PoE – Beginner’s Levelling Guide – Act 2 | Kay’s Spectre Summoner


Hi everyone it?s Kay, Welcome to the levelling guide for Kay?s spectre summoner! The levelling guide series is targeted towards newer players. This video is a full Act 2 run. If you haven’t already watched Act 1, click on the link at the top of the video. The gem link progression is a much simpler in Act 2, because there are no gem replacements. Don?t worry, I sped up the boring bits by 4 times, but I left the main boss and the two labyrinth trials at normal speed.

OK, lets get started! When you exit Merveil?s Cave, you will be in the southern forest. Head to the top of the zone to find Forest Encampment, which is the act 2 town. Go straight to the Old Fields, and find ?the Den?. Find and kill the Great White Beast, then exit to Old fields and find Crossroads. Follow the path to find the waypoint, and then go left so you will reach the Chamberof Sin. The waypoint shows you where to find the level 2 entrance. In level 2, find and complete and the labyrinth trial. I recommend playing with the overlay map, so you don?t get totally lost like I did! The spinning blades travel on two tracks, so you can walk down one side and then change sides when the blade comes.

Now the two blades are moving together. When you click on the switch, it will lock the door and hold one blade. And when you click again, it will open the door and release the blade. Do it again with the second switch. Next, find and kill fi-de-li-tas. Then, click strange device and pick up bail-ful gem. Portal back to town. Take desecrate from Grest. Talk to Helena and get your hideout if you don?t already have one. Take heavy belt from Yeena, and buy summon skitterbots. If the dex number is red, you will also need to buy a jade amulet. OK, now you?re going to change the links. Take Infernal Legion out of the link with Summon Skeletons, and link it to Skitterbots. skittersbots don?t die, so they become a permanent burning aura. Exit bottom left to Riverways.

Turn on the skitterbots. Then, follow the path to the waypoint. After reaching the waypoint, go left to find Wetlands. Find and kill the bandit-boss Oak. Now, find the waypoint, and go to the Riverways. Follow the path to find the Western Forest. Follow the path to the waypoint. Be careful of the purple guys because they are walking bombs. The fire near the waypoint shows you where to find the bandit boss Alira. Go to that side of the zone to find and kill her. Now go to bottom of the zone to find and kill Arteri. Pick up Thaumatic emblem, and click on thaumatic seal. Next follow the wall to find Weaver?s chamber. It will be on the opposite side to Alira. Find Weaver?s nest and kill the big spider. Pick up maligaro?s spike and portal to town. Talk to silk and take this gem. When I recorded the video for the guide, it was called Deathmark, but GGG will rename the gem in 3.12.

Please check the pinned comment below for the new name. Buy melee physical damage from Yeena. This will be the last gem change for Act 2. The new links are: Raise Zombie, Minion damage and deathmark. Or whatever the new name is. And Summon Skeleton, Melee Physical Damage and Minion Damage. If you don?t have the correct gem socket colours, check Grest?s item shop. Here I needed to change my body armour from 3 blues to 2 blue and 1 red for my skeletons.

When you are ready, go to Act 1: Lioneye?s Watch. Take the skill book from Bestel, then take the waypoint to Act 2: crossroads. Go to the right side of the zone to find Felshrine Ruins, and then the Crypt. We?re just here to find the labyrinth trial, and skip the optional quest. The spinning spikey traps are pretty easy. Watch them to get the timing right, then just move enough to not get hit. Just remember don?t panic if a trap touches you. You can also use frostblink to jump past the traps. Portal back to town and go to crossroads again. This time, follow the path to the top of the map to find Broken Bridge.

Find and kill bandit boss kraitlyn. Then portal back to town. Talk to Eramir to get 2 passive points and the Apex. Take the waypoint to Wetlands, then enter Vaal Ruins. You need to find the Ancient Seal. It will be on the map with a yellow exclamation mark. And try not to get too lost like me! Click on ancient seal, and then exit to Northern Forest. Find waypoint and return to Forest Encampment. Talk to Yeena and Eramir to advance the quest. Then return to the northern forest. From here, run through the zones until you reach the pyramid apex. You will find a waypoint and crafting recipe along the way. My internet dropped out just before the boss room, so I need to run back to the boss room.

Bossing with a summoner is pretty simple. All you need to do is prepare for the boss fight with holy flame totem and summon skeletons. While the boss is active, cast deathmark or whatever it?s called in 3.12, and keep moving in a circle. The boss might move to a different location, but just find it and keep circling. Don?t get too close because it has a big melee slam. Cast more skeletons if you need to and watch out for any falling rocks! Too easy. Exit to the city of sarn to start act 3! Ok I hope you enjoyed the levelling guide for act 2! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching, bye! ??: *????(???*)? ???*:?.

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