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Path Of Exile [RSC] An Elder Bleed Axe I made for my Earthquake build By: CAHelix


I made this axe for my Bleed Earthquake Gladiator in Ritual SC after, pretty much, finishing all my other gear. I had never tried to craft a decent physical weapon before because I knew how difficult it was, but I’m extremely happy with how it turned out, despite the two T2 mods, and wanted to share.

It’s 604 Phys DPS with damage over time multiplier and the Elder bleed mod.

Advanced Mod Description

Crafting process if anyone wants to try and make their own:

1: Buy any ilvl 83 Elder Royal Axe. It needs to be 83 for T1 % phys and the Elder Bleed mod, but keeping it below ilvl 84 removes a few undesirable mods from the pool later on.

2: Make the base 30% quality with Perfect fossils. For me this only took 3 which was quite lucky.

3: Spam Jagged fossils until you hit Merciless (T1 % Phys). Once you hit it the next step depends on what the rest of the mods are:

  • Firstly if you have “+1 to Level of Socketed Gems” you are going to have to try and annul it off. Similarly if you hit “Elemental Damage with Attacks” you are going to have to use Harvest’s “Remove a random Attack modifier”. In both cases praying you don’t remove Merciless, otherwise it’s back to Jagged fossils.

  • Make sure you have no suffix mods that have a physical tag, if you do then make sure you have 3 prefix mods (bench craft a mod if you have to) and then use “Reforge keeping all prefixes” until you have 0 physical suffixes.

  • Once the suffixes are safe from phys mods you need to fill them out with any random non-physical mods. Best case you hit 2 when reforging and can just bench craft the 3rd. It depends on how many physical prefixes you have, I’ll get to that next.

  • The next step is to get only 1 other physical prefix alongside Merciless and 3 filled suffixes, if you have 3 physical prefixes then remove one with Harvest hoping you don’t remove Merciless. If you have 3 prefixes, but only Merciless as a physical mod, such as 2 flat elemental damage rolls, then remove at least one with Harvest “Remove (element tag)” crafts.

  • Ideally now you want to be able to bench craft the lowest tier flat physical and then use Harvests “Remove/Add Physical crafts” as they are generally cheaper than “Augment Physical” crafts, but if you are blocking your 3rd suffix with a bench craft then go straight ahead and use Augment Physical.

  • If when you Augment physical or Remove/Add physical you don’t hit a desirable tier of flat Phys then keep using Remove/Add Physical crafts until you do or you get unlucky and remove the Merciless roll. If you remove Merciless then it’s back to Jagged fossils to try again. When going into this expect to fail many times.

Note: You go through all these steps to protect Merciless because it’s an average of 286 Jaggeds to hit. Costing you around 2.5-3exa per Merciless roll. I managed to get very lucky here and hit T2 flat phys along side it in less than 20exa.

4: Once you have Merciless and a flat physical roll that you are happy with make sure you have 3 prefixes, bench craft one if you have too.

5: Divine the prefixes until you are happy. I recommend using the lucky reroll Harvest crafts for this if you can.

6: Now you use Harvests “Reforge keeping all Prefix” crafts until you hit damage over time. This step is quite painful. It’s 105 on average to hit T3 or better, 157 for T2 or better and if you only want T1 that’s 313 on average. I personally used 217 before I hit T2 and decided to keep it. You also have to be really careful that you don’t get an additional suffix that cannot be target removed, such as an attribute roll. If you do then you will have to craft “Prefixes cannot be changed” annul and pray.

7: Once you hit you damage over time mod you need to fill out the remaining suffixes, if any, with something that you can easily remove. A single elemental resistance and a bench craft works best. If you had a flat elemental damage roll as your 3rd prefix, rather than a bench craft, then remove that with the appropriate Harvest craft after crafting a different type of element as a resistance suffix.

8: Now you should have Merciless + flat phys and one open prefix, damage over time, a random elemental resistance and any bench craft as your suffixes. From here you use Harvest “Augment and Influence modifier” and hope to hit the Elder bleed mod, if you miss then use Remove/Add an Influence modifier crafts until you hit it. I was fortunate enough to hit the mod straight away with the augment craft.

9: At this point you want to replace the crafted suffix with “Prefixes cannot be changed”, remove the elemental resistance and then use Harvests “Augment Physical” crafts. You will then likely need to Remove/Add Physical until you hit the Elder hybrid % phys and culling mod. This is a 1/16 chance, however it took me 24 tries.

10: Either divine the suffixes here while you still have “Prefixes cannot be changed” or skip to step 11 and just use the Harvest suffix divines later.

11: Craft the 18% quality and 16% attack speed mod from the crafting bench. If you divined the suffixes at step 10 then you will need to keep crafting this over and over until you’re happy. A perfect roll is 1/24 and it costs and exalt each time. I was fortunate and hit it after 5.

12: Use Tempering Orbs until you hit something that increases physical modifier effect. This is around a 1/10 chance to hit any physical enchant, but some come with a drawback. I was once again lucky and hit this one in 9 attempts.

If there is anything wrong with my crafting steps or if you think there is a better way to do each step then let me know. I put a lot of thought into it, but my guide might not be the most efficient way.

I didn’t keep an exact track of how much I spent prior to hitting Merciless and Tempered, but I estimate the total crafting cost to be 171exa, including Tempering Orbs. I consider this very lucky, it could easily have cost a lot more.

Thanks a lot to my friends in game for helping me with the reforges, people who gave me advice on Discord and of course all the guys that I brought the majority of these crafts from on TFT.


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