VP DP OP – Berserker Dark Pact – Tier 8 Map – Path of Exile


Alright guys, sorry about the resolution. Streaming drops it pretty hard. I’m level 79, got myself a 4-link a maleficence, a deceiver some 5c gear, really bad jewelry just normal ass flasks and I’m gonna run this lightning damage cemetery map. So I’m just using my speed flask and my main skill on trash because it just dies pretty quickly. Summoning your golem gives arcane surge. On a boss you’ll want to cast your totem. Or a rare. Here we want to cast a totem, get arcane surge up and vaal clarity up just in case the boss damages all our mana.

Got pretty low there, and then I guess I forgot to put assassin’s mark on, so I’m gonna do that. So you can kind of see the range there. Okay that’s pretty much it. Here we go..

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