PoE 3.12 – Syndicate Operatives Pure Phys and Impale | Solo Self-Found Friendly Build


Hi everyone, it?s Kay! Welcome to the build guide for Kay?s spectre summoner for 3.12 heist league. This build guide video is for the pure phys / impale version of my pure spectres build, for Syndicate Operatives. Not only is it just as strong as cold conversion, but also 100% solo-self-found-friendly, because all the uniques are completely optional. Before I go over the changes to the passive tree, gear and gems, I will explain some of the new mechanics while showcasing T16 tropical island, and a quick Mino kill. The red circle around my character is flesh and stone. Any enemy inside the circle will be maimed and take 30% more physical damage. You can?t see it, because I?m using MTX to hide it, but I?m using Divergent Dread Banner. When linked to Generosity, this gives my Operatives 43% impale chance. I also have them linked to Anomalous Impale for 50% impale chance. To complete the auras, I am using Pride and Vaal Haste.

On the cast bar, I have Vulner-bility curse as self-cast. Lastly, you can notice some mini blight things popping up. They are from Breathstealer gloves, and give some nice aura buffs. OK, now to go over the changes to the passive tree, gear and gems. On the left side is the passive tree for the cold conversion build, and on the right is the new tree for pure phys / impale. As you can see there are many changes. There is no thread of hope because breathstealer gloves are anointed with Ravenous Horde. And we just path to cruel prep. Drop EE and Indomitable Army, because the operatives don?t do any elemental damage.

Take all passives in the sovereignty cluster because the new build reserves a lot of mana. Lastly, take the extra endurance. For the Jewels, The medium cluster jewels are now minion life, with renewal and feasting fiends. The large and small jewels haven?t changed. And all the jewels sockets have ghastly eye jewels. There are many new gems in the phys / impale build, as well as new gloves. But, all the uniques are now completely optional. For the 6-link, the gems are: Raise Spectre, Spell Echo, Predator, Brutality, Anomalous Impale, And volley Syndicate Operatives have very good AI, so you can use volley for a much smaller damage penalty compared to GMP or Greater Volley.

In the Diadem, the gems are Generosity, Pride, Divergent Dread Banner and Vaal Haste. If you can?t get a diadem, don?t worry. Keep vaal haste for the speed boost, and don?t reserve mana with haste. For the gloves I recommend Breathstealer. And anoint it with Ravenous Horde. If you can?t get them, any crafted gloves are fine. The gems are Flesh and Stone linked to Maim. And Flame Dash and Vulner-bility, that can be unlinked. In the boots, the gems are: Animate Guardian, Carrion Golem, Feeding Frenzy and awakened melee phys, if you can get it. It gives Intimidate , that makes enemies take 10% extra attack damage. Lastly, the Wand and shield are the same as the base build. They have: Desecrate, spell cascade, bone offering. and Steel skin, increased duration, convocation.

All the flasks are the same. Overall, the pure phys/impale build has just as much DPS as cold conversion, but is much easier and cheaper to gear. The unique items are now completely optional, so you will be able to enjoy Syndicate Operatives in solo-self found too 🙂 OK, I hope you enjoyed this build guide. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching. bye!??: *????(???*)????*:?.

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