PoE 3.12 – League Starter & SSF – Build Guide | Kay’s Spectre Summoner


Hi everyone, it?s Kay. Welcome to the build guide for Kay?s spectre summoner for 3.12 heist league. This build guide video is for the ?base build?, which is designed for league start and solo-self-found. It can take you all the way from a fresh start to end game, and even 40 challenges. It is completely made from rare items, that you can pick up or self-craft. There are no uniques needed for this build. The passive tree, equipment and gem choices are balanced towards survivability. It?s not a glass cannon build, and it will work even in hardcore solo-self-found.

However, the build is very flexible, so you can easily change it to suit your own style. There are two further build options, which are called ?pure spectres? and ?spectres and spiders?. Theses build options focus on having stronger bossing, or faster map clearing, but they are built around key uniques, which may be difficult to get in solo self found. These build options are covered in their own build guide videos. In addition, I have a lot of spectre-related content on my youtube channel! You can find the spectre showcase, a beginner-friendly levelling guide, and even some more entertaining videos! So if this is your first time playing a spectre summoner, please have a look around.

Lastly, I also have an in-depth, written-version of this guide on the official forum. You can more details, more gear examples, the crafting guides, as well as a lot of discussion and sharing of ideas from other players. In this guide I will talk about: How the build works, How to summon spectres, How to play the build, The passives, ascendancy and pantheon, Equipment, including gems and links, And lastly a brief overview on levelling. As a summoner, your minions do all the hard work.

And as a spectre summoner, the main damage dealers are the spectres. The build also uses zombies and a stone golem to provide: buffs, extra DPS, life regen, and be a meat shield. I recommend using the Slave Driver spectre. It?s a good all-round spectre, and it?s great for levelling and early mapping. It uses a powerful lightning-based aoe-spell, that can hit many monsters in a single cast. The gems and links in this guide are optimised for slave drivers. There are also many more spectres in POE, each with their strengths and weaknesses, which I cover in the spectre showcase. The build has several defensive features. The minions are your meat shield. Incoming attacks will hit them before they hit you. A large life pool means you can take a hit and not instantly die. Good amount of block, and life recovery on block. Dread banner reduces the enemy?s hit chance. You can focus on using defensive flasks. and Minions can blind and taunt monsters, if you have the right ghastly eye jewels.

To summon a spectre, Go to the correct place for the spectre you want. For slave drivers, go to Act 5: control blocks. Then, cast desecrate to create corpses. Next, you need to have ?Raise Spectre? on your cast bar. If you have spell echo, take it out. Now put the mouse over a corpse and hold the corpse target key, which should be A. You will see the name of the corpse. Cast raise spectre when you find the right one. Sometimes you won?t find what you want, and you will need to cast desecrate again. Repeat this until you have the maximum number of spectres. Mapping is fairly simple. You can take it easy or you can rush through the map. Cast convocation to bring your minions to you if they fall behind or if they are in danger. You can focus fire on a target by signalling the prey. Remember to use Flame Dash to get out of danger or to jump across terrain features. You can auto-cast Steel skin by setting it to your left mouse button, and setting ?always attack without moving?.

This will also auto-cast anything in your wand if you have the trigger craft. For bossing, prepare by casting arma brand on the ground. It will attach to the boss and proc EE and curse, which reduce the bosses damage resistance. You also need to ?signal the prey? on the boss. This makes your spectres focus fire, and allow you to move to safety without your spectres following you. The passive tree focuses on player life and minion damage with a balance towards survivability. There are also a number of interesting notables, such as Glancing Blows, that are close to the pathing, for your own customisation.

There are several jewel sockets that you can use for ghastly eye jewels. These give a lot of helpful minion mods. The passive tree also passes close to two outer jewel sockets. They can be used for cluster jewels, which I cover in a separate cluster jewel video. For the Ascendancies. Unnatural Strength is the most important because the raise spectre gem gives: 1 spectre from gem level 1 to 12, 2 spectres at 13 to 24, and 3 spectres at gem level 25+ So, the +2 levels will help you get the extra spectre, as well as increasing damage and life of all you minions. Next is Mistress of Sacrifice. This makes your offering skills apply to your necro. For example, Bone Offering will give you extra block chance and life recovery. Lastly, Commander of Darkness gives a nice boost to damage and elemental resists. For the pantheon, I like to use Lunaris and Shakari. But all of them are useful, so I recommend changing them depending on the map mods. Note that it?s possible to do reflect maps if you use Yugul and a sibil?s lament ring.

Overall, the priority is to get the highest life mod on all items. After that, make sure your elemental res is 75%, and get as much chaos res as possible. Then you can look for item-specific mods. The body armour is where you will socket Raise spectre. I recommend using an int base for easy colouring. Hybrid bases are ok. Try to get a body with +1 spectre number. It is a drop-only item from delve, and comes from the special encounter with ?contains minion or aura items?. It needs an open prefix to craft ?increased maximum life?.

The gems links are: Raise spectre, spell echo, minion damage, elemental focus, predator, and controlled destruction. For your weapon, use a wand or septre. You can use an ?essence of fear? to craft a cheap wand. Level 3 hybrid chaimber in the temple can drop a wand with double damage. You can also craft a convoking wand with fossils. The gem links are: desecrate, bone offering and vaal summon skeletons. The special craft, trigger a socketed spell, will auto-cast these spell gems. If you don?t need the extra block from bone offering, you can use flesh offering to increase your minion?s DPS. For your shield, extra block chance is very useful. You will need an int-base to get extra spell block. Shaper or warlord influence gives the special mod ?recover 5% life when you block?. The gems are: Steel skin, Increased Duration, and Convocation. You can set steel skin to left mouse button, with ?always attack without moving?, to auto-cast it. For your helmet, any base is OK, but bone helmet is the best option. The support minions will be socketed here, so look for or craft +2 or +3 minion gem level. You will need elder influence to get the special mods: ?minion damage? or ?minion life?.

The best labyrinth enchant is spectre damage. The gems are Stone golem, raise zombie, physical to lightning and feeding frenzy. For the gloves, I recommend an int-base for easy colouring. If you want the minion damage mod, there are 3 ways to get it: The easiest is bench crafting. You can try to fossil craft redeemer influence gloves. Or you can get lucky in delve. The gem links are: flame dash, arma brand, hextouch and conductivity. For the boots, the most important mod is +1 to spectre gem level. To get this, you will need Elder influence, and then craft with bound fossils. The gems are wrath, generosity, dread banner and skitterbots. The skitterbots don?t need to be linked. For the amulet, I recommend using a citrine or Jade amulet. This will help with any dex requirements. You can also get +1 to all int gems with hunter influence. This will help you get Raise Spectre level 25, to get the 5th spectre. For rings, I recommend vermillion rings, and crafting minion movement speed. For the belt, a stygian vise lets you socket a ghastly eye for helpful minion mods.

I recommend the following flasks: Bubbling life flask of staunching for instant life recovery and bleed removal. Basalt flask of warding for phys damage reduction and removing curses. Quicksilver flask of adrenaline for a big speed boost. Jade flask of reflexes to decrease monster?s hit chance. Quartz flask of heat to give phasing, dodge and remove freeze. Here?s what the progression looks like while you level up.

Don?t forget to check the beginner-friendly levelling guide videos. They are full runs of the Acts, where I speed up the boring bits and leave the important boss fight at normal speed. I also include any important info you need for each act. OK, I hope you enjoyed this build guide video. And you have fun playing a spectre summoner! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching. bye! ??: *????(???*)? ???*:?.

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