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POE Korean spectre guide – physical impale crit aura + golem stacker syndicate operative By: Danielthenewbie


Hi, I found this build through Grimro’s state of the meta video a couple days ago and after asking players I found on poe ninja the only thing I could figure out is that the guide is on korean youtube and I would have to figure it out myself.


Pob https://pastebin.com/JG5rjRJJ This is a build that scales specre damage and personal survivability from auras and golems. We go full physical on our specres so we can scale with both pride and dread banner for high impale chance and effect with out investing in impale support or minion impale on our cluster jewels. Our spectres get crit from a strong precision aura and assasin’s mark. Our vitality aura, and multiple replenishing presence notables give our minions massive regen and very high resistances from purities. Stacking golem effect gives massive extra physical damage to our spectres from carrion golem and defensive stats for yourself.

Why should you play this build?

If you are tired of dying if anything touches you this patch and not doing good damage? This build solves both problems. Aura stacking alongside golem buff stacking makes you almost immune to corrupted blood and other degens in the current game, currently sitting on 2k es regen per second with a maximum es of 4k anything that won’t kill you in a single frame is livable. High maximum resistances make elemental damage very easy to survive and ci takes your chaos res to 100%, converting physical damage to elemental from flasks, jewels etc and good mitigation from chaos golem and fortify means even physical damage isn’t a huge hassle. Also has very high scaling potential as all aura stackers do, more rmr jewels means more aura effect, more auras and allows more gear freedom.


Aura stacking has a high price floor, and invests in high defense so will do lower damage if you are playing on a lower budget. Compared to non-minion this build is slow, you can’t scale movement speed from your own hits like tailwind or elusive and headhunter is also fairly pointless for a build were you don’t scale your own damage.


Minotaur kill

This is a walking simulator build, keep bone armor on left click to cast on cooldown while walking and when you see monsters cast convocation to resummon your army at your position.

For bosses we manually cast a 20 quality assassin’s mark
to give our spectres higher base crit and give them power charges which massively increases their damage. Convocation should be cast as close to the enemy as possible to get maximum shotgunning from the spectres.

Gearing the build

Starting out with jewels and cluster jewels, this is what makes the build really expensive to perfect, the meta large cluster jewel costs around 7-8ex each but can definitely be substituted for other jewels as long as you get the golem node

Spectre levels. This build can’t use wands so you need to get bonus levels from some where else, level 25 is required to increase your spectre limit which is a big boost to damage. We want our level 21 spectre gem in a bow with +1 level to socketed gems and after that we can get the last level from boots or amulet. Levels beyond 25 are a good way to scale damage and survivability but not needed from the start.

Weapon Minimum requirement from the bow is +1 level but you really want to get the same bow as me, not sure what the crafting cost is for one of these but there are many just like it for sale for around 17ex which is incredibly cheap for so much value, especially compared to a +2 minion wand with good rolls.

Aura reservation How much %rmr you need I can’t say, it depends on what cluster jewels you chose to run, the build however does not need a single reduced reservation jewel to function, alphas howl with a 5% rmr amulet anointed with champion of the cause is enough to play the build. If you run the lowest possible rmr set up you will need multiple notables which target a specific auras reservation such as Pure Aptitude for purity of lightning. For best effect do not target an aura inside your body armor as they already have incredibly low reservation. I would strongly recommend against going for cheaper medium cluster jewels with first among equals over replenishing presence, 1% life regen is good for you and insane for your minions which have massive life pools but dumb ai and will take a lot of damage.

Stat priority Since this build runs all 3 purities with enough aura effect that we have no need for resistances on our equipment we can focus completely on getting ES and attributes on our rares.

Rings Vivinsect preferably with endurance charge as the unveiled mod is the best budget option but you could replace on with a +2 or +3 level rare unset ring with high es rolls for extra defense if you have the budget.

Unique jewels

The mandatory unique jewels in the build are anima stone and 3x primordial eminence to buff our golems and increase our golem limit to 3 so we can run carrion, stone and chaos. Fortress covenant is a lot of damage for one passive point and should be a priority. Unending hunger is nice to have but lowest priority on a budget version.

Elegant hubris Most of our passive tree is used for our auras so a elegant hubris with some slum lord notables will massively increase our damage since we almost totally lack sources of increased damage. We can also get big aura effect notables from elegant hubris which isn’t as strong but still the second best way to scale our damage.

Watchers eye

Most of our auras are used with generosity and won’t effect us but for a build like this it’s not actually a downside. Defensive auras still benefit us so we have great options for defensive watchers eyes which can convert physical to elemental damage and increase our already massive regen.

Animate guardian (Use divergent quality, if it saves one guardian life it has paid for itself) Mvp of the minion army, but expensive. I do not go with a traditional high budget stitched demon + life as extra es chest for my guardian, the guardian already has mutiple thousands of hp regen per second so investing any more into that is a waste in my opinion. You should try to get capped chaos res for the guardian. Don’t bother with flat life on gear, it only makes a tiny difference, all your minions are unkillable as long as they are in range for auras. Get this guy and carrion golem linked with meat shield to reduced their damage taken and to keep them from wandering outside aura range.

The setup I would use is

Weapon Kingmaker axe for weapon, this is the only mandatory item. Fortify is an excellent defensive tool for you and the army. Culling strike is a massive multiplier for your damage and +50 crit multi is a lot when we have so limited choices in scaling our minions crit. You should try to get capped chaos res for the guardian. Don’t bother with flat life on gear, it only makes a tiny difference, all your minions are unkillable as long as they are in range for auras.

Helmet Personally I went with influenced rare helmet with nearby enemies take increased physical damage to boost my spectres.

Body To min max your spectre damage you want to raise the curse limit for your ag and this is the best slot to do it in. Hunter body with +1 curse limit and %increased maximum life.

Gloves Corrupted gloves with vulnerability curse on hit is a good way to scale single target damage.

Boots If you didn’t get a curse on hit chest, use windscream here for curse limit if you want to go that route. Otherwise go rare boots with chaos res or victarios flight.


You have many options for flasks but for damage bottled faith is the clear winner even after the nerfs. Defense wise taste of hate is the strongest flask you can run but not mandatory at all. We already have freeze immunity on alphas howl so getting it here isn’t needed. Poison can’t hurt us due to CI and ignites haven’t bothered me once so far. I’m lazy and usually wont get bleed immunity until it kills me and I remember that it exists, so far that hasn’t happened yet but corrupted blood is the most painful dot so you might as well get immunity on flask for that. I think getting both onslaught and quicksilver flasks are worth it so you have a bit of movement speed at least.

This is my first time making a longer guide so please leave feedback and let me know if I assumed something is obvious which isn’t 🙂


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