What’s up, exiles, Advance here again and this time I want to present my lightning arrow build from Abyss Hardcore league. I’ve died at level 96 during Elder fight on a Tier 15 map, but that was my fault I believe that this build can kill all end-game content on hardcore. But for sure not so easy like broken RF Guardians with Scourching Rays or Glacial Cascade mines Anyway this build is pretty nice. Ok, lets start. This time I’ve decided to make something interesting with an Inquisitor. I’ve choosen windripper bow because of very high crit rate and attack speed. Crit rate is extremely important for this build because inquisitor’s ascendancy allows you to ignore all elemental resistances on critical hits. So windripper is a core item. As for gems, I’ve used single target setup in bow because I had Kaom’s Heart armour on swap for more safe endgame boss fights But, you don’t need it if you not doing guardians/elder/shaper/atziri etc.

So my gem setup for single target is: Shrapnel Shot, Elemental Focus, Faster Attacks, Elemental Damage, Added Lightning and Added Cold Damage. For aoe damage i’ve used lightning arrow 6L setup in a rare Assassin’s Garb crafted with an Essence of Horror. Assassin’s Garb is the best base because of high evasion and movement speed bonus. Movement speed are very important for bow builds because they have weak movement skill with a long cooldown. Gems are: Lightning Arrow, Elemental Damage, Gmp, Pierce, FA, Added Lightning Damage. Gloves are Oskarm this new unique gloves grants Assassin’s Mark on Hit great accuracy bonus and some critical strike chance. As I said before, this build very much depends on critical hits so addtitional chance to receive critical strike from curse is realy good bonus But this item is not core. You can use rare gloves with HoI + Curse on Hit setup with Assassin’s Mark or something else Links I used are: Frenzy Blink Arrow Blood Rage and GMP.

But usually I’ve used frenzy only on bossfights. Next goes rare helmet with intelligence and resistances Also crafted elemental damage provides good bonus to dps Links are Ice golem, Herald of Ice, Decoy totem and Anger. I’ve used HoI and Anger for two reasons: 1st: it requires less intelligence 2nd: the damage is more constant. Not so spiky like lightning damage. I think this setup is better for map clearing.

But if you want to maximize your dps – lightning damage is better. So try to use Wrath and Herald of Thunder. But you need near 50 addtitional intelligence in comparison with my setup. For Endgame bossfight I advise you to swap rare helmet with a rat’s nest. It gives very important crit chance bonus Attack and movement speed are also important things so Rat’s Nest is a very good choice when you overcapped resistances are not needed. Ok next goes boots with movement speed enchantment I like it because as I said before archers should have good movement speed But for the endgame boss fights you should use boots with Lightning damage enchantment. Also try to find boots with a free prefix for Elemental Damage mastercraft Gem setup is CWDT, Immortal Call, increased duration and I’ve used vaal grace when played in party but if you are playing solo Vaal Haste should be better. Next item – new belt with a socket for abyss jewel.

New jewels are really OP and gives very good bonuses My choice was a flat elemental damage and life What to choose is up to you. Rings are with elemental damage, resistances, accuracy and some flat damage You should have at least one item with a good flat accuracy due to lack o f accuracy from tree and chance to hit is not that high. Amulet should be with Crit multiplier and elemental damage Also it would be great if you find amulet with an additional crit chance But usually I’ve used Bisco’s Collar With a windripper it works good enough. Next goes default rare Spike-Point Arrow Quiver. As for my flasks – this time I’ve tried to use Bubbling Divine Life flask because of high HP pool I can’t restore it from one Seething Flask and I think its better to gain 700 HP instantly and 700 HP in 3 seconds than 800-900 HP instantly.

Next goes Basalt flask with freeze immune Diamond flask with curse immune Silver Flask with movement speed and Quicksilver flask with really good movement speed bonus With a 20% reduced flask charges used bonus from a belt I can use this flask 3 times So I’m happy with this flask mods. As for my ascendancy – I’ve played inquisitor, because it is very strong subclass for elemental crit builds. I can collect different types of elemental damage and do not worry about the resistances or penetration Also inquisitor grants nice bonus to attack speed And it has very nice keystone Augury of Penitence. It gives 16% more damage and has some bonus for defence.

My tree basically consists of life and crit nodes, some accuracy nodes and one cluster with elemental damage. You can add more life or more crit chance or maybe some dodge and spell dodge depends on your gear and playstyle For softcore variant you should drop some life nodes and pick much more elemental damage Tree contains two keystones: point blank and acrobatics. I’ve used one rare jewel with life and crit multipliers and two unique jewels Collateral Damage. As for bandits – you should help Alira As for panteon my choise is Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Shakari. Lunaris gives good defense against abyss mobs and allows to ignore Chain mod on map. Shakari immune to poison and 5% reduced chaos damage taken. Its very useful when u have -70% chaos resistance.

But at the highend bossfights I usually switched to Solaris and Ryslatha. Tooltip dps on shrapnel shot is 123k on Lightning Arrow – 66k With a rat’s nest and boots with lightning damage enchantemnt tooltip dps on a shrapnel shot is near 137k. Total Shrapnel shot DPS in path of building is 300k but damage from cone is not shown, only from the projectile We should multiply all damage by 3 300k from projectile and 600k from conus because of x2 Collateral Damage unique jewels So real dps is near 900k if we stay close to the target At the previous video I said that shrapnel shot is a skill only for early levels. I was wrong This is a good alternative to barrage But barrage still should be better with a very endgame gear Shrapnel is a good budget variant which needs only 2 unique jewels. This build has good aoe and single target dps, but not so good defence I’ve played this build on turmoil race and it was much better with an old Vaal Pact. Right now my defence is only some evasion, dodge, one life flask and decoy totem.

It is not so good as I want, but it is playable And with the guardian-support in party this build looks really amazing. Finally I want to thanks GGG for the hard and interesting league. It is not so deadly like early Beyond but at this league I remembered the almost forgotten feeling that the game was trying to kill me on each map And I really enjoyed it But nerf xp sucks. I want more hard content, but “Please don’t fall asleep 50 more hours” is not a difficulty which I want to. Ok, its time to some gameplay video. And, as usual – good luck, stay safe and Happy New Year, exiles!.

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