Path of Exile – Setting up Animate Guardian (updated) | Big DPS Summoner


This guide will show you how to equip an AG to give: fortify (20%reduced incoming damage) + culling strike + reduce enemy fire res by 28%. Firstly, you will need a +2/+3 minion gem bone helmet. The extra gem levels give your AG more life. I crafted this with an i86 bone helmet + bound & pristine fossils. Only i86 can roll +3 minion. Firstly, you need a 20/20 or 21/20 AG gem. Don’t use an AG if the gem is less than level 20 because more levels = more life. Next is 20/20 Minion Life. More levels = more life. This will also benefit from the helmet’s +2/3. Next is Combustion. With the right Ghastly Eye jewel, your AG will do fire damage and can apply the -19% fire res debuff. For the 4th link, you can give the AG even more life with Empower 3 or 4, depending on your budget. Or, you can use a Stone Golem to get more life regen for yourself.

On to AG gear: The main reason we use an AG is to equip it with Kingmaker. With this weapon, our AG will give us and our minions: fortify, culling strike and crit multiplier. The AG cannot leech much life, so it relies on regen to stay alive: we equip it with Gruthkul’s Pelt for 5% regen. Another option if you have it, or GGG brings it back, is the Garb. It prevents nearby enemies from dealing critical hits. For gloves, Southbound gives 16% increased life and will cap the AG’s cold res (natural 40 + 40). For helmet, we want a fossil crafted helmet. This will allow the AG to reduce any nearby enemy’s fire resistance by 9%. It also get fire res. For boots, we want fossil craft boots. 2% regen enchant & 1%regen & resistance for the AG to cap its lightning res. How to craft boots: metallic fossil (lightning res) + pristine fossil (life regen) + any boots, preferably with 2% life regen enchant.

How to craft helmet for -9% resistance: scorched fossil (-9% fire res / fire res) + pristine fossil (life regen) + any helmet. -9%res is the most important, so don’t worry if you don’t hit 1% life regen. Now, to equip the AG, we need to go to a map zone, so we can drop gear on the ground. You cannot do this in your HO. The best place is the Templar’s Lab because it has no monsters to bother you. To equip the AG, we simply throw the gear on the ground then use the AG spell while our mouse is over each piece. Put your AG and its support gems into your helmet if you haven’t already done so.

Now drop the gear on the ground. Put the AG spell on your cast bar. All those gem links and helmet give the AG 47k life and 49% chance to ignite, with ignited enemies having -19% fire res. Now put your mouse over each piece of gear and cast the AG spell. You should now be able to see it. Note the kingmaker aura around its feet + fortify aura around your and the spectres. Now, once we equip the -fire res helmet, the AG will also show the res debuff. It’s hard to see, but it looks like a small collection of rocks flying around. Your AG will despawn when you log out of the game, but don’t worry, the AG is saved to your character, so all you need to do is recast the spell in your HO to get it back.

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