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Phantasy Star 2 (2.0!) DAILY/WEEKLY CHARACTER SHEET! Keep track of your progress like a pro :) By: ExpKiller


Good afternoon ARKS Operatives,

I got some suggestions on my previous version, so here is a re-upload with all new shiny features! Such as!

  • A countdown timer for weekly reset!

  • Daily and weekly reset buttons!

  • Needed foods!

  • # of characters modifier for Yerkes section!

I’m back at it again with a random tool for the community; a general use daily/weekly spreadsheet!
This one is cool, because if you click the check boxes, it’ll calculate how much money you’ve made so far! If you follow the guide below, it also resets the boxes every evening at reset, as well as the weeklies too!

Here is the link so you can make a copy:


I also created a quick guide here as well, as to how you can make the check boxes automatically unchecked every day/every week! Here is that guide:


Hope this helps some people out with organizing their alts 🙂 Let me know if anyone has any tips of things to add that you thought of, or questions!


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