Path Of Exile How to get a 5.6m Sirus/Shaper DPS Ele Hit Raider for a mere 8 exalted orbs By: Fyregrass


Hey everyone, some of you may know me from my Storm Brand guide but we’ve been hard at work optimising budget Ele Hit on stream these past couple of weeks and I felt this particular project was especially worth sharing with everyone. I’ve included a link to the video for those that want to watch it, but for the majority that don’t, I’m going to include a full write up of all the info contained in the video here anyway so you don’t have to watch it unless you really want to.


  • Asenath’s Chant (Helm)

  • Alch/Scoured Hunter Base (Body Armor)

  • Death’s Opus (Bow)

  • +1 Arrow Quiver (Off Hand)

  • Xoph’s Blood (Amulet) + Lava Lash (Annoint)

  • Pyre (Ring)

  • +1 Frenzy Corrupted Gloves

  • Rare Ring + Stygian Vise (Obtained last to fill resists)

  • Darkray Vectors (Boots)

  • Dying Sun (Flask)

  • Cinderswallow Urn (Flask)

  • Diamond/Seething Life/Quicksilver Flasks

  • Combat Focus (Red & Green)

  • Watcher’s Eye (Anger/Crit Multi)

  • Martial Prowess + Feed the Fury Large Clusters (8 Passives) x2

  • Generic 2 Notables Crit Medium Clusters (4-5 Passives) x4

  • % Life/Crit Multi/Int or Str Crimson Jewels x4


Single Target:



+ 1 of:





The above SS mostly details costs and contains useful trade filters for finding cheap clusters

Why this build is so cheap for its DPS:

So essentially, we do a few things to really squeeze a ton of extra juice out of this build that has been overlooked by a number of people. I’ll make a list of all the budget techs I’ve included in the build and some reasoning as to why they were included:

  1. Pyre –
    This ring alone grants 10-12% MORE DPS due to conversion shenanigans which I won’t bother to explain here, but also destroys ignited enemies meaning we can save money not having to buy a large cluster with Cremator but it also means we can get a MP/FtF Large Cluster instead which isn’t just cheaper but has very high DPS

  2. Ballistas –
    Ballistas with Ele Hit/Barrage Supp + the Watchtowers node on the tree effectively grant you MUCH more DPS than a standard Barrage set up AND allows you to keep mobile if you wish. I have a video dedicated entirely to the math on this subject but this is the #1 most underrated tech in all of PoE right now. Ballistas are the key to having healthy and powerful single target DPS on bow builds, it is truly criminal that 99.99% of players don’t use them.

  3. Feed the Fury –
    This is a REALLY powerful node for large clusters granting 9-10% more DPS for a single node. The catch is needing to always leech, HOWEVER, due to Ballistas having a larger mana cost, by periodically investing 0.25 seconds into placing one, you can keep your mana from ever being full maintaining a permanent state of leeching (mana counts too, not just life)

  4. Corroded/Metallica/Serrated Shaper Quivers –
    This combination of fossils on shaper quivers is INSANE, it makes it extremely easy to land crit chance/multi, +1 arrows, life, blind, attack speed, accuracy, etc all at the same time. Some of my stream viewers have already profited 10-20 exalts just crafting these quivers extremely cheap. I hit the one in the video in 3 resonators and I hit my Artillery quiver for my higher investment build in a single resonator/fossil set. 40c is enough to craft your own quiver that would otherwise cost 2-3ex

  5. Anger Crit Multi Watcher’s Eye –
    A very powerful watcher’s eye that most people are passing up on budget iterations due to it usually being expensive but at the moment it ONLY costs 30c.

  6. Special Medium & Crimson Jewel filters –
    I have included these filters in my spreadsheet but these filters essentially look for non min-maxed clusters that are a mere 1-2% total DPS weaker than the BiS clusters, however at an enormously discounted price, likewise with crit multi jewels.

  7. Rapid Assault –
    Avatar of the Veil is insanely over-rated for Ele Hit which already perma applies 15% exposure and runs 75% dodge (thus not needing the evasion/less accuracy), perma 30% onslaught is very powerful and far too valuable to give up.

Credit to Navandis

I did not invent this build, and perhaps neither did Navandis, however he certainly put Ele Hit on the map and helped move it onto my radar. Whilst I believe his build lacks a lot of critical optimisation and min-maxing, the core of the build provides what it in my opinion the BEST way to scale Ele Hit and he deserves credit for putting together the primary resource for such a build, without him, I wouldn’t be bringing you this 8ex iteration.


This build CAN do Sirus but I wouldn’t recommend it, and likewise I also wouldn’t recommend league starting this build. I could get far more clicks advocating this 8ex version as league starter friendly and most of you newer players wouldn’t know any better, however the truth is that this build will be utterly brutal as a league starter and you simply won’t enjoy the league as much if you play this as your first character. Enjoy this build as something you can reroll to after a few weeks, not the way you start the league off.