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Path Of Exile Important Cast on Crit info (cdr breakpoints/attack speed/accuracy) By: okijhnub



Cast on crit has an internal cooldown that is affected by cooldown reduction (cdr) and server tickrate, the following is a guide to ensure you have optimal dps.

Going slightly above the breakpoint will literally halve your trigger rate, getting more attack speed will slowly recover it until you reach double the breakpoint speed but usually reducing your attack speed/reaching the next breakpoint is the way to go.

Section 1: CDR breakpoints

Cooldown Reduction Attack speed breakpoint
0% 6.06 APS
14%-51% 7.57 APS
52%+ 10.10 APS

You should aim to get an attack speed as close to but under the listed numbers above, going over will result in a sharp drop in trigger rate,

Trigger rate is displayed in pob if you select the spell being triggered as the main skill, to check your aps you must manually select the linked attack skill in the second dropdown of the main skill list

Sources of cdr:

  1. Shaper/Crusader boot suffix (10-15%)

  2. Shaper/Crusader belt suffix (10-20%)

  3. Flow untethered/Torrents reclamation (15-20%) *WILL INCREASE ACTION SPEED

  4. Awakened CoC (10/13/16/19/22%)

  5. (new) Abyssal Eye jewels (2/3%, low weight, ilevel 75/86)

To get 52% you need 30/32% total from boots/belt and level 5/4 woke coc

Warning: Cinderswallow urn gives onslaught and may bring you over the breakpoint, can be difficult to balance

There may be situations when using a minimum roll attack speed cospri may actually help bring your attack speed below breakpoints

Action speed from tailwind, harbinger of time, and reverse chill will increase your effective attack speed and will not lower your cooldowns

Section 2: Accuracy

For critical strikes, accuracy is rolled twice; once to determine if an attack will hit at all, the second time to determine if the crit will hit.

If you have 100% crit chance but fail the second accuracy roll, your attack will hit but you will still not crit, pob accounts for this in the effective crit chance of the attacks

Going from 95% hit chance to 100% will increase your effective crits by about 10% more

For attacks, your crit chance is (Weapon base crit + Added base crit) * Increased critical strke chance

Sources of accuracy:

  1. Precision (higher levels will grant larger amounts of added accuracy and crit chance at the cost of mana reservation)

  2. Rare equipment (rings, belts, helmets, weapon, amulet, gloves, etc.)

  3. Dexterity (+20 to accuracy per 10 Dex)

  4. Int with Shaper’s Touch unique gloves (+4 to accuracy per 2 Int)

  5. Skill tree/Cluster Notables (Common nodes include the precision node near templar, do note that % accuracy nodes often are paired with attack speed, be careful not to exceed the breakpoints above)

  6. Ice golem (not recommended unless you are golem based elementalist)

  7. Champion with Worthy Foe notable (Taunted enemies cannot evade attacks)

Warning: Blind will reduce your chance to hit by 50%, significantly reducing your offense

Section 3: Crit chance

If you can’t crit you can’t cast, bring your effective crit chance to as close to 100% as possible.

It is important you distinguish between the critical strike of your spells and your attacks. 100% chance to crit on ice nova won’t matter if you have 80% effective crit chance on your cyclone

Important, major sources of crit chance:

3. Skill tree

  1. Diamond flask (use when below 90% crit chance)

  2. Assassin’s mark (can be applied on hit with influenced rings)

  3. Magic with crafted crit chance, unlocked by unveiling the crit chance on cinderswallow, you can hire a crafting service to add this to your build (may be boosted by flask effect)


  1. Cinderswallow urn with crafted crit chance (onslaught may wreck your breakpoints be careful)

  2. Shadow – Assassin (base crit and power charge scaling) – Build defining

  3. Templar – Inquisitor (str/int stacking based on whichever is lowest) – Build defining

  4. Witch – Elementalist scaling buff effect for ice golem (will decrease/dissapear if golems die) – Build defining

  5. Ascendant – Assassin (base crit)

  6. Watcher’s eye – “(70-100)% increased Critical Strike Chance while affected by Wrath”

  7. Watcher’s eye – “(100-120)% increased Critical Strike Chance against Enemies on Consecrated Ground while affected by Zealotry”

Expensive sources of crit chance (base crit increases are more impactful than increased crit chance):

  1. Bottled faith (base crit chance 1.5-2%, can be scaled by flask effect, USE DIVINE ORBS if it’s under 1.9)

  2. Influenced body armour (0.5%-1.5% or up to 2% when elevated, spell crit and attack crit are separate mods, get attack crit if you need more attack crit chance, gets expensive when 6 linked or paired with other good mods)

  3. Watcher’s eye with “+1.2-1.8% to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred”

  4. Glove corruption implicit (0.5%-0.8%, ilevel 60+)

Generally speaking it is NOT recommended to use increased critical strike chance/damage support gems due to the relatively low amount they provide, inc crit chance may be helpful while levelling but other gems will outperform it when more sources of crit chance/multi are available

This guide is not exhaustive and was written during ultimatum league, feel free to ask me questions or tell me to stop procrastinating my exam studying

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