PoE 3.12 – Pure Spectres Build Guide & Syndicate Operative Showcase


Hi everyone, it?s Kay. Welcome to the build guide for Kay?s spectre summoner for 3.12 heist league. This build guide video is for the ?pure spectres? build option. ?Pure spectres? is an endgame build that focuses on spectres as the sole damage dealers. It has several build-defining uniques, so it may not be suitable for solo-self-found. The full version of the build uses two sets of cluster jewels. But to give you an upgrade path, I have also included the passive trees for a single set, as well as no clusters jewels. The gems and gears give a balance of tankiness and damage, but I have also included an easy way to get a big DPS boost with just a weapon swap. This guide focuses on the Syndicate Operative, but the build is very flexible and will work just as well with other spectres, such as the Baranite Preacher, Redemption Sentry or Crabbie. It only requires changing the gloves and some gem swaps. Please check my other guides for more details. In this guide I will go over: The key mechanics of the build, The Syndicate Operative, The passives, ascendancy and pantheon, And the gear, including gems and links.

The ?Pure Spectres? build has several key mechanics and features. Devouring diadem reduces mana reserve and provides eldritch battery. Together with the sovereignty notable, this allows for 100% mana reserve with 2 auras and skitterbots, as well as doing maps with ?no regen?. It also provides a large amount of life recovery from feast of flesh. Skitterbots normally have a shock and chill aura. Using profane proksy replaces one aura with the socketed curse. This means we don?t need to use curse on hit or self-cast. The full version of pure spectres uses two sets of clusters jewels, which give a big boost to minion damage and survivability, as well as your necro?s own survivability. The single cluster set and no cluster jewels versions also have good survivability. The endgame bosses have telegraphed attacks that are not difficult to dodge. So, you can use a defensive set-up for mapping, and have an optional weapon swap for a big DPS boost. The syndicate operative has fast movement speed and a good amount of life. It also has an aggressive AI and fast casting speed, so there is no DPS downtime between killing monsters.

This makes it a very fast mapping spectre. But the most interesting thing is its main ability, which is a fast-casting spell that triggers three ranged attack projectiles. This means that the damage scales with attack, projectile, and spell support gems. The triggered attack is three separate projectiles, rather than one attack with 3 projectiles, which means it is possible to shotgun a target by hitting it with multiple projectiles at once. All this makes calculating the actual damage a little complicated. First you need to look at the casts per second from the trigger spell. Next look at the average damage from the dagger ability. Then multiply by three, if you are shotgunning with GMP. And if you are using awakened spell echo, the double damage might also apply. However, if the Syndicate Operative is in melee range, it will use a default attack that does very little damage, so it?s important to reposition it with convocation.

The syndicate operative is a difficult spectre to get. It only spawns in a Syndicate safehouse mission, and it cannot be desecrated, so you need to kill the monsters and then use raise spectre. But, the body disappears almost immediately, so you need to be quick! Talk to Jun to start a safehouse mission. Put ?Raise Spectre? on your cast bar, and take out Spell echo if it?s linked. While you are killing monsters, keep your eye on the monster names.

When you see a syndicate operative get killed, cast raise spectre immediately. Hopefully, you can catch it before the body disappears. Here are the three passive trees for the Pure Spectres build . No clusters on the left, Single cluster build in the middle, And double cluster build on the right. Each cluster sets increases DPS by about 40%. For the single cluster set, build here on the left side of the passive tree. The large cluster should be an 8-passive large minion jewel, with renewal and 2 other notables. The other notables are not super important, but I recommend feasting fiends.

You only need 5 passive points to get to both sockets on the large jewel. And you can ignore the notable in the middle. Then use two medium jewels with first among equals and vengeful commander. For the small jewels, I recommend one enduring composure to generate endurance charges, and one surging vitality, which gives life and life regen. For double clusters, build the second set on the top of the tree. Use the same large and medium jewels as the first set. Then I recommend using two jewels with surging vitality. The effect stacks, so you will regen 30% life every 5 seconds. Thread of Hope with medium ring goes here, to get Cruel Prep and Ravenous Horde.

I like to use anatomical knowledge here. Some people like to use Unending Hunger, but it?s only useful for mapping, and the syndicate operative is already great at mapping. There are several jewel sockets that you can use for ghastly eye jewels. I recommend at least one jewel with minion blind. The Ascendancies are the same as the Base build: Commander of Darkness, Unnatural Strength and Mistress of Sacrifice. For the pantheon, I like to use Lunaris and Shakari. But all of them are useful, so I recommend changing them depending on the map mods.

The ?Pure Spectres? build requires several uniques. It also requires a lot of dex. After that, make sure your elemental res is 75%, and get as much chaos res as possible. Then you can look for item-specific mods. The body armour should have the special mod ?+1 spectre number?. And it needs an open prefix to craft ?increased maximum life?. You can also use a Hunter?s exalted orb to try to get increased offering effect. The gem links are: Raise Spectre Minion damage Spell echo Elemental Damage with Attacks GMP And vicious projectiles.

For your weapon, use a well-rolled convoking wand or temple wand. The craft is ?trigger a socketed spell?. And if you can multi-craft, add minion attack and cast speed. The gems are: Desecrate, spell cascade and bone offering. Spell cascade is used to create 10 corpses. This is to feed bone offering and feast of flesh. For your shield, use a shaper or warlord shield to get the special mod ?recover 5% life when you block?. Life and extra block chance are very useful. The gems are: Arma Brand, Tempest Shield and convocation. Many endgame bosses have telegraphed attacks that are easy to dodge.

So, you can use this trick to get an easy 40% damage boost. In your weapon swap, have another well-rolled convoking wand or temple wand, with desecrate, spell cascade and flesh offering. For the shield, use a Victario?s Charity with Holy Flame Totem, Multi-totems and Convocation. Flesh Offering will give a cast speed boost, and Holy Flame Totem will proc EE as well as generate frenzy charges from vic?s charity. For the gloves, use Triad Grip with 4 green sockets to convert all minion phys damage to cold damage. The gems are Dash, Second Wind, Phase Run and Enhance. I recommend setting Phase Run to left mouse button, with ?always attack without moving?, to auto-cast it. For the boots, you need Elder influence boots with +1 spectre gem level.

For the craft, I recommend ?cannot be frozen?. The gems are: carrion golem, feeding frenzy, elemental army and animate guardian. The carrion golem gives about 9% more damage to the syndicate operative, and the AG can be equipped with gear to buff the spectres. You will need a hunter influence amulet with +1 to all int gems. Anoint your amulet with death attunement, using: clear, crimson and silver oils. For the rings: Use Profane Proxy in the left side.

I recommend using Frostbite to reduce enemy cold res as well as give a chance to freeze. For the right side, use any well-rolled ring. If possible, use a redeemer or delve ring with minion damage. For the belt, a stygian vise lets you socket another ghastly eye jewel for more minion mods. I recommend the following flasks: Bubbling life flask of staunching for instant life recovery and bleed removal. Rumi?s Concoction for extra block chance. Quicksilver flask of adrenaline for a big speed boost.

Jade flask of reflexes to decrease monster?s hit chance. Quartz flask of heat to give phasing, dodge and remove freeze. But if you can craft ?cannot be frozen? on your boots, use ?of warding? for curse removal. OK, I hope you enjoyed this build guide video. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching. bye!??: *????(???*)? ???*:?.

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