PoE 3.12 – Baranite Preacher Spectre Showcase


Hi everyone, it?s Kay! Welcome to the spectre showcase for Kay?s spectre summoner for 3.12 heist league. In this video, I?ll demonstrate Baranite Preachers, using the 3.12 version of my Pure Spectre? build, with double clusters. And after the showcase, I?ll go over the
gear and gems you will need for them. In normal mapping, you won?t need to do
this gem swap, but we want to kill Mino quickly. OK, now to go over the gems and gear.

The 3.12 version of my Pure Spectres build allows you to easily change spectres just by swapping the gloves and some gems. So, for Baranite Preachers, the 6-link is: Raise Spectre Added Lightning Damage Spell Echo Minion Damage Greater Multiple Projectiles And Faster Projectiles Because ball lightning is a slow-moving projectile, faster projectiles and gmp will improve mapping speed and safety. But for endgame bosses, you need to swap in Elemental Focus and Predator for more DPS. If you don?t have 2 white sockets, I recommend 5 blue and 1 green.

Then swap GMP with Hypo. And for the auras, use Wrath and Zealotry. Baranite Preacher?s Ball lightning has 32% crit chance, so zealotry linked to generosity, and passives that increase aura effect, can? double this to 64%. For the curse, use Conductivity. For the gloves I recommend Algor Mortis. It causes enemies to take increased lightning damage when they are in a chilling area. This gives a big damage boost against bosses. The gems are Second Wind, Flame Dash, Convocation and Cold? Snap. Cold Snap will proc EE and create the chilling area for Algor Mortis. Overall, the Baranite Preacher is one of my? favourite spectres.

I always switch to it as soon as possible. Its ball lightning spam makes it strong for
both mapping and bossing, but you will need to change gems against endgame
bosses. OK, I hope you enjoyed this spectre showcase. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching. bye!??: *????(???*)????*:?.

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