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[POE 3.13] Doedre’s skin Arakaali’s fang occultist Guide


Hey so i’m done with my next build and iabsolutely loved it. I really don’t like minion builds, but this was an absolute blast. Buildhas, really good, dps and satisfying clear withexplosions. Just a warning, though, this characterhas some clunkiness to it and definitely requiresa really active play style, but let’s get rightinto it. So the character is an occultist for abunch of damage, explosions and great curseenergy.

The passive tree is something like this: the most important keystonesbeing the ee necromatic aegis. You also have glorious vanity right here: forcorrupted soul and a cluster jewel set upright here. The cluster tools is a great placeto, fill out chaos, resistance and dex requirements. Alright. So there are two cool aspects: tothis build.

The first part is doedre’s. Skinthis lets us summon pillars that applycurses inside the chest piece to nearby enemiesthe cool part. Is these curses don’t countto the curse limit, so you can use replicadeuterostandings to buff. The effect up by a lotyou can also stack your own self-cast curses ontop, like assassin’s mark. So, in the end, the cursesprovide a crazy damage boost, but also somereally, nice defenses from a mega buffed enfeebleand temporal chains, because the build invests somuch into curses.

I suggest avoiding map, mods, likereduce, curse effect and monsters cannot be slowedthe. Other part is arakaali’s. Fangand is the source of all damagethis weapon lets us summon 20 spidersfrom nearby corpses when we kill a mobto easily proc the on kill effect. You have touse writhing jar to spawn some worms and killthem yourself while being near some corpses. Nowthese spiders are pretty much the dream.

Minionthey have really high damage, really good AI superfast and damage immune. We are converting spidersto do cold damage with triads grip to get a lot ofreally nice scaling opportunities, we’re alsousing, victoria’s charity shield, with necromaticaegis for easy power and frenzy charge. Generationsince the spiders are damaged immune. The helmetancient skull is incredible, close to 50 % moredamage on the spiders, so the drawback for usingthese minions is the clunkiness of trying tosustain and re-summon the spiders, which can bean absolute nightmare at times. Also, the spiderduration cannot be refreshed, so you have to waituntil the spiders disappear to try to summon newones the best advice.

I can give managing spidersis to stagger respawns at the start of the mapcast desecrate once and kill some worms toto spawn 10 spiders clear. A few packs andthen summon the other 10 spiders. So you are neverin a situation where you have no spiders activeas for boss fights during downtime. You can unequipand re-equip the weapon to make all the spidersdisappear. This lets us summon new spiderswith fresh timers when the next phase, startshaving soul of ryslatha, helps a lot aswellto give some charges to their riding jar, so those were the most important parts of thebuild.

The rest of the gear is very straightforwardnow you’re. Just looking for a high resistance and lifeif, you have an open, suffix mod on any of this. Gearyou can craft an aspect of the spider as wellif. You can get some solid abyssaljewels like this and manage to fillout your resists without a belt, then adarkness enthroned is also great to useas, for the flasks, quartz and quicksilver, with bleed and curse. Immune is awesome for mappingi’m, also using a sorrow of the divine withthe blood of the karui for really solid panichealing when needed, since the build has barely anysustain be ready to use flasks a lot when you gethit yep, that’s it for the build really powerfuleven on a Tiny budget and some really solid, scalingkeep in mind.

If you want to playthis build, you will have to levelas something else until level 65.

Thanks and cya

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