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Path Of Exile [Guide] How to metacraft your items. A use for exalts By: Beverice


With exalt prices dropping so fast, I thought to myself “Wow, metacrafting might be pretty viable this league” but I know it’s a pretty standard-y crafting method and wasn’t sure how many people knew how to do it. Figured I’d make a guide.

So the next question you might have is:

What is metacrafting?

Metacrafting involves creating a “base” item with three really good prefixes or suffixes, usually t1 mods. After you have acquired such base (by using fossils, alts/aug/regal, essences/annuls/slamming, you get the point) you are now ready to metacraft. Be warned, this process usually requires hundreds, if not thousands of exalted orbs.

How do I go about metacrafting?

The process has many steps, and depending on if you hit your desired mods you may go back to step 1 or 2. Almost everything takes place at the crafting bench though.
It is extremely important to note: Your base must have exactly 3 prefixes or suffixes for this to work.

Step 0: (You only have to do this step if you have a mix of prefixes and suffixes on your item) If you’re starting with perfect prefixes, craft prefixes cannot be changed and then use an orb of scouring on your item. Vice versa for suffixes.

Step 1: Go to the bench and block a common mod that you do not want on your item. For example.. +10 mana. That means you will not hit mana when you slam it.

Step 2: Slam that exalted orb. If you hit a mod you wanted, slam the item again. If you hit another mod you wanted then you are done! If you hit a bad mod, go to step 4.
If you hit a bad mod but it blocks a lot of mods.. slam the item as well. At this point, go to step 3.
Generally, you’re going to be slamming twice.

Step 3: For your second slam, did you hit a t1 mod you wanted to hit? If so it is time to annul. go to step 4.
If your second slam hit another bad mod, go back to step 0

Step 4: At this step, you should have: Your perfect prefixes/suffixes, one good mod, one bad mod, and one crafted mod. Craft (Prefixes/Suffixes) cannot be changed, and it is now time to play the Orb of Annulment RNG game.
Annul your item in hopes of taking away the bad non-crafted suffix. This works because Annul orbs obey the bench craft of “____ cannot be changed”. Keep in mind, you can also annul off the ____ cannot be changed, which costs 2 exalts to put back on every time you remove it.

If you took away the mod you didn’t want, go back to step 1

If you took away the good mod, you can slam to try and get it back. If you got another good mod, restart step 4. If you slammed and are left with two bad mods, you’re going back to step 0

And there you have it. I recommend watching a youtube video of someone meta-crafting to get a visual grasp on it. And please, for the love of Dominus, don’t scour your item without crafting fixes cannot be changed first.


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