Perfect World Classes and Basic Introduction

Perfect World Classes and Basic Introduction by ambie

First of this is the Int pw (doesn?t stand for intelligent, though we do seem it, it stands for international.)

Pw is a mmorpg, with great graphics, char design quests cities, so on and so forth, really take my word for it it is good.
you who have played are most likely thinking ?whys she droning on still?? answer!
I don?t know >_>


Blademaster (people may refer to this as WR, from the other version meaning warrior)
Wizard (People may refer to MG, from the other version meaning mage)
Cleric(People may refer to as EP, from the other version meaning elf priest)
Archer (People may refer to as EA, from other version meaning elf archer)
Venomancer (People may refer to as WF, from other version meaning werefox)
Barbarian (People may refer to as WB, from other version meaning werebeast)


Melee class.
Can use 1 hand weps, 2 hand weps and gloves.

Con of the BM (Blademaster)

Low Magic defense.
Often looked as a lesser tank than a BB (Barbarian)
Quite slow in air.
Slowness in air and melee make for hard pvp/pk

Yays of the BM

Good pvp/pkers.
Good pdef.
Good melee attacks
able to stun at later.



Uses magic weapons.

Con of the Wiz/Wz (Wizard)

Low HP throughout, very Low when first start.
Die fast from patk mobs.
Lose to EP easy
Slow casting.

Yays of Wiz/Wz

High skill matk
Can heal. (slow)
Has best mdef.
Uses elemental shields to protect from certain elements. (water, earth, fire)
Good to sneak attack low mdef enemies in pk. (sneaky face)

(Note: Full int build is okay if you want to die constantly but have nuking powers, a little con never hurts)



Uses magic weapons, support char basically.

Con of the Clc (Cleric)

Low pdef defence
Low HP
Die fast from patk?s
allot to use SP on (Skill points, I?ll get around to that)

Yays of the Clc.

Able to heal them self and party members,
Fast flying speed.
Manner doesnt go down whilst flying.
Able to buff.
Needed for dungeons and parties.
Able to res. (resing here means you lose less exp than you would if you revived in town)

(Not, full int ep?s are okay but, when you?re in a dungeon and you accidentally get hit by a mob and instantly die, you have put the whole pt at risk, a little con never hurts. Remember you?re support char don?t run off attacking the mobs to often.)



uses bows slingshots etc etc (need arrows and bolts)

Con of the Arc (Archer)

Low Pdef
Expensive (need arrows, and potions as well as good gear)
Damage to enemies is lower whilst fighting in air
Runs out of ammo in a dungeon = uh oh
Low HP

Yays of the Arc.

High agility
Can hit from a good distance.
High chance of getting a Critical hit
Does fast decent patk
Buff to lower damage taken.
Good at pvp/pkp if played correctly.



weapons used magic weapon.
(can be melee in fox form)

Cons Of VM (Venomancer)

If attacked whilst fighting can lead to disaster, you can either run or heal pet.
If you accidentally lure the boss in a dungeon you will not be looked at to come as often.
You aren?t needed majorly in dungeons just to lure and deal a certain amount of damage.
People will expect you to know the rare pet spawning times.
Can only play as female.
Keeping the pets to your level

Yays of VM

Best for solo playing.
Cheap chars to play.
Have their own personal tank (The pet)
Able to harvest eggs at a higher level and sell to NPC.
Can catch rare pets and turn them into all class pets to make good $$ *chaching sound here)
Able to lure mobs, by attacking one mob and dismising the pet then only one mob will come to you then you re summon the pet.



Uses pole axes, sledge hammers, duel hatchets, duel hammers.

Cons of the BB (Barbarian)

Slow atk speed.
Low atk damage.
Low mdef.
always asked to be tank. xD (thats why you should add con quite often Though thats the main purpose of BB tank and ou get to do some great fb?s later on ^^)
low mp and mp recover speed.
Hard to level

Yays of the BB

High HP Recovery rate.
Great Tanker (best tanker in game)
Good pdef
Transforms into white tiger form, gives more HP and Pdef.
Fast runner in white tiger form
Agro taking skills.
(for info on the BB look down to thom?s post)

(Note this is from personal experience, others may have theories to what I said)


Next up is weapon crafting.

