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PoE 3.12 – Animate Guardian Guide | How-To Guide


Hi everyone, it’s Kay! Welcome to my Animate Guardian guide. In this video, I’m going to focus on the support AG. The Animate Guardian is a special type of minion. You can equip it with gear to buff your other minions or debuff enemies. However, if your AG is killed, all the gear will be lost! The AG is especially vulnerable to crits and degen because it cannot avoid damage like a player.

For example, it will happily eat Sirus’s die beam and then run around with many bleed stacks and die. So, you must not use the AG in rippy content, such as the hall of grand masters, or deep delve. The Sirus fight is also dangerous, so be careful. To help keep your AG alive, make sure it has a large life pool. Only use the AG when the gem is level 20 or 21 because its life pool scales with gem level. You can also link the AG to Minion Life, and even Meat shield. The Kingmaker AG is very popular, but also expensive. It uses the Kingmaker unique axe to provide culling strike, crit multi, and fortify. The Kingmaker is expensive, so to help keep the AG alive, I recommend Mask of the Stitched Demon for the helmet. And a body armour, crafted with ‘gain 10% of life as ES’. This combination gives a lot of life regen. For example, if your AG has 50,000 life, it will also have 5000 ES from the craft. The helmet gives 1% life regen per 500 ES. So, the AG will have at least 10% life regen, or 5000 life per second.

For the body armour, you can use a redeemer influence body armour with blind aura. Or crusader influence with consecrated ground. Blind reduces enemy hit chance by 50%. Consecrated Ground gives a 6% life regen. To finish the gear, I recommend rare gloves and boots, crafted with essence of envy to give your AG chaos res. The Sin Eater AG is a cheap alternative. With the Sin Eater unique sceptre, your AG will take any elemental ailment instead of nearby allies. And with Leper’s Alms shield, the AG will transfer the ailment to whatever it hits. For the helmet, I recommend a helmet that reduces enemy resistance. Use a consecrated ground body armour to give the AG some regen. For the gloves, you can use rare gloves with elemental weakness corruption. This means you won’t need a curse gem, profane proxy, or a curse on hit ring. Finish off with rare boots, crafted with essence of envy. Dying Breath is also an option for the cheap AG. You can equip your AG with other gear, such as Garb of the Emphemeral or Crown of the Tyrant.

But these will make the AG even more expensive and painful if it dies… To equip the AG, you need to throw the items on the ground, and then cast the AG spell while your mouse is over the items. You can’t drop items on the ground in your hideout, so I recommend going to the mine encampment. Don’t forget to turn on ‘always highlight’ so you can see items on the ground. Drop the gear on the ground and cast the AG spell. And there it is If you use a Kingmaker AG, you will see the the fortify buff around your character and other minions. And if you use the res debuff helmet, it will show up as floating rocks around the AG. OK, I hope this guide helps. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching. bye!。₀:  *゚✲ฺ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ✲゚ฺ*:₀.

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