PoE 3.12 – Auto-Enforcer Spectre Showcase | Heist Spectre


Hi everyone, it’s Kay! Welcome to the spectre showcase for Kay’s spectre summoner for 3.12 heist league. In this video, I’ll demonstrate the Auto-Enforcer, using the 3.12 version of my Pure Spectres build, with double clusters. I’ll start by showing them in T16 tropical island and TWO Mino kills, followed by a quick description, and where to get them, and finally the gear  and gems. This first Mino kill is a perfect scenario because Mino didn’t move, and all the big bombs hit him. Now, I’ll show you what usually happens when a boss moves, and all the bombs miss. Next, I’ll give a quick description and show you where to get them. The auto-enforcer is another tanky robot spectre from Heist. Its main spell is a cold projectile. It also has an aoe spell centered on itself and a slow-moving big-bomb-projectile that has a long cooldown.

You can get the spectre from the tunnels. The safest place to raise a spectre is actually outside the tunnels. Desecrate and look for the corpse, then raise one spectre. You can then go back to your hideout to raise more. And I recommend following my guide for saving spectres in a spectre bank. The 3.12 version of my Pure Spectres build allows you to easily change spectres just by swapping the gloves and some gems. So, for the auto-enforcer, the 6-link is: Raise Spectre, Spell Echo, Minion Damage, Controlled Destruction, Pierce, and GMP Pierce and GMP help improve clear speed. For endgame bosses, swap in Elemental Focus and Predator for more DPS. For the auras, use Hatred and Zealotry linked to generosity. The Wand and shield have: Desecrate, spell cascade, bone offering. And arma brand, convocation, tempest shield. For this video, I swapped Bone Offering to Flesh offering to reduce visual clutter. But you can use Victario’s Charity with Holy Flame totem to generate frenzy charges if you want a bit more DPS. Because the auto-Enforcer has cold damage spells, I just used crafted rare gloves. The gems are Second Wind, Flame Dash, Convocation and Arma Brand, to proc EE.

In the boots, the gems are: Animate Guardian, Stone Golem, Feeding Frenzy and Elemental Army. Lastly, the curse is Frostbite. Overall, the Auto-Enforcer is a low-tier spectre. Its basic spell has less than half the DPS of the Frost Auto-Scout. And even though the big bomb will one-shot your character in Heist, it’s unreliable in boss fights because it can totally miss the target, and there is an extremely long cooldown. OK, I hope you enjoyed this spectre showcase. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching. bye!。₀:*゚✲ฺ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ✲゚ฺ*:₀.

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