PoE 3.12 – Spectre Bank Guide | Kay’s Spectre Summoner


Hi everyone, it?s Kay! This video is a guide for saving spectres in a spectre bank. Most of the strongest spectres in POE are difficult to get because they are only available from special content, such as an atlas influenced map or the domain of endless conflict. They usually cannot be desecrated, so you need to find and kill the monster before you can raise it as a spectre. So, if you lose your spectres for any reason, it can be difficult to get them back. So, it?s a good idea to save them in a spectre bank.

It?s also very convenient if you want to test different spectres. To make the spectre bank, Use your main character to buy a level 1 raise spectre and a level 1 desecrate from Lily Roth. Next, create a new witch, and make it PVP only. A pvp-only witch is already level 28, so it is the minimum level for raise spectre, and it logs in directly into your hideout. Reset all passives in the passive tree, then path to death attunement. Don?t forget the dex and strength notable. After that, socket the raise spectre and desecrate in the body armour. You now have a spectre bank that can hold 2 spectres. And you can increase this to 3 spectres, by using a queen?s decree. One of my recommended spectres for Heist league is the Baranite Preacher. It?s an atlas influence spectre, so to get it, you need crusader influence like this. And your next map must be a blue square.

Because the blue square tells you that there will be additional crusader monsters. Before starting the map, take out anything that consumes corpses or makes monsters explode. After you kill some baranite monsters, put raise spectre on your cast bar, and take out spell echo if you have it linked. Hold the corpse target key which should be A, and look for the Baranite Preacher. Cast raise spectre when you find it. You can use the same method, to get other atlas influence spectres such as Redemption Sentry as well as Heist spectres after they are added in the next patch. And good news! You can also get the Primal Crushclaw in Heist league with the new alternate quality desecrate gem! I don?t have the gem, so I got this crabbie from another player. Saving a spectre to the bank is very simple.

Just enter your hideout with the spectre you want to save. Then, log onto your spectre bank. Desecrate and then raise the spectre. This works because any map or zone, including your hideout, has a list of what can be desecrated. And any raised spectre that enters the zone will be added to the list. Each bank can hold 2 or 3 spectres, and the spectres will be saved in the spectre bank until you delete the character, or replace them with another spectre.

Getting a spectre out of the bank is very simple. All you need to do is log into your spectre bank to add the spectre to the desecrate list. Then log back onto your main character and enter your hideout. Note that you need to re-enter your hideout quickly before the server resets your hideout instance. Cast desecrate and your saved spectre should be there. OK, I hope you enjoyed this short video! I also have a longer version that I made in 3.11, You can watch that video by clicking the link at top.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching! bye!??: *????(???*)? ???*:?.

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