PoE – Beginner’s Levelling Guide – Act 5 | Kay’s Spectre Summoner


Hi everyone it?s Kay! Welcome to the levelling guide for Kay?s spectre summoner! The levelling guide series is targeted towards newer players. This video is a full Act 5 run, where I speed up the boring bits and leave the main boss fights at normal speed. Don?t forget, you can click on the playlist link at the top to see the other acts. At the start of the Act, I will do a full swap to DPS spectres, and also change my witch into a necromancer by completing the first labyrinth. Let?s begin! After taking the Oriath portal in Act 4, you will teleport to the slave pens in act 5. Grab the way point, then look for the overseer?s tower, which is the act 5 town. Now that we?re in Act 5, it?s time to do the full switch to DPS spectres.

The gems and links are almost the same as the full build. There are a few more gems needed, which I cover in the build guide. But I?m including the full 6-link just in case you get really lucky. We need to buy some new gems. Go to Act 3, sarn. From clarissa, buy generosity, conductivity, wrath, and arma brand. Make sure you have one alteration orb in your inventory, then go to the library, and buy physical to lightning from siosa. Then go back to Act 5 overseer?s tower. I recorded this guide with a fresh solo-self-found character, so it?s like a day 1 league start.

I don?t have any special levelling gear saved up, so I?m just going to re-use what I already have. In my 4-link boots, I have: Raise spectre, spell echo, minion damage,and deathmark. If you have a 6-link body armour, you would also link elemental focus and controlled destruction. In my 3-link body armour, I have wrath, generosity and skitterbots. In one wand, I have arma brand, curse on hit and conductivity. In the other wand, I have skeletons, minion damage and melee phys damage. In my 3-link helmet, I have Raise zombie, minion damage, and phys to lightning. If I can get a 4-link helmet, I will put stone golem here too. Lastly, in the gloves, I have frostblink, convocation and desecrate. I don?t have spare sockets for flesh offering and stone golem at the moment, so I?ll leave them in my inventory in case I pick up some 4-link or 4-socket gear in Act 5. Finally, allocate the passive points you were saving. The most important passive is EE. When you hit a monster or boss with fire damage, they will get a -50% lightning-res debuff, which is a massive DPS boost for lightning spectres.

Now to summon slave driver spectres. Enter the control blocks, which is actually the next zone. Put raise spectre on the cast bar, and take out spell echo from the links. Spell echo will give the spectre a double spell cast, but it also gives your necro a double spell cast. So, if you leave it in, you will cast raise spectre twice and raise the wrong spectres. Cast desecrate Hold the corpse targetting button And look for slave driver.

Cast raise spectre when you find one. And repeat. While you have corpses on the ground, you can also raise your zombies. Take raise spectre off the cast bar, and fix up the cast bar if you need to. Don?t forget to put spell echo back in the links! Now I?m going to make my witch into a necromancer by completing the labyrinth, which everyone just calls the lab. But first I?m going to get Flame Dash.

OK, the lab is a special dungeon that has the traps from the 6 trials we found while levelling up. It also has a special boss that you fight 3 times. The lab can be really difficult because if you die, you will have to start from the beginning. For the first lab, you need to go to Act 3: sarn and go to the special entrance. This image is from poelab.com, and it shows you the layout of the lab. You can see the 3 boss rooms with normal rooms in between. The normal rooms are like a maze but generally if you go to the top or top-left, you can find the entrance to the next room or boss room. There is always a crafting recipe before the first boss room. Prepare the fight by casting skeletons and arma brand. While the boss is active, do not stop moving. He hits very hard and can kill you easily. You will also need to dodge the green fireball things.

And that?s basically it. Run through the normal rooms and do 2 more boss fights. After the last fight, the boss will drop some treasure keys that you can use to open the chests in the next room. There is also the divine font that can give a special enchant. But the most important thing is the altar of ascendancy. Choose necromancer, then path to mindless aggression. Ok that?s it for the lab. I highly recommend going to poelab.com for more detailed information. Now we?re ready to complete Act 5! The good news is all the zones have just one layout. So, I?m including layout maps. I got these from the Cheat Sheet that was shared on reddit, and they are based on the guide by Engineering Eternity. Enter the control blocks and go to the far left to find the miasmeter quest item. Grab the eyes of zeal from the mini-boss on the way to the exit and enter the Oriath square.

Find your way to the Templar Courts Entrance. take the waypoint, then find chamber of innocence. This boss basically has 2 phases: an active phase where you can attack him, and a shielded phase where he summons minions. Prepare the fight with arma brand, skeletons and deathmark. Then keep moving so you don?t get hit by anything. You can keep moving and casting in the shielded phase too. He will turn into innocence, but it?s basically the same fight. When the boss is active, he can summon a big slow statue. Make sure to stay away from it.

He can shoot lots of fireballs that you need to avoid. And there?s also a beam attack, but he didn?t use it against me. And watch out for the big aoe. And that?s it. Easy boss fight. The torched courts are just the templar courts in reverse. Exit to the ruined square and find the ossuary. Find the tomb of the first templar and take the sign of purity. Exit to the ruined square and head to the bottom of the zone. Look for the reliquary. And find the 3 quest items at the corners of the zone. Portal back to town. Take skillbook from vilenta Take any of the flasks No useful gems for a spectre build.

Take the skill book. Waypoint back to ruined square and find the cathedral rooftop. Now go all the way to the left to find the Cathedral Apex. Click on cradle of purity to start the fight. This is the final boss of part 1 of the story. As always prepare the fight with arma brand and skeletons. Deathmark when the boss is active. Your minions do a lot of damage, so you will probably skip most of the mechanics. However, you will get the ground slam and degen zone, so stay away from it. At the end of phase one, kitava?s heart will pop out.

Focus fire it. The boss repeat this? and then that?s it. This is your reward for finishing Act 5. -30% res debuff. So please remember to fix your resists. Talk to Lilly Roth to go to Act 6. OK that?s it?s for the in-depth levelling guide and walkthrough. I hope it was helpful to you, and you learnt something about how a summoner works. Act 6 to 10 will be much smoother and faster now that everything is set up. Please check the build guide video for more information about the build itself. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching, bye! ??: *????(???*)? ???*:?.

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