist Atlas bonus is nice and smooth, but pricing the items if you have no clue of Heist is a pain in the ass.

  • I’m not done. I think that – based on the experience with running both types of strategies – there is potential for more. In terms of profit, but also in terms of enjoying the farming. I have some adjustments in mind, but any feedback is very welcome!

Additional Revenue Potential

While not each and everyone of them guarantees an increase of the profit per hour, there are quite some sources for potential additional revenue (which I didn’t use because I either feel like they are not rewarding and/or disrupt my mapping flow):

  • Harvest (I did not run any of them)

  • Vaal Side Area (I did not run any of them)

  • Abyss (I did not run any of them)

  • Complete Xoph, Esh or Tul Breaches (once it turned out it’s one of them I continued clearing the map)


As almost every PoE farming strategy, this one doesn’t come with a guaranteed outcome due to the high variance. Some sessions will be more profitable than others. On top of that, I don’t state that this is the best (or even one of the best) strategies to make the most or the fastest profit. But you will definitely make a profit if you follow the above. How much and how fast depends on your build, on your clear speed and – of course – on your luck. The more you play, the more deterministic results you will get.

I got some questions. Maybe you can help?

  • There is a new recipe for 80+ Breach rings. Do you think it would be worth picking them up? If yes, why?

  • Once I see that the Breach belongs to Xol, Tul or Esh I leave the encounter and continue clearing the map. While there is no chance I would pick up the Splinters, it might still be worth it to kill all monsters for loot (it seems like Breaches are a good source for Uniques and maps). Do you think it’s worth at least finishing the encounter?

  • I am pretty sure that I did a Zana Atlas mission map in Lira Arthain which did not have the Atlas bonus enabled. Do Atlas bonuses not apply to maps from Zana missions? Can someone confirm or disprove that?

  • There are some Atlas bonuses that provide increased drop chances for specific items types for Unique Bosses. If one does run maps with 3 bosses (like Racecourse or Estuary), do these bonuses apply to each of the bosses individually or do they count as one map boss?