PoE Hyrri’s Ire Zodiac Leather Build & Farming Guide


Hyrri’s Ire is unique body armour. The base type is Zodiac Leather and has the highest base Evasion rating. The required Level is 65. Hyrri’s Ire increases by up to 220% Evasion Rating. You can build your character around with these modifiers. The modifier “10% chance to Dodge Attacks” increases the effect of Acrobatics keystone. While the modifier “10% chance to Dodge Spell Damage” increases the effect of Phase Acrobatics keystone. These divination cards have a chance to get Hyrri’s Ire. Although the chance is very rare, you still have the chance to upgrade a normal item of Zodiac Leather to a unique item of Hyrri’s Ire. You can also exchange 100 Chaos Orbs for a Hyrri’s Ire. Thank you for subscribing to my channel..

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