PoE 3.12 – One-Shot Crabbies Build Guide & Showcase | Kay’s Spectre Summoner


Hi everyone, it’s Kay! Welcome to the build guide for Kay’s Spectre Summoner for 3.12 Heist league. This build guide is for “one-shot crabbies”. One-shot crabbies is a specialist boss-killing build, that will insta-kill most endgame bosses. It can also clear maps, although it’s not exactly a fast mapper. The build uses Minion Instability and the Crabbie’s huge life pool to create big hitting explosions! There are also burning skeletons to debuff bosses, and help with map clear. I’ll start with a boss killing showcase, After that, I will: Go over the passives and ascendancy. Explain the mechanics, and limitations. And, lastly, outline the gear and gems. The passive tree uses a modified version of my double cluster build. And Minion Instability is the base for the entire build. This keystone passive makes minions explode for 33% of their life pool. So, the build uses two sets of cluster jewels to scale minion life and the explosion damage.

The 2 large jewels are 8-passive minion damage, with feasting fiends, raze and pillage, and any third notable, which is not allocated. The 4 medium jewels are 6-passive minion life, with feasting fiends, and hulking corpses. For the smalls, either 4 surging vitality or 3 surging vitality and 1 enduring composure. The Ascendancies are: Commander of Darkness, Unnatural Strength and Bone Barrier. The 20% more life from Bone Barrier gives about 20% more explosion damage. The one-shot crabbies build uses Minion Instability to delete bosses. This keystone passive makes minions explode for 33% of their life pool when they are at low life. So, the build scales the crabbies to 1.6 million life.

It also stacks damage multipliers and debuffs to get a single hit of 69 million fire damage for each crabbie. But with 1.6 million life, they are practically immortal. So, to detonate the crabbies, the build uses Umbilicus Immortalis and Coruscating Elixir. The belt applies any flasks to the spectres instead of the necro. And using the flask will drop the spectre’s life to 1 HP, which then triggers Minion Instability. So I guess it’s the Necro version of the detonate key. 🙂 The major limitation is that detonating the crabbies means you really only have one-shot to kill the boss. So, boss fights with immunity phases, such as Uber Elder will be almost impossible. Sirus is the one exception, because you can actually move far away enough to pause him. Then, resummon the spectres, and then resume the fight. You will also need to make sure the crabbies are next to the boss because the explosion area is quite small.

As, you can see, Vinny wasn’t hit by all the explosions and still had more than 50% life left. Lastly, you need to be really careful not to use your flasks until the right moment. This might mean breaking the habit of constantly using flasks in mapping. The one-shot crabbies build requires: a unique belt, a unique flask, and a special rare helmet. Everything else is just a recommendation, so use whatever you can get 🙂 The crabbies go into a 7-link elder-helmet that has: conc effect, minion life and minion damage. The gems are: Raise Spectre, Predator, Elemental Focus, and Fire Pen. For running to the boss room, I swap in Elemental Damage. The build also uses skeletons to help: debuff enemies with ash, and improve map clearning speed.

The skeletons go into the body armour. I use a +1 spectre, but you can use a plain 6-link and just use 4 spectres. The gems are: summon skeletons, minion damage, feeding frenzy, minion life, infernal legion, and fire pen. Feeding frenzy makes skeletons dash towards enemies. And Infernal legion gives them a burning aura and helps reduce their life quickly so that they will also explode. The build uses two scepters: Earendel’s Embrace and a rare sceptre. Earendel’s Embrace gives extra minion damage, a damage debuff and helps reduce the skeleton’s life quickly so they explode sooner. The gems are Storm Brand, Hextouch and Flammability. I use a double-damage sceptre, but you can also craft one, with an essence of fear. It also has the trigger craft.

The gems are Desecrate, Raise Zombie, and Meat shield. The zombies are just body guards while mapping, so I take the gem out for boss fights to reduce visual clutter. I also recommend another wand or sceptre in the weapon swap for quick resummoning. The gems would be: phantasmal desecrate, spell echo and faster casting. For the gloves, any rare gloves will do. The gems are Second Wind, Dash, Convocation and Skitterbots. Note that skitterbots should be unlinked because second wind will increase their mana reserve. Also, only use dash if you have low latency. Otherwise, use flame dash. The boots should be elder influence with +1 to raise spectre level. The gems are: Stone Golem, Feeding Frenzy, Elemental Army and Combustion. You can swap feeding frenzy to animate guardian if you like.

To proc Combustion, I have one ghastly eye jewel with added fire damage for minions. The amulet must have hunter influence to get +1 to all int gems, and anoint it with Death Attunement. For the rings, I recommend Vermillion or Coral. For the belt, I recommend using two belts. Only equip Umbilicus Immortalis when doing endgame boss fights. For every other time, you should equip a stygian vise or leather belt. This is like a safety switch, so that you don’t accidentally detonate your crabbies at the wrong time! You must have at least one Coruscating Elixir. I use 3 because I think I press it too many times in the Sirus fight. Whoops. And for extra damage, use any ruby flask and a wise oak.

The Ruby flask will give the crabbies +50% fire res, which then become 15% fire pen because of wise oak. I just use Dying Sun for a bit of fun 🙂 Overall, the One-Shot Crabbies is my ultimate boss killer. It will insta-kill any endgame boss as long as there are no immunity phases. It’s also a somewhat playable build that will do OK at mapping or even Heist. The major downside is that you only have one shot to kill the boss. OK, I hope you enjoyed the build guide. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching. bye!。₀: *゚✲ฺ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✲゚ฺ*:₀.

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