Perfect World Account Security Guide

Perfect World Account Security Guide by Garmr

To Keep Your Account Safe

1.) Make a strong password.

It should have letters, numbers, and symbols, and be hard to guess.

2.) Never, EVER tell anyone your login name or password.

This includes friends and people pretending to be GMs, Mods, or Admins. Friends can get mad and vengeful, and PWE staff won?t ask you for your login name and password.

Also, sharing accounts is bannable, so having someone log in to do your quests is a baaad idea. Family members should have their own accounts. If something happens to your account and you willingly gave out your password, the staff can?t help you there, it was your error and the TOS relieves them of liability.

3.) Be careful of Chat, Forum, and Email posts with links.

Did you see someone in the game or on the forum offering leveling services, or free gold and items if you go to a website? DON?T GO THERE. They will grab your username and password and take YOUR stuff. Not to mention it?d be illegal if they were telling the truth, and using that site could get you banned too. Ouch.

Did you get a strange email ?from Perfect World? that you weren?t expecting? Check it out closely, and if in doubt, ask the staff here.

If you EVER get an email, from anyone, that you don?t know, don?t click the links inside. At the least, you?ve let a mail spammer know you?re using that email address, and you?ll get more spam. At the worst, you could download a virus into your computer ? they can even hide those things in pictures these days. If you?re REALLY unlucky, the virus could have a keylogger, and transmit your passwords to the hacker. So seriously, BE CAREFUL with links. And NEVER open attachments from people you don?t know! Those ARE the viruses.

As an extra precaution, don?t post your email address on forums. Spammers, hackers, and spider-bots that troll forums to grab new email accounts are looking for just that kind of opening to get into your computer and spam your account.

4.) Check your computer with Antivirus & Antispamware checks regularly. Be sure to use something safe and well-known like Norton Symantec or McAfee.

How To Avoid Scams

1.) If you ask for a GM to help you, and someone with a username like ?Bob? (as an example) messages you, saying that they are a GM, take a Screenshot and submit a ticket. THEY ARE NOT A GM.

When a GM messages you it will say ?GM says: ?.? The GM username DOES NOT SHOW.

2.) If someone wants to trade you a ?rare? item for your ?normal? item, this should be a red flag. If you don?t know anything about the item they?re trying to trade, don?t accept it. Also, some ?rare? items have the same icon as normal icons ? check the item details with a mouseover CAREFULLY before hitting the final Trade button ? some scammers switch out the expensive item for a cheap one right before you hit the first Confirm. So DOUBLE CHECK.

3.) If someone tells you they know a glitch you can use to upgrade something, or get free gold or items, screencap the conversation and submit it in a ticket. Don?t actually do what they say ? they?ve figured out a way to get you to drop an item for them to steal, most likely. Don?t send them an item to ?upgrade? either. You probably won?t get it back.

If you think you?ve been hacked or scammed:

1.) Change your password here:

2.) Have screenshots of any conversations if you ?met? the hacker before or after the incident. Submit them with details about what you lost in your Ticket to the PWE staff here:

3.) Run a free antivirus check here:
It?s Norton?s security scan from Symantec.

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