Path Of Exile [GUIDE] Legion/Emblem Farming in New Vastir (up to 5ex/hour) _Abzu


After reading /u/ckreese‘s post on Chayula farming, I decided that I wanted to do some thorough testing the method I used to farm earlier on the league, and see how profitable it was at this point in the league and try to get some “scientific” results and not only some half-assed estimation with my memory of the maps and time spent.

So… let’s start with the actual guide.

Atlas Setup

  • New Vastir

    • War Supplies

    • Emblematic

    • Protracted Battle (optional, this is useful if you don’t have huge AoE/explody items, but the small node is always a must)

    • Total Anarchy

    • Rogue Trader (both of these are totally optional, just decided to get these because Abyss sometimes means backtracking, and I don’t Delve)

  • The Uncharted Realms

    • Secrets of the Stones

    • Adept Tracker

    • Atlas Awakened (A9 just feels better)

    • Thaumaturgical Awakening (this isn’t really necessary, but I already had it and didn’t want to change it for something that could be more useful for these runs)

    • Close Allies (I have this because I farm Jun at this point of the league, not needed at all)

    • More useful would be Enduring Influence for juicing the maps, or the Zana better maps nodes if you want to run Zana along the Legion encounters)

  • Watchstones

    • 2x Aukuna’s Platinum (Maraketh)

    • 2x Sanctus’ Platinum (Templar)

    • Tip for the watchstones: buy them at the lowest price (about 1.2 ex the T1) if you have Harvest lucky rerolls, you’ll end up saving quite a bit (the high rolled ones sell at around 2ex each).


Initially I wanted to do some runs with Gilded vs Polished Scarabs, but they were too expensive and the difference wasn’t as much as I thought they’d be on some test runs I did early in the day, so I decided to test Canyon vs Strand. Let’s get down on the actual currency investment:

The number’s 48 because I set all up in a quad stash, sorry you round number fans. You can obviously see that both chisels and frags are a bit cheaper than what I counted, still I counted them as I bought, and not the exact number I used.

If you don’t have the watchstones, you’ll have to add 8ex to have 95%+ Watchstones (or 5ex + rerolls) to the initial cost, but you’ll quickly make up for them, and you can always resell them, or buy them with a low %, reroll it, and sell them at 2 ex when they hit 95%+, but I don’t count them.

Set Up

It was all bought beforehand, and the maps were set-up only with chisels and alchs (+ scour if I got cannot regen or reflect), so in total it was all done in 30 minutes or less, I didn’t care about the time spent here because it was all done while doing other stuff. But if you actually care, it can be done in way less than 30 mins.

I have a super-strict filter, that only highlights Shrieking essences, Uul-Netol and Chayula splinters, Alts, Scours, Regrets, Chisels, GCPs (aka the bubble-gum currency that I still use at this point in the league), Chaos and more expensive currency, T14+ maps (or deli/blighted), any influenced item, Templar and Eternal splinters (during this test run I also added the Vaal splinters just so I could calculate how many of the cheaper 3 I get on average, but I usually hide them), you get the idea of the other stuff I let trough.

Why Strand: I got bored of Dunes, after all, that was my farming strat for a big chunk of the mid-league, and also I thought the linear layout would speed up things. Turns out I was wrong, or at least not completely correct. I feel like I spent more time running these maps, even with better gear, than when I ran Dunes.

Farming strategy

I decided I wanted to run some Zana missions during this test, just because I was able to. In total, it amounted to some extra profit, but I’d drop her just because of the time it adds. After the ~30th map I decided to drop her in favor of speed, and I’m glad I did. I ran only the delirious maps, the Elder maps, and the Harvests. I also ran all the encounters I found that didn’t make me backtrack or demanded a huge amount of time. I did Ritual, Harvest just for the service, it takes so little and they ended up being 4ex, not counting smaller ones that I didn’t bother to pick up (div gamble, rerolls, change res, change socket color), Metamorph, Cassia because I love the Blight game, Jun I think appeared only once, I don’t care about Alva, but you can run her too, etc…