Soon after you have played for a few levels you will be able to create your own armours weapons potions and jewelry.
You will receive a quest from the elder to see one of the following depending on what you decided to be. if toy want to make armour you?ll go to tailor. Weapons go to the black smith.
If you can?t find them don?t worry, just press ?Q? and select the mission you are doing you should see a yellow arrow pointing to the npc of which you must see. Follow the arrow to the destination and pick up the quest.

It will require you to get some mats, don?t worry it?s not to hard and they are fairly easy to find.
go to the merchandiser and buy the little shovel scythe looking thingy on the second page then you are good to go.

D: you take the mats back and you are given a weird book thingy which you take to the elder and then TADA you have become a level 1 (what ever craft you picked)
You can then begin harvesting.
Remember, wood, herbs, cotton and mines are all needed as well as leathers and glues. (just check the required items.)
things like leather cotton and glues are dropped by mobs.

at higher levels you?ll be able to craft weapons that glow green from special mats from a dungeon (it?s called HH in the MY version dunno if it will the same on the int)
These wepons you can craft are level 60 +
Certain dungeons called fb?s (called FB on the MY version dunno if will be same on int)
have bosses which drop a molder that can create a gold item.
they sell for allota $$ (chaching sound)

In those images you can see a mold and and HH item.
Take note the HH item has a stone in it that adds more power to the wep (Power to the people!!)
you can take a stone to a synthesis guy and merge it for example, 4 grade 5 stones to make 1 grade 6. But need 4 grade 6?s to make 1 grade 7. Understand? (i hear some of you don?t)


Moving on. Toooo

When you think you have ran out of quests don?t be so fast to pout. for there is a button. *dramatic drumroll*
press ?Q? and search mission.
It should tell you the name of the npc of who wants to see you but more importantly the cords..
Let me guess, you don?t know how to use the cords?
Well it?s quite easy.
You go to the mini map in the corna of the screen.
Press the green arrow at the bottom, see where the numbers are you then type in your numbers, name the location and it should become a blue dot on the mini map.

like this all a mess really xD

At the start quests are your main exp provider, do not try getting out of them, later in levels you?ll wish you had more.
the exp gets hard and you must grind!
But once you are in your 30?s you?ll get a daily stone quest. you just go but the stones from the synthesis dude and bring them back to eunice.
you wait a few mins and tada, rewarded with exp. And also after level 60 you can do a trumble quest, you just decide on the mob you want to kill and you kill it after 60 mins you get ep and rep.

Moving on!

Pet rides, and aviation devices!

After level 30 you can do a quest for aviation devices.
Of which allow you to fly around perfect world.
The BM/WIZ?s get flying swords
The BB/VM?s Get animal?s
The CLC?s/ARC?s always have wings.

(note the beast and wings was cash shop bought and not the level 30 version)

As for the land mounts, any class can use, as long as you?re level 40, and not scared of spending a little $ as in game gold or cash shop D:
there is a variety of mounts to decide from, so it is just really your pick and depending how fast you want to go.
Unlike the air rides thy level and gain exp the more you ride them.
once they hit level 11 they will be at their max.
you can hold and kiss each other on the flying and ground devices, so it?s all good, can you not picture it you and this VM (you hope is a girl) on an elephant going across a beach then flying into the sky on your sword.
*violin playing*

NOW then fashion!

Where would a perfect world be without fashion eh? well from level 10 you can start wearing the fashion!
(though not much to decide from)
then level 20 a bit more and level 30 a bit more.
you can wear dresses to long coats to kinky looking clothing to delicate princess style. they even have swim stuff.
id post but i think once you start playing you?ll see.
You can dye and mix up fashion items.

D: some fashion only requires one dye others can cost up to 12 dyes. So staying cute is kinda pricey sometimes.
You can normally find the dye person near the tailor in major cities.
Just drag the fashion item with the dye in and tada it?s changed colour.

Nearly forgot.

Skill points aka SP.

you need them to learn skills, you go to you skill trainer. (located in your town) and obtain a skill or skill upgrade from there, skills can go
to level 10, and require upgrades as you level, and cultivation gets higher.
You have to use SP and gold to obtain a skill.
So buy wisely.
you gain SP from killing mobs and quests.

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