Path Of Exile Phys Spell/Carrion Golem Shield i crafted By: Ektozzz


Crafting guide :

Step 1 : Buy a Shaper/Warlord Titanium Spirit Shield iLvL 86+

Step 2 : Try to hit 30 Quality with Perfect Fossils, ideally you bought a cheap base with 30 quality in Step 1

Step 3 : Buy whatever base that you did not start with, ideally with either reduced Mana Reservation or +2 Minimum Endurance Charges

Step 4 : Awaken Orb and pray that you can clean up all mods but the reduced mana reservation and the endurance charges with the use of Harvest/Annuls

Step 5 : Benchcraft “Physical as extra chaos damage” and Harvest Craft “Augment Physical” twice (maybe once if you are lucky), this will result in a shield with “reflect phys damage” and “+1 to level of all phys spell gems”.

Step 6 : Remove previous benchcraft and then harvest remove Phys for the 50/50

[repeat Step 5 and Step 6 if you annul the +1 to level of all phys spell gems]

Step 7 : Craft any suffix and augment def

Step 8 : Remove/add def untill you are happy with the outcome

Step 9 : Craft whatever prefix (most likely flat or percent ES) you like.

Step 10 : Aug def for ES on block

Cost me around 30 exa to make this shield. the remove/add def part was the most expensive.

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