Path of Exile: Navigating the Atlas – ATLAS of WORLDS Beginner’s Guide


G’Day zkd here the atlas of world’s expansion, brings with it a complete overhaul to the endgame map system. We get new maps, redone older maps, new and improved bosses and the Atlas system itself in this video, I’m going to break down exactly how the Atlas works and how you can progress through it. The first thing to know is that you can, if you want to completely ignore the Atlas and run maps, just as you have in the past, though, you’ll be missing out on some of the new features. You will still be able to progress through the tiers of maps and eventually see the new endgame bosses. You need never open the Atlas screen, but if you choose to take advantage of the new Adler system, you’ll be rewarded with a greater direction in your progression and more ways to customize your endgame experience, and there are, of course, bonuses for doing so as well and Game maps are the realm of the shaper, and the Atlas is your way of tracking him down. You’Ll begin your journey in one of the four corner, tier 1 maps and work your way through the 16 tiers towards the center, where the shaper and his Guardians reside.

As you work through the last few acts of merciless difficulty, you’ll likely accumulate several tier 1 Maps. As you, progress, you’ll also have a chance to get some from piety 1 from your first act, 3 Dominus kill and you could also search chests in the catacombs once you open up one of these tier 1 maps in the eternal laboratory. You’Ll begin your progression in that corner of the atlas. You’Ll unlock the ability to find new maps by defeating the bosses of each map or, in some cases, by opening a special chest within the map, the actual maps that can drop for you, while inside of maps, are any that you have completed and any maps next To the one you’re playing in, and that is how you progress: completing maps by killing their bosses, unlocking new maps on the atlas and getting drops of the next map along the line. You can try and speedily progress down.

One part of the atlas to get to a certain map or boss you’re interested in farming, or you can more freely explore the paths of the atlas, including working your way inwards from any of the four corners. The choice is yours: now, the pre-existing tear drop limitations. 2 maps still apply, but within the restrictions of the Atlas system. While in a map, you can drop maps of your current tier and below plus one tier higher of magic monsters, rare monsters and bosses and plus two tiers higher off of the boss. But now only if you’ve unlocked those maps on the Atlas beforehand, so you cannot get a plus to a teardrop of a boss unless you’ve unlocked a map. Two tiers higher than your current one unique maps are also affected by this system and work the same as other maps in order to unlock them. You’Ll need to play in the map they are based on until one drops then complete it by running it and killing its boss to enable it to drop anywhere within maps. So, for example, in order to get into Olmecs sanctum you’ll need to first find one in the catacombs map and then once you’ve defeated, Olmec you’ll be able to get that map to drop from then on as normal. Some unique maps actually won’t have a path going to non the Atlas, and this means they must be reached in some other way like, for example, Xena’s untainted paradise, which can only be accessed via master missions.

The Atlas features five new major endgame bosses, the four Guardians and the shaper in order to fight them, you’ll need to progress through the Atlas to each of the four tier 15 maps within these maps, you’ll be able to find the connected tier 16 map containing one Of the four Guardians, for example, in order to face off against the guardian of the Hydra, you will first need to find the lair of the Hydra map within the tier 15 overgrown ruin killing. Each of the four Guardians rewards you, with a map fragment that, when combined with in the map device, will open the shapers realm, where you can face off against him, there are significant rewards to doing each of these Guardian bosses and the shaper as each has their Own exclusive uniques for you to obtain some of these will be quite powerful and build defining. However, both the progression to the bosses and the fights themselves will be quite challenging.

You’Re, going to have a lot more to do in this version of path of exiles. Endgame than ever before, the Atlas is not just a screen for tracking your progression through the endgame map system. It’S also a tool that will allow you to customize your endgame experience and make things both more challenging and rewarding through the use of two new items. The cartographers sextant and the shapers orbs, the cartographer sexton’s, are a new form of currency that can drop within maps and be used on the Atlas or traded with other players. There are three tiers apprentice and journeyman and master you’ll notice. These are color-coded the same as the map tiers, and that indicates both where you can find them and where you can use them, you can use the cartographers sextant on the maps on the Atlas to add a random mod to that map and nearby maps within the Circle radius, these mods can do various things, making Maps easier harder or adding extra rewards. For example, there is one that makes the boss of a map drop an extra unique item. Each mod has multiple uses and it uses consumed when you open a map within the radius.

Because of this radio system, you can potentially have multiple mods on one map, and this means that you can supercharge a map you really like by using sextants on both that map and all the maps around it. The shapers orb is a non tradable consumable that you can use to boost a map of your choice by five tiers, making a tier one map tier six, a tier two map, tier seven and so on up to tier ten boosted to tier 15. This allows you to bring Maps you’d like up to a level that is more relevant to the T. You are currently farming once you use a shapers orb on a map in the Atlas, you will start to find shape two versions of that map, as you play. So long as you’re playing in high enough tier of a map where they could drop so, for example, shaped jungle, valleys could drop from normal monsters in tier six maps, but you won’t find them in another tier one map. It’S important to note that your non shaped versions of that map will not be converted and will remain the lower tier. You can also trade shaped versions of the maps with other players.

Even if they haven’t shaped that map themselves, you can obtain shapers orbs from completing specific Maps spread around the Atlas. This is designed to bring a map up to the tier in which you find them. For example, you’ll find a tier 5 shapers orb in a tier 10 map, the intention being that you’ll be able to bring that tier 5 map up to your current level for the completionist out there. There is a significant bonus waiting for you in the outlets. Each map can give you a 1 % bonus to map drop rates. If you complete its bonus objective, this drop rate bonus is multiplicative with other map drop quantity bonuses and can go all the way up to 100 %. If you do them all the bonus objectives are as follows: for white and unique maps, you simply have to defeat the bosses or open a special chest for yellow maps. You have to kill the map boss in a rare version of that map and for red maps. You have to kill the boss in a corrupted rare version of that map. Obviously the red tier of bonuses will potentially be quite challenging to get, but the increase in map drops you can potentially earn through.

This bonus is quite lucrative. There are other ways of progressing through the Atlas that you can take advantage of the three of a kind vendor recipe still works, and now it grants the next tier map along the path on the Atlas. So it can be a nice way of progressing if you get stuck with, though maps dropping, you can also Val orb maps for a potential boost of tier, which also follows the Atlas path, combined with the new maps, redone bosses in older maps and new endgame bosses. The Atlas is a pretty big overhaul of the endgame map system in path of Exile, while initially somewhat confusing. The end result should be much easier to get into and progress through for newer players, while also giving a lot more for veterans to do in the endgame. If you’re still unsure about any of this, please do feel free to ask me questions in the comments below and if you’re new to the channel then be sure to subscribe to catch all my upcoming atlas of worlds coverage. That’S it for now, I’m zgd and thanks for watching

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