Path of Exile [Guide/Analysis] OPTIMIZED Lira Arthain Chayula/Heist Farming Strategy (~4,4ex/hour) By: ckresse


Hey folks, earlier this week I made two posts which contained some analysis and guidance regarding two of many farming strategies involving Chayula Watchstones:

Both of them were received quite well (thank you for the feedback and optimization suggestions). Based on the outcome of these sessions and the feedback I made some adjustments to the strategy in order to increase the overall profit (per hour).

Here is the result:


  • Build

  • Lira Arthain Atlas Bonus

  • The Uncharted Realms Atlas Bonus

    • Secrets of the Storm (increased effect of Watchstone modifiers)

    • Adept Tracker (chance to get double progress for Conquerors)

    • Atlas Awakened (+1 Awakening Level)

    • Remnants of the Past (Bosses have a chance to drop Elder / Guardian maps)

    • Neural Pathways (Bosses have a chance to drop Synthesis map)

  • General Watchstones Setup (for Awakening Level)

  • Atlas Completion

  • Legion Completion

  • Loot Filter

  • Atlas Missions used


I pretty much prepared the maps (see below), finished them as fast as possible (<50 mobs left + boss kill) while clearing all Breaches, Legion, Ritual and Delirium encounters. On top of that I skipped all other optional encounters (Blight, Jun, Zana, Abyss, Harvest, Ultimatum – reason = see below).

Initial Investments

In my first post, I stated that you have to make an initial investment of 1050c to make this strategy work by getting 4 Chayula Watchstones and 50 Racecourse maps. While this is still true in case you don’t have both, I will skip this part this time to make the income statement (see below) more simple. For more details on the initial investments, check out this post.

Regular Investments

My preparation for the 50-map-session included (buying) the following:

  • 1x Polished Breach Scarab per map

  • 1x Sacrifice at Dusk per map

  • 1x Sacrifice at Dawn per map

  • 1x Sacrifice at Noon per map

  • 1x Zana Mod (Breach) per map

  • 4x Cartographer’s Chisel per map

  • 1x Orb of Alchemy per map

  • 1x Vaal Orb per map

  • 1x Chaos Orb (generalized) per map [assuming you can’t run all map modifiers and some will break due to vaaling]

In total, the costs for the session were 537c. For a detailed overview, check out this spreadsheet.

Loot (Revenue)

r/pathofexile - [Guide/Analysis] OPTIMIZED Lira Arthain Chayula/Heist Farming Strategy (~4,4ex/hour)

Loot after clearing the Stash

In total, the revenue for the session was 2099c. For a detailed overview, check out this spreadsheet.

Note: I didn’t include the 132 Breach rings into the calculation since I don’t know if there is a supply for them. [In one of the responses to one of my previous posts, someone stated that he would buy 10 Breach Rings for 30c. I don’t know if that is actually the case – e.g. I couldn’t find anyone buying Breach rings in bulk on TFT – but in case it is true, this would add quite a significant revenue on top of this (396c)]

Income Statement

Total regular investment (50 maps): -537c


Total revenue from loot after 50 maps: +2636c


Total profit after 50 maps: +2099c (15,5ex)


For a detailed overview, check out this spreadsheet.

Profit per Hour

I finished 50 maps in 3 hours and 8 minutes. I think it’s fair to say that the initial preparation of maps, buying scarabs, etc. takes quite some time which is why I’d say I’ve spent around 3,5 hours in total in that session (might be even more depending on the supply, but let’s stay with 3,5 hours to make it easier). This corresponds to a profit of 600c (4,4ex) per hour.

Questions & Answers

Since some questions came up frequently in the previous posts, I just answer some of them (and some that I assume will come up) in advance …

  • Why did you use Polished Breach Scarabs (instead of Gilded or Winged)?

    • Since the average investment per map is pretty low (5.74c), it turns out that Polished Breach Scarabs are the most profitable ones. Quick math: While you pay 536,5c on average to do 100 Breaches using Polished Breach Scarabs, the cost for the same amount of Breaches is way higher if you use Gilded Breach Scarabs (717c) or even higher using Winged Breach Scarab (1215c). But note: The more you invest into juicing up your map, the more valuable become Gilded/Winged Breach Scarabs, you just have to calculate the threshold (e.g. by using this spreadsheet).

  • Why did you skip most of the optional encounters (Blight, Jun, Zana, Abyss, Harvest, Ultimatum)?

    • The answer is: To increase map clearing speed. All these encounters, especially Blight, Ultimatum and Zana slow you down so much. I already tested doing Blight maps while running the maps and I’ve tested doing Zana missions while running the maps. While both were profitable, I assumed that clearing speed might beat both of them when it comes to profit per hour. Since I was able to climb from 3,1ex to 4,4ex per hour, I guess my assumption was right :).

  • Why did you choose Lira Arthain and not Lex Proxima?

    • In my opinion Lira Arthain has an advantage which Lex Proxima doesn’t provide: The Atlas Bonus ‘Flash Breach’ which guarantees 10 additional rare monsters (which drop Splinters) and opens the Breaches faster. While the first one increases the base profit, the latter increases the clearing speed (which is important if you want to minmax profit per time invested).

  • Even with the Watchstone modifiers, Chayula spawn rates feel low. Can you confirm/disprove this?

    • While the sample size is not big (3 sessions, 50 maps each), I can say that the spawn and loot rate is pretty consistent. Here are the numbers:

      • Session 1 (5h): 975 Chayula Splinters

      • Session 2: (8h): 988 Chayula Splinters

      • Session 3: (3,5h): 754 Chayula Splinters

I have a question. Maybe you can help?

Since I use Remnants of the Past (Unique Bosses have a chance to drop Elder / Guardian maps) and Neural Pathways (Unique Bosses have a chance to drop Synthesis map) … I thought it might be beneficial to use a Rusted Metamorph Scarabs (3c/each) since I would get an additional Unique Boss at the end of the map, wouldn’t I? In case it would, I have to make 150c from this Scarab over 50 maps to be break even. As far as I can tell, this is very unlikely to happen, but if you have more insights on this, let me know 😉

BTW: I’m always keen on finding new ways to improve this strategy, so I am looking forward to read your thoughts and insights.