The stash sorted. You might think that there are way too many chaos, and you’d be right: I sold an 85c Jewel that dropped, some clusters that dropped from the deli mirrors, a stack of “A Note in the Wind”, some other stuff that I sold without taking note of what it was, but also I didn’t bother to pick things that weren’t worth at least 20c (some of that stuff I underpriced it at 15c so it’d sell fast). Also there are missing 6ex that I used to buy a Void Battery with ele pen, because I got 4 exalteds from Harvest (again, I only took the reforge keeping suff/pref, if you take also cheaper ones, you’ll get more currency), and a Veritania’s exalted (or whichever is the one that sells for 1.2ex). The Esh breachstone and the Chayula splinters weren’t counted, those were from the incubator. I didn’t count them because I’m too lazy to sell splinters, and the Esh breachstone has to pass through It That Fled, but wanted to highlight them. There’s also a 21/23% ED that I didn’t sell yet, and a Twice Enchanted that I won’t sell

In total, in the tab there are around 3750 chaos, taking into account the incubators, the maps and that kind of extra stuff, but not the bubble-gum currency, and not taking into account that if you bulk sell the incubators, fossils, and maps you’d get more chaos per each.

I timed myself during 2 periods of this run, because I didn’t run this as a single session: 10 maps with Zana, and the last maps without her. The ones I actually ran the map Zana offered me, I was rushing to the mission and killing the boss, not caring about clearing. In those maps, my avg. was about 9 mins for each. The ones without her, I ended up averaging 4:30 mins (it should be way less, and right now I’m averaging 3 mins in Canyon), but I was taking things slow. From both averages I extrapolated and it all came out around 5 hours of mapping. Which would leave us with

570/hour ~ 5ex/hour

But I also know that I wasn’t super efficient and was mapping slowly, but I also didn’t want to super rush things so I could say I had an absurd amount of ex/hour when I know I’m almost min-maxed playing Winter Orb and the person who will use this guide to actually profit and make some bank probably isn’t as min-maxed as I am.

The drops

  • 8 Templar Emblems

  • 4 Maraketh Emblems

  • 7 Vaal Emblems (should be 3 that were the ones that dropped as a full stack)

  • 2 Karui Emblems (could’ve been 7 if I picked up the splinters I guess)

  • 2 Eternal Emblems (same as Karui)

  • 2 Vessels

  • 12 Canyon, 7 City Square, 3 Dunes, 3 Atoll

  • 53 Stacked Decks (I lowballed them at 2c each, you can get up to 2.5c in TFT if you’re lucky)

  • 4 Rusted Blight Scarabs

  • 3 Elder and 3 Shaper maps

  • 85c jewel

  • High-rolled Hands of the templar

  • 90c of Blueprints and Contracts (if sold in bulk)

  • 100c in Fragments

  • 2 ex + 4 made in TFT

  • 3 Blighted maps (1 extra ex)

  • A F***ING TANE EYE, that’s the rarest drop I’ve gotten this run.

  • A Trialmaster win. Decided that 10 Stacked Decks were more worth than a Polished Harbi scarab, a Mortal Rage, 5c and a 20% Deli map. I dropped the corruptable helmet, and after corrupting it, it turned into a Sinner’s Howl that was sold almost instantly at 60c (could’ve gotten an ex or more, I think, but I was too lazy to wait).

Additional comments

If you have an extra quad tab, you can set up an ex fragment tab, where you pick up the influenced items and try to make the chaos recipe, but this time you’ll get 1/5th of an ex. For this test run I decided that I wouldn’t count the exalted shards made this way. That’s also an extra source of income when running alch and go maps.

This strategy is super worth it imho, mostly because you can easily get way better times using explody chest or stuff like that, and when I use my explody instead of the one that’s BIS for worb, I average 3 mins at worst. So there’s a ton of potential to make more than 5ex per hour if you actually have great gear already.

As I’m writing this, I’m farming for my 2nd +1 Power charges ring in the region and I’ll have my build finished, so I think I’m in the top end of the playerbase clearing speed-wise, but I’m sure that it’s hardly a stretch to say that 5ex per hour are easily achievable, even on slower builds.

Any questions feel free to leave a message here/PM.

Stay sane, Exiles!