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POE [3.15] (BUILD GUIDE) Eye of Winter Mana Miner By: Remicaster1


My original post: https://www.reddit.com/r/PathOfExileBuilds/comments/oxmb2m/315_expedition_eye_of_winter_mana_miner_minotaur/

Note: Sorry for my weird accent (lmao), if you can’t understand what I am saying in the video, please enable subtitles.

This is my “sequel” setup after the first setup I’ve posted in reddit a while ago. Instead of using Secrets of Suffering, now it is Leadership’s Price variant. I’ve been testing this setup for up to 3 weeks+, and I could say this variant is definitely a lot better.

My PoE Ninja profile:
My PoB:

Please read the notes section in the PoB, it is very detailed and I spent a lot of time on it.

My current budget of the build: 100ex++Min. Budget required to play the build: 10ex (lowest, subjected to change)

– 10ex budget

10ex is the lowest budget for this build, at least 6l cloak, indigon, the common life and mana gear, normal and cluster jewels are mandatory. It might feel wonky and it will have a lot lower single target damage.If you can’t reach 15% Brittle, use Deep chill to help you out on it.after that, you want to get better jewels such as Transcendent Flesh, Life mana and crit multi jewels. You would also want to focus on your alternate quality gems, especially Divergent Arcane Cloak.

Build playstyle

This build isn’t something that you can pick up and play instantly. It has a “learning curve” and a specific playstyle to it. You might die a lot when you are yet to adapt to its playstyle. Generally you want to throw mines in front of you before detonating, when you need damage, you will have to press Arcane Cloak to further boost your damage.

Arcane cloak is everything in this build, without it the build barely does any damage. So mana management and flask management is quite important. Which would take a bit of time to get used to. But once you understand how to play this build, all bosses in the current game to you are just a random minion.

Cons of the build that might drive people away

  • This is a miner build, not one button

  • It has a very specific playstyle, not beginner friendly

  • Not a league starter and SSF friendly, requires specific uniques and clusuters

  • No shatters (oops)

If you don’t mind the cons of the build, this is pretty much the best bosser in the game, with very good survivability, decent clear speed and damage.

Build is subjected to nerfs on next league because it is too easy to get crit. cap on this build. Just Leadership’s, some crit nodes and painseekers, then you are pretty much crit capped.

Edit: The reason why I made this guide is because some people copied my build and made a build guide of their own (and didn’t credit me, happened in a Korean and Chinese community now), and they made it worse (1/2 of my damage). Since I’m pissed about their selfish actions, I made a guide out of it so people could build it without copying variants that are a lot worse.


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