(POE 3.12) All Unique item blazing salvo mine scion Guide / ?? ??? ? ?? ‘???? ???’



Why Scion? Scion can play without the empty of potion using PATHFINDER passive Dealing with passive of INQUISITOR is nothing lacking campared to SABOTEUR However, HP recovery is fully dependent on HP potions without Machina Mitts. Until then, you can use passive of SABOTEUR. BLAZING SALVO, The new Gem of this season It allows multiple projectiles to be fired at once. If area of effect of projectiles overlap, dealing of projectiles overlap, too. So, area of effect increment is important in this build.


Adventage You can get items easily because you only need unique items Greate cost-effectiveness, Price of items in this video is less than 10 EX. You can get items with 2 EX if you use other cheap items, but there won’t be lack of deal. Disadventage Low HP, so you need control to kill SIRUS. MP potion is essential. Equipment Weapon : Tremor Rod It’s good to use in the beginning, but expensive Link(6) Blazing Salvo – Trap and Mine Damage Support – Swift Assembly Support(or Minefield Support) – Immolate Support – Combustion Support – Inspiration Support(or using 5 link) Armor : Carcass Jack Area of effect and effect damage increase, Elemental resistance, HP Area of effect damage incease do not activate(bug) Link(5) Arcanist Brand – Sniper’s Mark – Wave of Conviction – Increased Duration Support(Not essential) – Faster Casting Support(Not essential) Halmet : Alpha’s Howl Mana Reservation Decrease for Zealotry If you do not use Zealotry, you can replace Hrimnor’s Resolve or Crown of the Inward Eye Link(4) Zealotry – Summon Skitterbots – Herald of Ash – Enlighten Support (over Lv 2) Gloves : Command of the Pit For Arcane Surge Effect. Caution, you do not get the Arcane Surge Effect using Mine.


Link(2) Flame Dash – Second Wind Support Summon Ice Golem(or Vaal Haste or Vaal Grace) Boots : Bubonic Trail Link(3) Immortal Call(Lv 3) – Cast when Damage Taken Support(Lv 1) – Increased Duration Support Ring(left) : Profane Proxy Using with Flammability Ring(right) : The Taming Elemental resistance Nacklace : Ngamahu Tiki(Sepia Oil, Teal Oil, Black Oil) Added Fire Damage, HP, Fire Resistance Belt : Darkness Enthroned To use 2 Abyss Jewels, Abyss Jewel effect increase Seething Divine Life Flask Eternal Mana Flask with Ailment immune Quartz Flask with Increased Duration and Movement Speed Cinderswallow Urn or Dying Sun Movement Speed(Cinderswallow Urn) or More demage(Dying Sun) Diamond Flask or Bottled Faith If you have enough currency, buy Bottled Faith. Diamond Flask with Increased Duration and Movement Speed Passive Pathfinder for Unlimited Flask Saboteur for mine(If you get Machina mitts, you can change Saboteur to Inquisitor) Flask associated passive To make enough use of PATHFINDER passive.


REDUCED MANA RESERVATIONdeal To use one more Aura(ex. Zealotry). If you do not use Zealotry, you can change it to HP or deal WHISPERS OF DOOM To use both of Flammabillity and Sniper’s Mark HP or Mine associated passive Jewels(2 Rares, 2 Abyss) HP, Deficient Elemental Resistances, Added Fire Damage(at Abyss) THANK YOU for WATCHING.

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