Regal Orb Recipe & Farming – Path of Exile How to Get Regal Orb?


Path of Exile Regal Orb Recipe and Farming Guide. Regal Orb upgrades a Magic item to a Rare item, and add a new random modifier. The old mods are unchanged. If the magic item with only one modifier, a Regal Orb will create a rare item with only two modifiers. Use Orb of Transmutation crafting a Normal item to a magic item, then apply Regal Orb to create a rare item. This table lists 4 Regal Orb Recipes. For farming lots of Regal Orb, you can use this vendor recipe. A full set of rares with item level exceeds 75. This is the 1 Regal Orb Recipe item list. Vendor unidentified full set of rares will obtain 2 Regal Orbs. These items are dropped at above tier maps 6. This is the 2 Regal Orbs Recipe item list. Regal Orb has a low Drop Rate, and slain monsters can hardly obtain it. A Regal Death is a prophecy. When you kill a King or Queen unique monster, the prophecy rewards you 1 Regal Orb. A set of 9 Coveted Possession divination cards can exchange for 5 Regal Orbs.

20 Regal Shards combine to 1 Regal Orb automatically. The monsters of Harbingers drop Regal Shard. You can exchange PoE currency items for Regal Orbs with other players. Currently, 1 Chaos Orb trade for 1 Regal Orb. You can also buy Regal Orb from below. Thank you for subscribing to my channel..

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