PoE Grace Aura Gem Guide – Up to 2575 additional Evasion Rating


In this video, I introduce a gem to increase evasion rating. Grace is an aura gem. It grants evasion to the caster and his allies. Up to 2575 additional evasion rating. The aura radius is 36. The required level is 24. I use 2 aura skill gems: Grace and Clarity. Using Clarity gem to regen mana. Up to 2575 additional Evasion Rating. Currently, the evasion rating is 2779 and chance to evade attacks is 22%. Applying the Grace skill, the new evasion rating is 6368 and chance to evade attacks is 35%.

The current level of Grace is 14. It adds 1413 base evasion rating. This is the Evasion Rating chart. plus x unit to the radius. A level 14 Grace adds 13 units to the radius. It adds up to 20 units to the radius. This is the radius bonuses list. Quality can increase the Area of Effect. Gemcutter’s Prism increases the quality of gems. Per 1% Clarity gem quality increases 1% Area of Effect. Grace Mana Reservation. Normally, Grace mana reservation is 50%. Certain Helmet enchanted with the affix 15% reduced mana reservation.

You can buy this amulet with “Grace Reserves no Mana”. Other Ways to increase evasion rating. Item with modifier “#% increased evasion rating”. Up to 500% increased evasion rating. Using passive skills to increase your evasion rating. Input “evasion rating”, You will see the related passive skills. For example, Reflexes: 30% increased Evasion Rating. How to purchase Grace? Siosa lives in Act 3, The Library. You can purchase Grace gem for an Orb of Alteration. Lilly Roth, lives in Act 6 in Lioneye’s Watch, also sells Grace skill gem. Thank you for subscribing to my channel..

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