Path Of Exile Min Maxed CI Carrion Golem Aurastacker By: Ektozzz


Hey fellow Golem enthusiasts.

So i feel like i am ‘almost’ done with min maxing my build.

I have not followed any Golem guide so idk if my gear or skilltree is common knowledge or if i utilize something fresh and new.

Anyway i have theory crafted lots of the gear and this is what i came up with. The general goal of the build was to be absurdly tanky while also doing great dps. I have a potato PC so i kinda have to play a build that can handle hard lag spikes and minion builds are perfect for that.

maybe you guys find something usefull you want to implement into your build or you know a trick or two how i can improve even further.

To the PoB:

the offensiv Animate Guardian effects are on the Basalt Flask (King Maker, Vuln on hit gloves, elder helm with 9%)

the dps calculation is without power charges,frenzy charges and with the initial pride effect to simulate a boss encounter like sirus realisticially.

My next goal is to swap the -1% mana reserved cobalt jewel with another primordial eminence with -1% mana reserved as it provides a huge increase in DPS and to get to level 100 for another 23% inc minion damage and 4% minion attack speed.

Also to upgrade ring slot #2 to be similar to #1 .

Other than that just some small upgrades like divine things better, rem/add better ES on gloves+boots, add 28% quality to gloves+boots.

The next and i think final big damage upgrade should be a +1 Body and i am already farming temples but yet unsuccesfully.

Im still looking for a good way to apply Assasins mark without dropping a gem im currently using. Assmark on hit ring which i apply with basic attack maybe.

Anyways i hope you like the PoB and can take some ideas from it

cya in discord exiles.

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