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Path Of Exile Here we go again.. Another Stacked Deck Post.. . 32K Cards with EVERY card recorded By: GatonM


In Heist I shuffled 150k Blueprints. This league I wanted to have a look at the data behind Div Cards since its very likely they will get wrecked soon.

I opened 32853 Cards and the data for every single card is available here. Don’t ask how or why but my wrists incurred no damage at all… If you Ctrl + C your Div Card, the name is always the 3rd Line, thats all you need to record.


If the link doesn’t work just post a decent file share and ill reupload it

Some key info and takeaways

I used an API (poe.ninjas I think it was?) to get all div card prices then broke it into tiers. S being 1/10 of an Exalt and Up. A being 5c and Up. This is probably a terrible tiering so don’t focus on it. The pricing for all cards came from a single snapshot about 2 weeks ago. Its not reliable. Just a guide.

Every card was logged and put into the dataset. Not just the uber hits.

My numbers are WAY off others’ that were posted here. Im not implying its sus but its def odd. Its probably just too small of a dataset but some posted recently are WAY off. It would probably take Millions of Stacked Decks to get reliable numbers

I DID open a single House of Mirrors but it was before my logging was setup and those cards aren’t included. It’s the reason I actually started this.

  • Is it profitable? Yes. Hard stop. And its more profitable if you want to churn through the hundreds and thousands of misc middle of the road cards. It’s easier the more cards you do. Its very hard to determine how profitable because of variance and how much you actually care to recoup. But its EASILY profitable in bulk

  • # of Council of Cats that hit Farrul’s Fur – 2

  • # of League Specific or Jack in the Box that hit anything good – 0

  • Deadly Joy (Double Corrupt Torrent’s Reclamation) was almost always WAY better to buy during the league then a clean Torrent’s Reclamation

  • The Rite of Elements was always worse

  • A familiar call is the cutest card

  • Dying Lights animated card art makes it the best looking

  • Albino Rhoa Feather from The Fishmonger is as OP as ever and carried me to 98

  • Does “The Void” match the datasetYes. This is actually interesting. I opened 175 Voids also because the rewards should match the most common cards, and they do. It’s likely coded to roll a card, then give the reward ignoring card stack size.

  • A lot of cards reward 6 links. So with Divine’s being so expensive in bulk this league, div cards are even better. Thx Forbidden Shaco

  • Very often its better / easier to buy missing cards for your own turn in vs selling your own cards

  • A large % of cards aren’t worth ever turning in. No one wants 400 Pacifism and Fertile Mind cards

  • Triskaidekaphobia is a REALLY fun card. Real random but I turned these all in and ran them for fun as a break.

  • Monochrome is underrated. Don’t forget you can 3:1 Sextants. Awakened Sextants sell super easy.

  • Brother’s Stash is either dropping too much or I got really lucky. Little sus. This is by far the best exalt card.

Most Common Cards

Card Qty Reward
Rain of Chaos 1168 1 C / 8 Cards. Not worth it to trade in
The Lover 796 i79 Jewellery / 2 (thats 400 rares . . .)
Emperor’s Luck 665 5x Currency / 5 (0 Exalts)
Destined to Crumble 635 i100 Rare Body Armor / 5
The Scholar 589 40 Wisdoms / 3


Card Qty
House of Mirrors 1* (Before I started Tracking)
Unrequited Love 2
The Doctor 6
The Demon 0
The Fiend 1
Brother’s Stash 9
The Immortal 4
Love Through Ice 3
Succor of the Sinless 4
The Cheater 6



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