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POE [Guide/Analysis] Loot from 500 maps / 1000+ Breaches using the Lira Arthain Chayula/Heist farming strategy (est. profit: 167ex) By: ckresse


Hey folks, after testing a few farming strategies in Lira Arthain (Chayula/Blight and Chayula/Heist and Chayula Heist slightly optimized) I wanted to use my conclusions from these sessions and put them to the test using a decent sample size of 500 maps and share the result with you:


# Builds

  • Fire Burst Autobomber for maps & Conquerors (PoB)

  • Ball Lightning Archmage for Sirus (PoB)

# Lira Arthain Atlas Bonus

# The Uncharted Realms Atlas Bonus

  • Secrets of the Storm (increased effect of Watchstone modifiers)

  • Adept Tracker (chance to get double progress for Conquerors)

  • Atlas Awakened (+1 Awakening Level)

  • Remnants of the Past (Bosses have a chance to drop Elder / Guardian maps)

  • Neural Pathways (Bosses have a chance to drop Synthesis map)

# General Atlas Setup

  • 4x Watchstones in all regions for maximum Awakening Level

  • Completed Bonus Objectives: 162/164

  • Completed Awakened Bonus Objectives: 160/164


I juiced the maps only using an Orb of Alchemy, visually cleared them to reveal any Smuggler’s Caches or Breaches (but not necessarily to kill all monsters), killed the boss and left the map right after that. If available, I also activated Delirium at the start of the map and I killed all Conquerors (85x) and Sirus (21x) which spawned. I skipped all other optional encounters (Blight, Jun, Zana, Abyss, Harvest, Ultimatum, Legion, Ritual) and all Atlas missions to be as efficient as possible.

Initial Investments

In a previous post, I stated that you have to make an initial investment to make this strategy work by getting 4 Chayula Watchstones. While this is still true in case you don’t have them, I will skip this part this time to make the income statement (see below) more simple. For more details on the initial investments, check out this post.

Regular Investments

My preparation for the 500-map-session included (buying) the following:

  • 500x Rusted Breach Scarab per map (1c/each)

  • 500x Zana Mod (Breach) per map (2c/each)

  • 500x Orb of Alchemy per map (0.13c/each)

  • 500x Lira Arthain map via TFT (5c/each)

  • Additionally, I had to use 89c to change map modifiers I couldn’t run.

In total, the costs for the session were 4154c (~36ex).

Loot & Revenue

# Lira Arthain maps + Heist (Blueprints & Contracts)

# Other maps

# Special maps

# Breach

# Currency, Fragments, etc.

Note: You might wonder why there are only 50 Chaos. These are the ones that I received from Ultimatums at the end of the session. Every Chaos I picked up was consumed by using the Zana mod for an additional Breach (2c/each).

# Noteworthy Items

In total, the revenue for the session was 23367c (~203ex).

For a detailed overview, check out this spreadsheet.

Income Statement

Total regular investment (500 maps): -4154c


Total revenue from loot after 500 maps: +23349c


Estimated total profit after 500 maps: +19213c (~167ex)


For a detailed overview, check out this spreadsheet.


In my previous posts I referred to ‘profit per hour’ and some people criticized this classification due to the fact that the preparation of the maps and the buying and selling of items before and after the session were not taken into account here. While this is absolutely true, it’s important to somehow measure and compare the efficiency of strategies (if efficiency is important to you – it was for me). Therefore I will still use the premise of the classification, but will adjust it to ‘estimated profit per hour spent farming in maps”. Additionally, for the ones that still aren’t happy, I prepared some other takeaways:

  • Estimated profit per hour spent farming in maps: 804c / 7ex (rounded up)

  • Estimated profit per Chaos invested in maps: 5c (rounded up)

  • Estimated profit per map: 38c (rounded down)

BTW: No matter which one you pick … due to the fact that there are so many variables one can or cannot take into account, there is never a “right” one. But as long as you use the same ones to compare two or more strategies, you can extract decent knowledge from it.

Potential for improvement

Although I already did quite some tests, there is still room for improvement, of course:

  • For the sake of simplicity and the premise one would start this strategy kind of from scratch, the calculation above assumes that I bought all maps. But when I decided to do this session I already had more than 300 Lira Arthain maps, which is why I didn’t have to invest that much to get 500 maps in total and which is why it was more profitable to use Rusted Breach Scarabs. Nevertheless, if you actually have to buy all maps, it’s more profitable to use Polished Breach Scarabs. (But to be sure which one is the most profitable, you have to calculate the actual threshold which totally depends on the current market prices).

  • Next time, I would probably do Ritual encounters since they don’t take that long and have decent loot. If you like Metamorph and Legion, those are also encounters you could consider as well since they can be time efficient, but I don’t like them and therefore I chose to not do them.

  • Running Atlas missions while farming can be an additional revenue, of course, but it totally depends on your game knowledge, playstyle and how much additional time you actually spend doing them to increase the estimated profit per hour spent farming in maps.

  • A pretty easy way to increase the estimated profit per hour spent farming in maps is to make sure you do as many Maven Invitations as possible by frequently running different maps. In my session, I didn’t bother with this and I just ran all maps brainlessly until the Stash Tab with my Lira Arthain maps was empty.

  • You can also increase your estimated profit per hour spent farming in maps by using the Favourite Maps System provided by the Awakening Bonus in each region. Here, you can select maps with high supply which are worth more than the average map (e.g. Atoll or Canyon) and sell them in bulk on TFT. (For my calculation I just quantified any other region map with 3c, but the price Atoll – for example – currently is 8c/map)

  • Although I doubt it will ever happen, even GGG could improve this strategy a bit by adding some QOL features by a) making Breach Splinters drop as one stack after the encounter and b) by making Breachstones and Scarabs (and literally all other fragment or currency items) stackable.

In general, each additional encounter, juice or other stuff has the potential to increase your overall profit, but when it comes to ‘estimated profit per hour spent farming in maps’, it’s sometimes pretty hard to determine whether or not doing them is right. Often, it also depends on your knowledge on ways to make currency from encounters that not always provide instant loot rewards, but tools to do so (e.g. Harvest, Betrayal, Incursion). So take this writeup as an inspiration, make adjustments according to your knowledge, playstyle or preferences and test it yourself – and maybe share the result with us? 🙂 I’m looking forward to it!


PS: I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!


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