PoE 3.12 – Endless Delve Summoner Build Guide & Spectre Guide


Hi everyone, it’s Kay! It’s almost time for the endless delve, so here is my endless delve summoner guide. The build is based on the league start and SSF build and uses a combination of spectres, zombies, phantasms, SRS and a stone golem. Here is the passive tree at level 95, and the passive tree progression. Note that I’m recommending Minion Instability, and I’ll explain more later. Because the event is SSF, there are no jewel sockets, but you can use them if you find something good. You can also take Glancing Blows to get full 75/75 block chance. But note that you will take 65% of all damage that you block. For the ascendancies, First, take Mindless Aggression, then Unnatural Strength. After that, it’s Mistress of Sacrifice, then Bone Barrier. The usual summoner gear won’t be available because there is no trade. So, here is a general guide. The witch starts with two very strong items: Scar of Fate gives level 20 hatred, which you can use from level 1. This will give your minions a nice damage boost early on.

Remnant of Empires will give you a lot of block chance, as well as endurance charges when you block. Try to get your 4-link helmet, body, gloves and boots as soon as possible. Then work on getting 5 or even 6 links on your body armour. Crafting will be limited, so INT-based items will give the best chance to get blue sockets. Look for the highest life rolls. And make sure your elemental res is capped, and try to get as much chaos res as possible. The +1 spectre body armour can be found in the special encounter that says ‘minion and aura items’. It’s not a guaranteed drop though. Lastly, I highly recommend using quartz and quicksilver flasks. When you get deep enough, the big blobs of monsters will body block you and probably one-shot you as well.

So quartz and quicksilver will let you run through them. The starting spectre is Gorgol alpha, and the links are: Raise Spectre, Minion Damage, summon phantasms and added fire damage. Later, when you switch to risen vaal advocates, the links are: Raise spectre, minion damage, spell echo, summon phantasms, LMP, controlled destruction. Phantasms are very useful in delve because they add extra projectiles to help kill the big blobs of monsters. Your body guard minions are in the helmet. Use raise zombies, stone golem, meat shield, minion damage. The wand and shield have: storm brand, hextouch, flammability. And cast when damage taken 1, bone offering 7, desecrate 1. Cast when damage taken is a low level so that it will proc often.

Exploding SRS work really well in delve. So, in the gloves: SRS, infernal legion, combustion, and unleash. Infernal legion burns the SRS and everything around them, and then they will explode because of minion instability. Utility and buffs are in the boots: convocation, flame dash, zealotry, and skitterbots. I’ve tested many spectres from delve, and these are my recommendations: As soon you get your raise spectre gem at level 28, look for gorgol alpha.

Its default attack has extra fire damage, and it also uses a cone aoe (flame thrower) and a 360-aoe (tornado). This helps to kill many monsters quickly, and the tornado can even kill monsters when you are dead When you find a Vaal Outpost, you can change to a Risen Vaal Advocates. The fire-based RVA uses a fire projectile and a fire aoe. And will combine well with the exploding SRS. To get your RVA, cast desecrate in a vaal outpost. Raise the spectre, and then look at the effect around its hands. You are looking for a fire effect. And here is something special! If you can find a Whispering Gallery and it has an Esh breach, you have the chance to get Scale of Esh.

It uses arc, lightning orb, lightning whip (like slave drivers) and summons mini versions of itself. To get your SOE, have raise spectre on your cast bar before you open the breach. As you are killing monsters, look for the SOE. As soon as it is dead, cast raise spectre. Don’t wait because all the corpses will disappear when the breach closes. If you change to SOE, you will need make several changes: The 6-link is: Raise spectre, minion damage, spell echo, elemental focus, controlled destruction and predator. In the wand, use arma brand, hextouch and conductivity.

In the gloves: flame dash, summon skeletons, feeding frenzy, minion damage. In the boots: generosity, wrath, skitterbots, convocation. It’s even possible to get legion spectres OK, I hope this guide helps! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching. bye!。₀: *゚✲ฺ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✲゚ฺ*:₀.

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