Path of Exile Harvest Grove showcase and guide


Hey guys and welcome to this structure showcase and small harvest guide. I?ll first show you how I place my things in the sacred grove, and then I?ll explain the general mechanics of this league in a guide format. The most important part of my structure is that it?s separated in three regions: simple collectors in the north section, storage tanks in the middle and collectors for higher seeds on south section.

Lets go to the simple collectors first. As you can easily see, each color is completely separated. Although they don?t overlap once you see their reach, collectors of the same color overlap a little bit but if they?re not closer than this you wont get any problem. A small trick I use to harvest seeds quickly is click the three harvest buttons as quick as possible so that they all spawn at the same time. Don?t do this if you already have trouble killing one pack though. Let?s follow the yellow line to see how everything?s connected. You can see here that every section is connected so that all lifeforce can be accessed anywhere. This way you won?t have any trouble with which part goes where. Over here we have the storage tanks. Although this might seem a bit complicated, it?ll be explained better in the guide section. If I explain it quickly though, basically you have four cells of 9 storage tanks, with one line of three tanks connected to one conduit, and three conduits to a final conduit. I think this is one of the best structure for storage tanks, if you want to be as compact as possible.

Next, we have the higher tier collectors, which uses dispersers to feed seeds. If you don?t know why and how to use dispersers, be sure to check out the second part of this video. You can see that each color has two collectors, with one disperser right next to them. The yellow dispersers go through the blue and purple collectors, but conduits still connect to the yellow collectors in case you want to condense their lifeforce. If everything is linked in this way, you can also extend to horticrafting stations to store any wanted recipes for later uses. Each collector in this section has a 3 by 2 area which I can put any tier 2 or 3 seed without any trouble, but if I want to harvest a tier 4 seed, I have to put down a temporary disperser as such. I?ll pause here if you want to see how my collectors and dispersers are positioned.

This structure makes managing your lifeforce and seeds a very simple task, if you have enough parts. You can probably do a smaller version with much less costs, so don?t worry if you don?t have exactly what I have. Next up is my small guide for the harvest mechanics, so check it out if you don?t know how it works. Getting rewards from harvesting is done through multiple steps. In general, you must gather and harvest tier 1 seeds, store their lifeforce and use it to fuel higher tiered seeds. All components of this system can be crafted by using lifeforce straight from the harvest. The only exception is tier 1 seeds which are gathered from seed caches that spawns once in each map. When you gathered at least 8 seeds of this tier, you can place them underneath lifeforce collectors of their corresponding color.

Opening new seed caches will grow all placed seeds, adding one cycle, so when you return after 3 to 5 maps, tier 1 seeds should be ready. Harvesting them will spawn monsters, and once they are dead you can use the collector to use exclusive rewards or expand your harvest tools. You can also condense your lifeforce into storage tanks that only serves to fuel higher tiered seeds. These seeds are dropped from other harvest monsters, and dropped seeds will always be one tier higher than before. When you have enough higher tiered seeds and enough life force of each color, you can probably start harvesting those new seeds. They will be used similarly to tier one seeds, but will have conditions to grow. One of these conditions is dispersing lifeforce of specific colors near the growth. This is done through linking dispersers to storage tanks with enough of the specified lifeforce. The other condition is having 4 nearby seeds of at least one lower rank. Seeds in diagonal are also considered adjacent. Tier 2 seeds will require a life force other than its own color to grow. Tier 3 seeds will require both different colors. Tier 4 seeds will require all colors to be dispersed nearby.

You can also link horticrafting stations to your lifeforce collectors to store certain crafting recipes for later uses. This is done before condensing, to the left of the interface. The structure I have is three separate stages of this system. They are all linked by color, so that every lifeforce can get anywhere. The first stage is three normal collectors per color, without any dispersers. I use this only to harvest tier 1s, as they are much more numerous. I also stack them in a way so no color overlaps and no collector might have less than 9 seed locations to itself, so that no collector might be unusable after formerly using another. For those who are clearing quickly enough, I suggest you harvest all three simultaneously to save a bit of time. Then, I have the storage tanks of each color between the tier 1 collectors and the rest.

I have 36 tanks for each color, formed by what I would call ?cells?. These cells are composed of nine tanks and four conduits: each three tanks are linked to one conduit, and these three conduits are then linked to one. You can then link two of these final pylons to an exterior conduit, which will then connect to the rest of the system. This way, you can really have compact storage tanks without too much trouble. Finally, the third stage is for harvesting higher tiered seeds and using dispersers. For each color, I have two collectors that don?t overlap and one disperser of each other color in diagonal. This way, I have six squares that I can place any seeds without thinking too much. When I have to place a tier 4 seed, I also add one disperser of the same color, since you need a third one for them. I?ll remove it once the seed is harvested. Although this seem easy enough, linking everything will be a bit difficult without placing conduits in weird places.

I also have a spot to put my horticrafting stations in this stage, but it could work anywhere else. In general, I wait to have at least 60 seeds of every color, then use them on higher tiered collectors if I have those seeds. If not, I just use the simple collectors. Unless you always use the crafting rewards, you?ll usually end up with more lifeforce than you need, especially if you?re done setting up your farm. Next up, I’ll show you my entire Sacred Grove if you want to see how everthing’s connected. I hope you guys learned everything about the Harvest League, but if i forgot something or you’re still not sure about everything, drop your questions in the comment section and I’ll answer them as much as possible..

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